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Playing by the rules sucks! Surely I’m not the only one confused by the ‘‘regulations’’ that accompany modern dating … to kiss, to call, to get it on … first date, third date - OMG, there never was another date!

Our penchant for playing silly-buggers when it comes to romance has turned us into a society of paranoid pessimists!
In this very handy book, It’s Okay to Sleep With Him on the First Date by Andrea Syrtash and Jeff Wilser, the authors point out these rules are dumb.

Rules play on our insecurities, jack up our ‘‘jaded-meter’’ and when we follow these petty preconceptions we might just miss … the one!

Their argument: men couldn’t give a rats if you give it up on the first or 50th date … the simple truth, if he likes you he will want to see you again.

Four women share their stories about sex on the first date…

Louise, 40 – personal trainer
Louise met Pete while out with a mutual friend. Louise mentioned the hottie she spotted in the corner only to discover ‘‘said friend’’ knew Pete and put them in touch.
“After 10 days of texting and emailing, we met for lunch, to say lunch went well was an understatement and dessert was on us, as we made out like sex-crazed teens for the afternoon,” laughs Louise.
That evening, when Pete had to go to work, the texting continued and at midnight Louise met him at his house after work. “I’m pretty sure it was me who initiated the sex. Three months later Pete moved in, proposed last July, and we are so happy,” beams Louise.

Jules, 36 - fashion designer
Jules met Zacharie on a blind date. “A friend hooked us up. We were both in the fashion industry and he thought we’d be great together. He wasn’t wrong. Between the flowing drinks and his sexy French accent I was smitten,” recalls Jules.
“Giving the cabbie a bit of a show, we barely made the front door of his place, when my stockings were torn off and I was flung on the kitchen bench,’’ she blushes.
They saw each other non-stop for the following three weeks. “Just as I was leaving his place after another awesome night, I asked when I’d see him again. He said he didn’t know because his girlfriend was coming back from France next week,” says Jules.

Michelle, 34 - travel consultant
While on holidays in Hawaii, sharing a room with her mum, meeting men was the last thing on Michelle’s mind.
“I walked into this Irish bar with a couple of friends … and saw him immediately!  I skulled my vodka for Dutch courage, walked across the bar, put out my hand and told him my name,” says Michelle.
“We talked till 4am the next morning about his child, ex-wife and life, I walked him back to his car (which belonged to his ex) and it was on,” giggles Michelle.
Three months later Michelle left Australia, married Steve in New York and they now have a daughter together living happily ever after.

Trish, 42 - sales consultant
Trish met her sailor boy, Ant, at a wedding. Despite being 18 years her junior they arranged to catch up for dinner.
“We had a great night. I knew he wasn’t going to be around for more than a few weeks but there’s no harm in having some fun,” recalls Trish.
They headed back to her place. “His body was to die for and he was eager to please, however his package was less than ample and the night ended awkwardly when I had to retrieve the missing condom,” says Trish.
Trish tried to put the tiny incident behind her but Ant was persistent. “He hassled me till he left and when he returned few months later called again, not realising it was never going to happen,” says Trish.

Maybe if we quit listening to others, go with our hearts (and hormones), take a chance, we might just find ‘‘the one’’.

Regardless of when you have sex, if he likes you will you see him again?