Family and Relationships

Give kids some context to deal with porn

Here to help: Maureen Matthews.

Maureen Matthews 12:15 AM   Children start to become curious about sex around the age of nine - and it's extremely difficult to stop them seeing questionable material.

Can you break up via text?

One Direction's Zayn Malik allegedly broke up with his fiancee via text.

Mary Ward   Zayn Malik did. But, can you?

About last night: Taking responsibility for your needs

It takes two: But what do you do when the sexual tension has gone?

Melinda Houston   He's so intent on pleasing me it's unattractive. I don't want a meek yes-man.

Gwyneth was right, conscious uncoupling works

Gwyneth Paltrow

Michael Coulter   "Conscious uncoupling", the phrase, washed up on the shore of the English language last year with all the style and subtlety of a rotting whale. 

Flannos v ballgowns: a Bachelor debate

Tessa meets the Bachelor, Sam Wood (still in her formal attire).

Mary Ward   Is Tessa onto something?

The best age to get married

Is preventing divorce simply a matter of getting married at the right time?

Mary Ward   Not too young, and not too old. That's reportedly the best age to get married. Not everyone agrees.

US man offers $US10,000 to anyone who can find him a girlfriend

Ren Lu You's website has attracted a lot of potential partners.

Yanan Wang   A lovelorn 29-year-old in Alabama is crowdsourcing his soulmate search, and there are some things he wants you to know.

Sexy time

Why you should get excited about scheduling sex

Take a leaf out of Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen's book and make time to become the Masters of Sex.

Matty Silver   People who spend ridiculous amount of time on social media should use some of that time to schedule in time for sex.

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Let it go

Why you need to shake off your sex shame

Couples need to feel comfortable not shamed in the bedroom.

Matty Silver   Nothing kills the mood in the bedroom more than shame, unnecessary shame.

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Paternity case for US mother of twins bears unexpected results: two fathers

egg and sperm

Benjamin Mueller   A mother of twins was applying for public assistance in Passaic County, New Jersey, when she made the seemingly uncontroversial claim that one man was responsible for her progeny.

Baby Boomers had more sex than Millennials: study

US Baby Boomers had more sex than their Gen Y counterparts, but does the same hold true in Australia?

Mary Ward   Turns out Tinder might not be having such a big effect.

Not so safe sex

Groupon recalls counterfeit condoms

About 400 customers bought the counterfeit condoms between March 12 and April 10.

Michael Koziol   Counterfeit condoms sold through the online marketplace Groupon Australia have been recalled because of possible defects, including holes in the latex.

Under the pump

Airport confiscates actor's breast milk

Not happy: Alyssa Milano has questioned Heathrow Airport's policy on carrying expressed breast milk.

Michael Koziol   United States actor Alyssa Milano has taken aim at London's Heathrow Airport for confiscating her pumped breast milk because it was deemed a security risk.

Smile and say 'cheese' if you had sex last night

There's no aphrodisiac quite like it: grilled cheese.

Michael Koziol   If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, give him grilled cheese.

'Classier Tinder' launches in Sydney

Hinge profiles show a user's workplace, education, height and hobbies.

Mary Ward   It's being marketed as a "classier Tinder"

Challenging men to be mum for a weekend

How many men with prove to be Tough Mothers?

Lucy Battersby   A Melbourne woman is challenging fathers to take on singlehandedly one of the hardest jobs in the world for 48 hours. It involves obstacles, point scoring, possibly drinking and sex, and has been designed to ensure at least one person breaks down in tears.  

New 4D vision

Smoking while pregnant may harm baby's central nervous system: study

Fetuses of mothers who smoked (top row) moved their mouths and touched their faces more frequently.

Michael Koziol   Smoking while pregnant could harm the foetal central nervous system, according to a pilot study which used 4D ultrasounds to monitor unborn babies.

Sleep the secret to sexual success: study

Women who slept an hour longer were 14 per cent more likely to have sex with their partner the next day.

Michael Koziol   For a better time in the sack, hit the sack. That's the implication of a new study which found young women were more likely to desire sex – and have it – if they slept longer the previous night.

Sheryl Sandberg's advice

'Choreplay': Help out at home to get more sex, Sheryl Sandberg tells men

'Stepping up' as a father also benefits men and their children, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg says.

Michael Koziol   Forget foreplay. The new and improved route to intercourse is "choreplay" - it's good for your spouse, good for your house, and comes with the imprimatur of feminist du jour Sheryl Sandberg.