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Naomi Watts's children at home in Australia

Naomi Watts admits she is wasting her time trying to convince two little boys to fall in love with Australia.

"They don't need any brainwashing, they are in heaven here," Watts told PS last night at a swanky party in Centennial Park to welcome her to Sydney, thrown by wine label Jacobs Creek.

With a gaggle of girlfriends in tow, including comedian Mary Coustas, film producer Emma Cooper and actor Lisa Hensley, Watts was in a relaxed mood with a rare night away from her sons, Sasha and Sammy, and partner, Hollywood actor Liev Schreiber, who was at their Sydney home on babysitting duty.

Watts is in Australia for the next two months filming The Grandmothers and said she relished the opportunity for her family to slip into daily life in Sydney.

"It means everything to come to Sydney," she enthused. "I keep catching myself saying to my kids, 'don't you just love Australia'. You know, gently trying to brainwash them. But they don't need any brainwashing. They love the beach. It doesn't matter about the weather, we're down at the beach looking for crabs, Sasha's in heaven."

"It is such a great place for children to be, they feel safe and can run off."

Even the dreaded paparazzi have been behaving since the family arrived last week.

"It can be a little irritating but hopefully they will get their shots and the appeal will go away," she said, adding, "But there are no complaints."