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Jenna Clarke is your Gen Y gyroscope, zeroing in on the latest fashion trends, relationship dramas and funky happenings. Join her as she navigates her way – or at least tries to plot a steady course – through the sometimes murky waters of new age living, loving, drinking, eating and social networking.
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Move over Mayans, it's a celebrity apocalypse

The celebrity apocalypse thumb

Jenna Clarke If you are reading this then we can safely say the Mayan calendar is full of it and Kate Miller-Heidke deserves royalties. Or perhaps we should

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Camilla's love tips can teach us all

charles and camilla

Jenna Clarke A lot of people use Sex and the City's neatly packaged 20-minute episodes as a type of love bible. However, we could all learn some tips and tricks from the British Carrie Bradshaw ...

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The General Admission survival guide


Jenna Clarke VIP race areas may suit some, however, to be schooled in the game of life, one must venture into "general admission".

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Let's talk about text


Jenna Clarke Women thought they came close to cracking the Da Vinci Code of dating once - but it was all a mirage created by He’s Just Not That Into You, the Candace Bushnell-Carrie Bradshaw ...

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Power dressing

Fifty shades of parliament

Gillard's speech in full (Thumbnail)

Jenna Clarke How does a “badass motherf..ker” decide on an outfit?

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Lessons from Lawsy

John Laws meme tn

Jenna Clarke Could Charlotte Dawson learn a thing or two from John Laws' supreme confidence?

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Ten things I'll miss about you

Jenna, Perth

Jenna Clarke There comes a time in every girl's life when she needs to man up and move to a place outside her comfort zone.

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The 'Second Best Friend': the new age 'Single White Female'?

Second Best Friends thumb

Jenna Clarke A dangerous husband pashing, netball playing subspecies of the American "frenemy" has arrived down under - the "second best friend".

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Why being called a man-repelling bitch is a compliment

Jenna and man

Jenna Clarke It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single woman in possession of a certain wardrobe is not going to get laid.

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Lose your top, add to your back pocket: the next generation skimpy

Jenna Clarke and Skimpy

Jenna Clarke It takes a lot of balls to show your breasts to more than 2,000 men and tell CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies to behave – however the C-cups of the next generation of topless barmaids runneth over with...

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Athletes are well dressed not 'disappointing'

Olympic fashion

Jenna Clarke The athletes in London are making sportswear more high fashion than Steve Hooker's dizzying personal best.

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A photo album called 'abortion'

The HBO series Girls discussed the issue of abortion in it's second ever episode. It has since been nominated for five Emmys.

Jenna Clarke Why would a woman take photos of the abortion of her child?

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Social media paranoia or the day curiosity killed the cat


Jenna Clarke Social media has turned us all into faux celebrities.

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How 'having it all' turned me into a woman child

Jenna Clarke blog

Jenna Clarke I am shirking womanhood and I’m on the wrong side of 25 to be doing so.

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A day in the life of an Aussie Queen

Jenna Clarke and the Queen

Jenna Clarke 1. Slap Fergie 2. Tell off Philip 3. Let Pippa marry Harry if she cans the black eyeliner.

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Guilty pleasures in the supermarket

Kim Kardashian

Jenna Clarke Reality TV, Fifty Shades of Grey, Collingwood season tickets – all things which constitute guilty pleasures – my secret is that I like to shop for porn – food porn.

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How the c-word turned a grouch into a (fairy) godmother

Kids at Fashion Week thumbnail.

Jenna Clarke There are few things I share with a royal bride, however deflecting questions about our wombs is one burden we carry together.

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S..t Aussie fashion people say

Jenna Clarke at Fashion Week

Jenna Clarke Being a loner at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia was very entertaining.

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Perth fashion needs a 'vajazzle'

Essex, Tarvydas

Jenna Clarke We here in Perth could learn a thing or two from Essex.

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I got 99 problems and b**ches are some


Jenna Clarke Jay-Z and I don’t have much in common.

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