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Good things come in threes

She's a proper 'princess' and he's a 'big kid', but one and two makes a lucky three.

Carlie Siviour and Steven Bravey
Nightingale Wines, Broke NSW

Their first year together was spent travelling and living a "carefree" existence. In their second year they got engaged and in their third they were married.

From their first meeting in Dubai, where they were both airline crew, to their move back to Sydney and then finally up to Brisbane, it seems all good things come in threes for Carlie and Steve.

In fact, just three months into their relationship, they had their first test of endurance. "We took a month unpaid leave and went travelling together," Carlie explains. "It was my first time staying in hostels (I am a bit of a princess) and we had lots of fun. Sharing the ups and downs together has been great. We are very different people but seem to balance each other out ... Steve is a big kid while I am very proper ... it can cause a lot of frustration but, it's also what we love about each other."

The proposal

Steve had kept the "perfect ring" hidden away for ... three months, while he waited for the perfect moment.


He was thinking their anniversary would be it, but was conscious about the proposal being cliché. He "just wanted it to be relaxed and at the right time."

The right time arose while they were in the Blue Mountains to celebrate their anniversay. Sitting on the balcony that overlooked Lake Lyall one afternoon, they were "wrapped in blankets, having a glass of wine and reading books," Carlie says. "We started talking about us and life and then he got down on one knee pretending to pick up something that blew away – but looked up with a ring in his hand and asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

"Of course I said yes."

The wedding

"I couldn't have asked for a better day," Carlie says.

With perfect weather and an amazing venue Carlie spent the morning getting ready with her mum and bridesmaids. "It was really relaxing and a nice way to spend the morning," she says. But, "I was also really surprised at how nervous I was, especially before I walked down the aisle."

The boys were nervous too. There was chaos before the ceremony when they couldn't figure out how to put the button holes on, "so every girl was trying to help them sort it out." This paled in comparison to the chaos that ensued when the best man discovered he didn't have the ring.

Luckily they were staying nearby, so he raced back to the property, found the rings and managed to sneak back in just before the start of the ceremony.

At the reception, which was a "simple, elegant, vintage theme that suited a vineyard" they entertained their 56 guests with grandly choreographed first dance.

"We had been taking dancing lessons from friends of ours who used to be ballroom dancers. We were nery nervous but, it was perfect and [everyone] loved it."

The details

The dress
A strapless A-line dress, with lace and bead detail from The Wedding Centre at Windsor.

The cake
A white chocolate and raspberry mudcake covered with white chocolate shards, made by SugarRush

The honeymoon
They spent 10 nights at El Nido in the Phillippines

The photography
Photographs were taken by MMG Photo & Cinema