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Pop Culture

This week we're obsessed with ...

babyClick for more photos

Pears that look like tiny Buddhas, sass&bide's new underwear collection and a baby who looks exactly like Mrs Doubtfire. By Simone Mitchell and Jenna Clarke.

This week we're obsessed with ...

pitbullClick for more photos

Victoria Beckham's wardrobe clearance sale, the world's cutest baby panda and pit bulls showing their softer side. By Simone Mitchell and Jenna Clarke.

YouTube is killing the movie star?

The top five teen idols are people you’ve never heard of


NEDAHL STELIO The top five teen idols in the US are YouTube stars, not movie stars.

This week we're obsessed with ...

cabbage patch thClick for more photos

Crocheted wigs that make babies look like Cabbage Patch Kids, 'flash' tattoos and new Converse sneakers by Missoni. By Jenna Clarke and Simone Mitchell.

It's world cat day

catday320Click for more photos

It's world cat day, so here are our favourite images from the top 50 'hilarious cat' Google search results.

Weasel words

Vibrant, situation, fascist: the words we're killing through overuse

The Matisse exhibition at Tate Modern brings real meaning to the word 'vibrant'.

Ivan Hewitt Many of us have our pet hates in the English language. Ivan Hewett runs through the weasel words that have lost their original meaning.

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A comprehensive guide

A comprehensive guide to YouTube's dumbest and most dangerous teen trends

YouTube challenge

Caitlin Dewey It’s impossible to guess what “the kids” will dream up next — as long as they have cameras and underdeveloped prefrontal cortexes, there’s really no saying.

Highlights of the week

This week we're obsessed with ...

Kylie on GQClick for more photos

... Kylie's backside on GQ, Target's collaboration with Missoni and Sandra Bullock's debaucherous 50th birthday party. By Simone Mitchell and Jenna Clarke.

'They don't look good in selfies'

Are black cats being abandoned because they don't look good in selfies?

black cat

Edward Malnick Black cats are apparently facing a new existential challenge – the rise of the “selfie” in the age of social media.

Rise of the fistbump

Five reasons why fistbumps beat handshakes


Researchers have found that greeting people with a fistbump rather than a handshake can reduce the spread of bacteria by up to 90 per cent. But that's one of many reasons why we should all adopt the gesture.

This week we're obsessed with ...

NappingClick for more photos

Rod Stewart sans pants, people napping in Ikea Beijing and a hot chocolate revolution. By Simone Mitchell and Jenna Clarke.

Creepy cat fact

What the Internet can see from your cat pictures

Pictures of cats, as cute or as grumpy as they can be, can offer clues to the location of their owners.

Derek Willis Your cat may never give up your secrets. But your cat photos might.

Best of the week

This week we're obsessed with ...

ToastClick for more photos

A girl with no filter thanks to laughing gas, an incredibly awkward photo bomb and a toaster than burns a selfie onto your breakfast. By Simone Mitchell and Jenna Clarke.

Best selfie ever?

Best selfie ever? Teen's snap with Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet goes viral


Rachel Clun An American teenager has been catapaulted to worldwide fame after taking a selfie with Sir Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet.

The man who 'invented' the celebrity selfie


Daniel Miller The Hollywood cameraman who insists he invented the celebrity selfie in 1981.

Pop culture

This week we're obsessed with ...

PARIS, FRANCE - JULY 08:  Kristen Stewart attends the Chanel show as part of Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015 at Grand Palais on July 8, 2014 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)Click for more photos

Dunny paper doll dresses, K.Stew's new hair and the best lemonade stall in the world. By Simone Mitchell and Jenna Clarke.

Fun stuff

This week we're obsessed with ...

pugClick for more photos

Who Wore it Best Wednesday, Lara Bingle's new hair, Kate Middleton in Zimmerman at Wimbledon and a blemish treatment that actually works. By Simone Mitchell and Jenna Clarke.

Pop culture

Behold the rich kids of Snapchat


Nyree McFarlane A Facebook group called 'What Happens at Private School Goes on Snapchat' documents the ridiculousness of some elite public schools in the UK.

The Nick Kyrgios 'juicy wiggle'

Nick Kyrgios continues dancing tradition at Wimbledon

Nick Kyrgios

JENNA CLARKE Forget Dancing With The Stars and other versions of reality television, for drama and dance moves usually seen in pubs an hour before last call, one cannot look past the world of professional tennis.

Groom wows bride with Beyonce dance routine

Bootylicious: Sean Rajaee performing a choreographed dance to Beyonce with his groomsmen.

RACHEL CLUN A video of a  "Crazy in Love" groom doing a coreographed dance with his groomsmen at his wedding has gone viral.

Want, need

This week we're obsessed with ...

bikiniClick for more photos

Caffeinated french fries, Cara Delevingne's apparent narcolepsy and a creative response to the #FreeTheNipple campaign. By Simone Mitchell and Jenna Clarke.

This week we're obsessed with ....

kardashianClick for more photos

A bulldog in a stair lift, an Aussie World Cup t-shirt from the Olsen twins and Kardashians with no tops on. By Simone Mitchell and Jenna Clarke.

Going viral

The best ad you will ever see about periods


Neha Prakash The ad serves as a hilarious followup to last July's "Camp Gyno" ad, which amassed more than 7 million YouTube views.

You know you're a millennial when

You know you're a millennial when... the 7 things that sum up our generation

Katy Perry

Radhika Sanghani As the V&A museum in London features Primark jeans and Katy Perry's falsies in a new exhibition of the everyday, Radhika Sanghani lists seven other things that spell out (sadly) millennial life.

Nostalgia hit

Game of Thrones stars before they were famous

got320Click for more photos

Prior to beheading enemies and patronising brothels, the Game of Thrones actors wore shoulder pads and embraced '90s fashion. This article first appeared on Mashable.

Going viral

Rihanna and Vogue editor Anna Wintour mocked in new video

A scene from Txts with RiRi, which illustrates an appropriate use of the flamenco dancer emoji.

JENNA CLARKE It's official: a sense of humour is in vogue and in Vogue, according to the usually frosty doyenne of fashion, Anna Wintour.

Eager Melburnians queuing up to Escape

Escape Room game Melbourne

TESSA VAN DER RIET It's the stuff a gamer's dreams are made of. But a new live puzzle experience in Flemington, Escape Room, is having a far broader appeal.

Mapping the world's emotions with Twitter


AMY CORDEROY Real-time Twitter analysis is being used to map the world's emotions, according to Sydney researchers who have already seen noticeable changes in the national mood since the federal budget was announced.

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Not uncommon

Unfriended and don't know why?


LIVIA GAMBLE Studies reveal the most common reasons that people cut the Facebook cords.


Divorce tattoos: a worrying trend

divorce-thumbClick for more photos

Women are now inking dark messages in large letters across their skin, initially, the thought is to inspire and encourage them to get through the rough times, but really all that is left is a constant reminder of emotional turmoil.


Scorpio horoscope

Today, emotions take on passionate intensity that may exceed the actual situation. It's easy to make a mountain out of a molehill.

...find out more here