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Family and Relationships

'Our marriage is stronger than ever'

My husband became a woman and our marriage is stronger than ever

Leslie Hilburn Fabian Since David became Deborah full-time three years ago, I'm now in love with her. As my husband became a woman, I endured a transition of my own.

Other men's wives


cr: Jennifer Robbins/thelicensingproject/Snapper Media

As a young man, Akhil Sharma revelled in the most dangerous of liaisons – until the thrill began to pall.

20 signs of a perfect relationship

Five kisses a day and 3.5 years age difference - the perfect relationship


The secret to a perfect relationship is admitting you are wrong after an argument, five kisses a day and sex twice a week, a new survey suggests.

Moving on

Sex after divorce

Libido, sex, couple, bed, bored, boredom.

MATTY SILVER As time passes it’s tempting to go back into the dating scene - after all, sex makes us feel wanted, accepted and reassured.

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Parenting: Controlled crying may harm babies in later life

Blessed sleep: Its absence is stressful for baby and parents and needs right responses.

Dr Howard Chilton Silencing the crying baby may not be responding to the child's needs – and may be harmful, says specialist Howard Chilton.

Parenting: Finding a work-life balance


JIL HOGAN Children don't come with an instruction manual and no one tells you what to expect. Moreover, there is a flat ''no return'' policy.

Would you sign a social media pre-nup?

In this digital-happy, ‘share everything’ age, we’ve become used to playing out our relationships - and subsequent breakdowns - in public.

Claire Donnelly An increasing number of couples are entering into ‘social media pre-nups’, to stop their partners from posting embarrassing pictures in the event of a break-up.

Trouble between the spreadsheets

Sex and trouble between the spreadsheets

no sex

Judith Woods A public cri de coeur revealing why your wife is refusing to have sex leaves much to be desired, says Judith Woods.

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Find a brainy boyfriend

Mensa Match is online dating for smart people


Katie Nelson Genius hub Mensa is teaming up with to make sure intellectuals are meeting their mental equals.

New research

Just 18% of women can tell when men flirt: study

Make it obvious: Unless someone is being overly flirty, chances are their target won't notice.

RACHEL CLUN If you've ever found it difficult to tell if someone is flirting with you, you're not alone.

Stingey Sting

Parents, why make lots of money if you won't let your kids spend it?


Radhika Sanghani As Sting says he won't leave his multimillion-pound fortune to his children, Radhika Sanghani asks why an increasing number of wealthy parents are refusing to pass their money on.

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'The fourth sexual orientation'

Asexuality: Don't be too hasty with labels


MATTY SILVER The asexual community believes that unlike celibacy, which is a choice, asexuality is not and they want asexuality to be recognised as the fourth sexual orientation.

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Relationship advice

Alpha female? There's a reason you might be single


Sandy Smith Over the past decade New York psychotherapist Dr Sonya Rhodes noticed a pattern in the women coming to her practice. All were “self-confident, accomplished, sexual” but there was something missing — they complained about being “unhappy and frustrated by their lack of success in relationships” she writes in her new book The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match. How Today’s Strong Women Can Find Love and Happiness Without Settling.

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Darkest of hours

Family who turned their grief into the gift of life


Antonia Hoyle Antonia Hoyle meets the couple who decided, in the darkest of hours, to donate their child's organs.

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Relationships look rosy through tinted glasses, says Australian Institute of Family Studies


JULIE POWER Love is not blind, but seeing one’s partner through rose-tinted glasses may be the secret to long-lasting relationships.

Sex and technology

How technology is affecting our relationships and sex lives


MATTY SILVER All over the world people are allowing technology to affect their relationships and their sex lives. It seems that our obsession with all things digital can be damaging to our love lives in the real world.

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The art and science of kissing

The truth about kissing: It can be a barometer of a relationship.

RACHEL CLUN Mastering how to make out is not just a subjective art. There is science to the skill as well.

Sex myths

The closer the couple, the better the sex? Not so


Jane Mulkerrins Intimacy can be a passion killer, says Ether Perel, the bestselling author and relationship counsellor. And don't even think about confessing that affair...

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New research

Porn may be messing with your head


Andrew M. Seaman Men who report watching a lot of pornography tend to have less volume and activity in regions of the brain linked to rewards and motivation, says a new German study.


What's so great about great sex?

kissing, romance, sex

In the new movie Fading Gigolo, the character Fioravante is hired by women for his consummate lovemaking skills. But what does it take to make sex memorable and extraordinary, instead of merely satisfying? Bettina Arndt reports.

A rarely discussed issue

Is male menopause real?

worried man

MATTY SILVER Do fewer erections and less interest in sex sound familiar? We know mood swings, hot flushes, low libido and depression can be some of the hormonal changes older women experience during menopause, but what is not well known is that some men will experience some of the same symptoms when they get older.

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'Imposter syndrome'

Early success leads to narcissism later on


SARAH BERRY Research has found that the more people experience economic ease in young adulthood, the more likely they are to be narcissistic.

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Life advice

How to break up with someone (nicely)

Happier times: Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki.

Caroline Kent As Rory McIlroy blames himself for his break-up, Caroline Kent asks: is it possible to call it a day without being the bad guy?

Anti-social media

Is (anti) social media playing havoc with your relationship?


Catherine Rodie Excessive use is not the only way in which social media is causing conflict in romantic relationships.

Later pregnancy

How fertility is far from finished at 40


Julia Llewellyn Smith As the rising abortion rate among women over 35 is blamed on their mistaken belief that they are 'past it', Julia Llewellyn Smith - who conceived in her mid-thirties - finds out the truth about later pregnancy.


Making sex fun again


Katherine Feeney "I can't figure out why our sex has become so, well, boring."

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Mismatched libidos

Time for some sexual healing

Couple kissing at sunset

MATTY SILVER Most of the couples I see in my practice complain about having mismatched libidos, when one person wants more sex than the other.

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Nothing can prepare the Federers for this game of mixed doubles

Mixed doubles: Mirka Federer with her daughters.

The living room cordoned off as a 'baby jail' and 24 nappies a day - nothing comes close to the chaos of two sets of twins, one mother tells Victoria Lambert

Flying sparks

When sparks fly - what lights the fires of attraction?

Sparkling Hearts

MJ Angel We may not readily admit it, but when it comes to relationships there is always something that fuels our attraction.

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Brain power

Australian study disproves omega-3 baby claims


Pregnant mothers who take omega-3 fatty acid supplements to boost their baby's brain power are probably wasting their time, according to a major Australian study.

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