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The Bridget Jones of the internet, 'Single Bridget', releases her annual Christmas card

Like elbowing people at the Boxing Days sales and eating left over trifle for breakfast until January 2, internet hero Bridget's annual Christmas card has become a favourite holiday tradition for many.

And this year's offering doesn't disappoint. 

Sitting in a muddy puddle, surrounded by empty bottles of wine and a small plastic Christmas tree, the artist - more commonly referred to as "perpetually single woman" - is raising her glass underneath the classic Yuletide message, "Love is shit. Merry Christmas! Love Bridget".

Bridget's trademark motifs include animals like chickens, stuffed toys, male mannequins, kayaks and alcohol. She is proof not all heroes wear capes, instead they prefer sequin dresses and gum boots - a look she's been championing since 2010. 

You see Bridget is not only internet famous, she's Reddit famous, which is like being Instagram famous but without the money, filters and thigh gaps.

She rose to prominence in 2014 when her brother, user name: WillyMac, posted a thread on the online network titled: "My single sister's very single Christmas cards".


"I have four sisters. Me and three of my sisters are married. Bridget is not. My parents decided it would be awkward to have a Christmas card with just one daughter in it, so they cut Bridget out of their Christmas card (the married siblings all do their own. except me. I'm lazy) So Bridget decided to send her own Christmas cards," he said.

Bridget's cards, which are more Cards of Humanity than Hallmark, have become a custom of the online community every December for seven years.

"I have been waiting all year to see if this got updated again. Thanks OP [original poster] and OP's sister," one user wrote.

"I know these are an annual Reddit tradition. Too bad Reddit is rooting for her to stay single," another added.

Bridget, however, may just be like another fictional single icon - Bridget Jones, as she relies on her family to circulate the cards to the wider world wide web. She has never been quoted or interviewed.

Fairfax Media has reached out to WillyMac for comment.