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Why are single men so scared of love?

Katherine Feeney When it comes to finding someone to love, why are we hiding behind our machines? And is this cowardly, or clever? Have we evolved, or devolved, socially speaking?

Diamonds are a material girl's best friend

Marriage.  Engagement ring on a lady s finger.  Generic.  Family.  Jewellery.  THE AGE.  Picture By Viki Lascaris.  Wednesday 3 December 2003.  SPECIAL GENERIC

Katherine Feeney Does the size of the diamond on the engagement ring really matter?

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Exclusive? A question for our times

Katherine Feeney CityKat.

Katherine Feeney When should you ask if your new flame is seeing anyone else? (And if you're asked, should you tell?)

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When the green monster attacks

Katherine Feeney She loves your kids more than you. Is it even fair to be jealous?

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Time to go to dating school

Katherine Feeney Australians have much to learn from Americans when it comes to dating.

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Dating nose no bounds

Katherine Feeney Do attractive people smell better?

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