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Sex and drugs for rockin' and rollin'

Is there any shame in using meds to muscle up your love life?

Everyone’s doing it apparently. And when I say everyone I mean anyone who's intimate with the word sildenafil, beyond a cursory Google search.

Well. Is there?

We already drink to lube the cogs of social interaction. Booze is a drug. Therefore many if not most Australians are drug-taking for the sake of sex. And that’s before you consider illegal drugs – substances that, for many, are linked with all aspects of life, sex included. But we’re not talking about that kind of medication, exactly. We’re talking about the pills and jabs and other junk designed to make you bigger, harder, stronger, faster, wetter, better and altogether something worth writing home to your mother about (in a manner of speaking).

Have you ever used something to make you better in bed?

Was it worth it?



It’s an interesting argument, the one for chemically induced climax. I’m personally not a fan. I’d rather let the fizzing cocktail of my internal hormonal compounds work their heady magic free from synthetic interruption (sex and champagne is another matter, but I digress). However I’m not, as it were, ‘dysfunctional’. So I won’t speak for everyone. But, for argument’s sake, I will speak to the ‘for’ idea – one seemingly motivated by the desire to improve, no matter how.  

Speaking with male (and one female) friends of mine who use sex supplements, the logic seems to be: “You have a body, you want it to work, you want it work better than it does, so why not use all the tools available to achieve that goal?”

“I’ve used pills to maintain my erection,” wrote a 30-something known-associate of mine. “What’s wrong with the picture? She’s happy, I’m happy – why not?”

Well, it’s artificial for a start, and expensive, and there are side-effects, and do you really want to come to rely on meds to make it happen? And do you really need it?

“So what, I can afford it, I’ll be fine, I won’t, and yes.”


Let’s not lose sight of the fact these are products manufactured by big pharmaceutical companies that exist to make a profit. And while you may think it hopelessly undergraduate of me to include that line of rebuttal, it is nonetheless a valid point. Pill-popping is a dangerous and costly habit, be the little helpers legal or not.

Of course, the costs run beyond your body and back pocket. Because the thing about sex is it ain't meant to be easy. It’s meant to be pleasurable, it’s meant to be delicious – it can come easier to some, but the best lovers are the ones who put in effort, time and dedication. It should never be lazy in a slack-ass sense. And I can’t help but sense a smack of slackness in the medication of love muscles - the same cop-out manifest in the pumped-up muscles of gym junkies who aren’t really earning their brawn.

Yet people will do as they do. And I’ve had a girlfriend protest my protestations about her SO’s use of sundry substances.

“But he looks so good – and it feels so good – and it’s not hurting anyone, so what’s the problem?”

What’s the problem indeed...?

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