Break out trend

Making a break for it: When you divorce because your friends have

Nedahl Stelio Anthony Calva had been seriously contemplating whether to end his relationship for more than a year when one of his closest friends got divorced.

Sad story

Are post-divorce tattoos rational?


Nedahl Stelio Heard the story about the woman who gets a star, heart or butterfly tattoo after her divorce to signify her new life? Of Course. That is fairly standard.

Dating after divorce

Dating after divorce: a whole new world.

MJ Angel Regardless of whether you've had an amicable or tumultuous divorce, when you finally come out the other end single, the future can appear daunting.

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Singer Faye Wong's split highlights China divorce crisis

Faye Wong

Tom Phillips One of east Asia's best-loved pop stars has announced she is separating from her husband, prompting debate over a divorce crisis in China.

Talking divorce before tying the knot

Divorce cake wedding cake

Katherine Feeney Should you discuss divorce before saying 'I Do'?

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City Kat

Selling divorce to the untrusting men market

Katherine Feeney CityKat.

Katherine Feeney Selling divorce to the untrusting men market

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Life matters

Friendship divorce

Is it our responsibility to hang in there no matter what, asks Jacinta Tynan.

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Eastern approach may keep couples from landing in divorce courts

Michael Campbell and his wife Wang Yan Ming have been married for 20 years.

Adele Horin AUSTRALIAN couples show affection, speak their mind and put high store on love and sex as essential ingredients of a happy marriage.

Generation gap

Divorce more deadly for young women

Generic pic of a couple in bed, sleeping apart, fighting, divorce, angry.

Luke Malone The younger you are, the harder divorce hits your health, say researchers.

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Divorce parties - a celebration of life or just bad taste?


Katherine Feeney Divorce parties - a celebration of life or just bad taste?

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Is divorce ruining relationships?

Katherine Feeney CityKat.

Katherine Feeney Divorce is too easy and it's changing how we conceptualise relationships.

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Anyone can be a life coach

Anyone can be a life coach, so is it time to ask: who is really coaching you?


Sandy Smith In Australia life coaching is unregulated. Anyone can set themselves up as a life coach and charge hefty fees for trying to help people achieve goals or desires in their personal or professional...

City Kat

Face facts: a prenup is commonsense


Katherine Feeney Binding financial agreements should be made a mandatory aspect of monogamy.

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Is your relationship doomed this Valentine's Day?

More than three quarters, or 77 per cent, of couples aged between 25 and 34 admitted that there are issues that need fixing in their marriages.

Leanne Nicholson Think chocolates and flowers will be the focus of this Valentine’s Day? It’s more likely to be money over making out that gets committed couples worked up on the day dedicated to love.


What we learn from our parents' relationship

modern family

Katherine Feeney Did your parents have a happy marriage? If they didn't, are you screwed? Too many of us are beginning on the backfoot, and I wonder, what hope is there, if any?

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Male plastics

Why more men are going under the knife

Men's surgery: More are undergoing the knife.

MJ Angel Recently, I read a disturbing story from the US outlining the most popular and strange surgeries American men are opting for, including chest and lip hair transplants and scrotum reductions.

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Poor form

The sour taste of kiss-and-tell books

Internet dating

Bettina Arndt Spilling the beans on dud dates does neither party a good turn.

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Single? Whose fault is that really?


Katherine Feeney So you’re single. Whose fault is that really?

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Taking control

Why do women pay for sex?

kissing, romance, sex

Matty Silver More and more women are willing to pay for sexual experiences.

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Love bytes

Love bytes: The danger of online dating scams

Alexandra Bathman It was a miserable and rainy night in Perth. But for Arriadne, this particular night was just as miserable and lonely as the one before.