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Couples to say you're the 11.11.11 that I want

THE Last Post has preceded a minute's silence on Remembrance Day for decades, but today it will be bookended by the chiming of wedding bells.

Thousands of couples across the country are counting on today's perfect palindromic date to bring them good luck in love, with many booking 11am services.

Marriage celebrant Terri Beirne is performing three wedding ceremonies today, including one at 11am. The wedding party will observe a minute's silence beforehand.

''Three weddings on the one day is very unusual for me,'' says Ms Beirne. ''I could have done more - I had lots of requests but I couldn't fit them all in.''

Nikki Bennett and Dion Barter, from South Morang, set their 11.11.11 wedding a year ago because they believe it is an auspicious date.

''We thought it was pretty special because it only comes around once every 100 years and it is all about the 'ones' and we decided that we are 'the ones' for each other,'' she laughs. ''We also thought it would be a good way to make sure we never forget our wedding anniversary!''


However, soon after setting the date, the couple considered changing it after they discovered that many venues, musicians, celebrants and florists were booked out. ''It has been such a popular date that it has actually caused us a lot of headaches. But we got there in the end.''

Lidia Neskovski, from the Sheldon Reception and Convention Centre in Sunshine, which will host two weddings, says she could have booked her venue 30 times over.

''If I had 30 reception centres I would have booked them all,'' she says. ''I started getting calls for this date two years ago and they haven't stopped.''

Numerologist Dean Collier says the date is a lucky one for couples because it signifies co-operation and equality.

But it is not just couples who are excited by the one-in-100-years occurrence.

The Corduroy Appreciation Society is celebrating the date that most resembles the fabric it adores - because it is made up of straight lines.

It is calling on corduroy lovers to don their favourite cords for a day.