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How to spend Valentine's Day single

February 14 will be over soon, promise.

Mary Ward 4:59 PM   Because V-Day does not need to be D-Day.

Wartime sweethearts reunite after 70 years

Norwood Thomas, holds up a photo of wartime sweetheart Joyce Morris at his home in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The pair ...

They smiled, they hugged, they kissed. And in those few moments the past 70 years just melted away as wartime sweethearts Norwood "Tommy" Thomas and Joyce Morris were reunited.

About last night

We are all born naked and a nudist colony is a safe place to get back to our natural state.

Maureen Matthews   There's no need to be shy about naked sunbathing – just keep a sarong handy.

About last night: The appeal of the wrong guy

The appeal of bad boys, such as Johnny Depp, lie in their Dark Triad traits. Read on to find out what these are.

Maureen Matthews   Why the Dark Triad makes bad boys irresistible.

Are Tinder users less likely to commit to relationships?

Is it possible to find long-term love on a phone screen?

Mary Ward   It's the new type of ghost story.

Get the ball rolling with health checks

Fatherhood can affect testicle size.

Maureen Matthews   A reader is concerned about the size of his testicles.

About last night

Maureen Matthews.

Maureen Matthews   I am 26 and have never had a boyfriend. I also have OCD.

You have the power to fix the relationship balance

Illustration: Kerrie Leishman.

Maureen Matthews   He's made an effort to change, but those early lies nag at me constantly.

My partner's daughter thinks I'm a witch

Obnoxious behaviour from a teenage girl can be sparked by fear and hurt.

Maureen Matthews   About last night My partner's daughter treats me as if I'm the wicked witch - what should I do?

About last night: Focus on the positive

Take the time to appreciate how lucky you are, instead of focusing on the difficult things in life.

Maureen Matthews   It is easy to zero in on our fears and forget our blessings.

What kind of world am I bringing my child into?

Maureen Matthews.

Maureen Matthews   I worry about what kind of a world we are bringing this child into.

Tinder tales

I matched with 2500 men on Tinder and this is what happened next...

2500 matches in 48 hours...

Staff reporter   As an experiment, I swiped right on everyone - and this is what went down.

About last night: Put a condom on no matter what age you are

M Mag
Pub date: Aug 16, 2015.
Online pic of Maureen Matthews.

Maureen Matthews   It is not worth playing Russian roulette with your sexual health.

About last night: I've lost my sweet little boys to testosterone

Australian scientists have discovered that an early stage of puberty known as adrenarche, which children go through at ...

Maureen Matthews   How can we make sure they don't become violent men?

The dating website exclusively for Disney fans

Could a Disney dating website help you to find an Ariel-and-Eric-level romance?

Mary Ward   Are you looking for your Prince Charming?

The summer romance: can it last?

What are the chances the Bachelorette's Sam Frost has got it right second time around?

Bettina Arndt   We all know people who met their partners online, but how many go the distance?

About last night

It is easy to become too preoccupied and keyed up, says Maureen.

Maureen Matthews   Tiredness and stress are passion-killers – here's how to get your zip back.

The idea of sex repels me

Asexual: Robin Dibben.

In an increasingly sexualised world, what is it like 'coming out' as someone who has no interest in sex? Here, Robin Dibben explains.