Modern nuptials

Church opens door to chichi weddings

Edward Malnick The Church of England is planning to transform the way in which it conducts weddings.

Taking photos interferes with memory: study

Say cheese: Taking photos may interfere with your memory of special events.

Sarah Knapton The modern obsession with photographing every detail of happy occasions such as birthdays or weddings could be damaging our ability to remember them, according to US research.

The number of friends you have remains the same


Rachel Clun The number of close friends you have could remain the same for your whole life, according to a study on relationships.

DIY wedding day

Cassy Small A growing number of brides are opting to pick up the hot glue gun as they prepare for their special day.

City Kat

Face facts: a prenup is commonsense


Katherine Feeney Binding financial agreements should be made a mandatory aspect of monogamy.

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Avoid disaster

Survival tips for new couples on Valentine's Day

Rachel Clun Ah, Valentine's Day. A fairly awkward holiday for singles, it can be a doubly awkward day for new, budding romances.


Kiss goodbye: Have we forgotten how great a pash can be?

20 Strangers Kiss

Katherine Feeney Somewhere between watching 20 strangers kissing for the first time, and writing The Kiss into my scarily-soon-to-be wedding ceremony, I realised something: We don’t give the kiss enough lip service.

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'Til death do us part (with cash)


Katherine Feeney The price of weddings has gone up. Again. Now, a survey by a national bridal magazine shows, Aussies will spend upwards of $54,000 on their nuptials.

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Aisle be off

Forget the big wedding - let's elope

Lorraine and Wade Murphy wedding

Sandy Smith Eloping no longer means escaping through a bedroom window - the below-the-radar wedding is becoming big business.

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Couples line up to tie the knot on a date they could never forget


THE date 12/12/12 is set to become the anniversary for many of NSW's newlyweds, with a record number

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Facebook and marriage - they don't go together like a horse and carriage

Zuckerberg wedding

Katherine Feeney Is it rude to post photos of a wedding ceremony on social media as it happens?

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A bride by any other name ...

Union of choice

Katherine Feeney What's in a name?

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Vowing to keep the faith

<em>Illustration by Simon Bosch</em>.

Kate Wilcox Religion doesn't have to be a divisive wedding issue.

Guest expense

Hear the wedding bells and registers ring

Wedding guests: You can end up paying royally.

Katherine Feeney Sure weddings are expensive but it also costs a pretty penny just to be the guest.

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Education first

Here comes the bride ... well, eventually

Young bride and groom standing on white background. Smiling and looking at each other. Woman is holding flowers pic for wedding expo magazine for vows editorial

Luke Cooper For modern young Australians, the pursuit of a higher education is far more important than early marriage.

Puppy love

Why Australia is a nation of heavy petters

Heavy petting: there are many health benefits to owning animals.

MJ Angel Australians are rated as one of the most pet-loving counties in the world with 63 per cent of households owning a pet.

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Matron dishonor

'I resigned as bridesmaid'

Katherine Heigl in the film 27 Dresses

Shelly Horton I’m sure there is a special place in wedding hell for people like me.

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What can gay men teach straight people about sex?

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 19:  Two Lego men decorate the top of Paul McCarthy and Trent Kandler's wedding cake prior to the reception at Martin Bosley's on August 19, 2013 in Wellington, New Zealand. Australian gay couple Paul McCarthy and Trent Kandler were flown to Wellington by Tourism New Zealand in a promotion to highlight to Australians that same-sex marriage is legal in New Zealand.  (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

Katherine Feeney Here’s what my friends have taught me:

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The happiest man alive?


Sarah Berry Why Australia's Got Talent dancing sensation Tommy Franklin has been dubbed the "happiest man alive".

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Being a smarty about your kids' party

Elissa, kids parties

Elissa Griesser When did kids parties become so over the top? Elissa Griesser finds out that sometimes bigger doesn't always mean better.

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