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Sex and the older woman

Clare Kermond   A new study debunks the myth that older women aren't interested in sex, finding that many older women are not only keen to discuss their sexual desires but also to encourage their partners to broaden their sexual repertoire.

A year on Tinder - what I've learned

mobile phone

Michael Jarosky   The landscape for dating, sex, and relationships will change forever due to swiping.

New survey

Women think about sex more than men do

Have I outgrown TV? Should I just switch off? Carrie Bradshaw gets one thinking.

Nedahl Stelio   While it is widely thought men have sex on their minds more than women do, an international survey has found the opposite.

Men at (sex) work

Commercial transaction: Women are increasingly willing to pay for sex with attractive, skilled escorts.

Liza Power   Prostitution is becoming an increasingly acceptable career choice for men, an Australian academic says.

Sex will soon be just for fun not babies, says father of the Pill


Sarah Knapton   Professor Carl Djerassi claims advances in fertility treatment make it safer for parents without fertility problems to consider IVF

Why I don't breastfeed, if you must know

Breast alternative: People can be quick to judge women who bottle-feed their babies.

Emily Wax-Thibodeaux   Emily Wax-Thibodeaux came under a lot of pressure for not breastfeeding her baby, but her double mastectomy meant she didn't have a choice

Five things adults get wrong about their teenage kids

Whatever: Teens often don't do what we tell them to, but that's not the same as not listening.

Rachel Vail   I come to you, my fellow parents, to share our most common assumptions and the adamant refutations of them that I've collected along the way.

Benjamin Law

Benjamin Law   If I score a particularly chatty taxi driver, they'll often take one look at me and launch with the standard cabbie ice-breaker: "So, where are you from?" For me, it's a vexed question. There are so many possible answers depending on what, exactly, they're asking. I could say, "I was born in Nambour" (biggest claims to fame: Kevin Rudd; giant fibreglass pineapple) or "Chinese, by way of Malaysia, China and Hong Kong". Other days I just want to say, "I'm from Good Weekend," and hand over a business card. 

'Where are you from?'

Ben Law.

Benjamin Law   The latest musings and observations from Good Weekend columnist Benjamin Law.

'Our marriage is stronger than ever'

My husband became a woman and our marriage is stronger than ever

Leslie Hilburn and David Fabian on their wedding day in 1991, and Leslie Hilburn Fabian with spouse Deborah Fabian in 2012.

Leslie Hilburn Fabian   Since David became Deborah full-time three years ago, I'm now in love with her. As my husband became a woman, I endured a transition of my own.

Other men's wives

TLP-JERO-0156  cr: Jennifer Robbins/thelicensingproject/Snapper Media

As a young man, Akhil Sharma revelled in the most dangerous of liaisons – until the thrill began to pall.

20 signs of a perfect relationship

Five kisses a day and 3.5 years age difference - the perfect relationship


The secret to a perfect relationship is admitting you are wrong after an argument, five kisses a day and sex twice a week, a new survey suggests.

Moving on

Sex after divorce

Libido, sex, couple, bed, bored, boredom.

Matty Silver   As time passes it’s tempting to go back into the dating scene - after all, sex makes us feel wanted, accepted and reassured.

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Growing pains

It's not  you: saying no to a potential suitor or friend is harder than it seems and some societal rules apply.

Kerri Sackville   Thick skin required. Kerri Sackville explores the pangs and pitfalls of online dating for the more mature woman – not to mention the unspoken fraught politics of female friendships.

Parenting: Controlled crying may harm babies in later life

Blessed sleep: Its absence is stressful for baby and parents and needs right responses.

Dr Howard Chilton   Silencing the crying baby may not be responding to the child's needs – and may be harmful, says specialist Howard Chilton.

Parenting: Finding a work-life balance


Jil Hogan   Children don't come with an instruction manual and no one tells you what to expect. Moreover, there is a flat ''no return'' policy.

Painting the old town red

Fifty shades of grey: The older generation is getting up to all sorts of mischief, thanks in part to the internet.

Bella Ellwood-Clayton   Viagra, longer life spans and raunchy grandparents are all adding up to a 'sexual renaissance' among the 50-plus cohort.

Would you sign a social media pre-nup?

In this digital-happy, ‘share everything’ age, we’ve become used to playing out our relationships - and subsequent breakdowns - in public.

Claire Donnelly   An increasing number of couples are entering into ‘social media pre-nups’, to stop their partners from posting embarrassing pictures in the event of a break-up.

Trouble between the spreadsheets

Sex and trouble between the spreadsheets

no sex

Judith Woods   A public cri de coeur revealing why your wife is refusing to have sex leaves much to be desired, says Judith Woods.

Mistress-keeping - an ancient right, or modern wrong?

Katherine Feeney   One of the most common complaints I have received over the seven years I’ve been writing this blog is that sex, after a while, dies.