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Groom wows bride with Beyonce dance routine

A video of a ''crazy in love'' groom doing a choreographed dance with his groomsmen at his wedding has gone viral.

Californian groom Sean Rajaee clearly put some careful planning and practice to the dance routine, performed with his groomsmen, and gave his bride a wedding gift she won't forget any time soon.

Rajaee surprised his bride and wedding guests at his wedding on June 21 with a dance routine performed to a mash-up of five different songs.

While his new wife Ariana watched, they began the elaborate routine with Crazy in Love by Beyonce, followed by Bootylicious from Destiny's Child. 

That was followed by I Want It That Way, performed with sunglasses, by the bride's favourite band, the Backstreet Boys.


There was a routine to accompany an Iranian song – complete with fake moustaches – and they finished the dance with Bruno Mars' Marry You.

As well as managing to co-ordinate dance moves with his seven groomsmen, the groom lip-synched to a number of the songs during the long dance routine.

Rajaee's sister told American ABC News the dance reminded her of their childhood.

''When I saw a lot of his moves it took me back to our childhood days, because I’d force him to listen to Beyonce and 'N Sync,'' Shirin Rajaee, who also posted the video, told the news network.

Shirin, who was also the maid of honour, says many people who know her orthopaedic surgeon brother would have been surprised by the dance medley.

''It’s interesting because a lot of people that know him from the medical world would be like ‘oh my gosh’. But he’s a fun, funny kind of guy. The fact he got all the groomsmen to do it and to go along with it was crazy. A lot of them were coming from long distance.''

Some of Rajaee's groomsmen travelled across the country to be at the wedding so they actually had to learn the fairly complicated routine via video tutorial.

Since Shirin posted the video online on June 26 it has received almost 10 million hits on YouTube.