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Just the ticket


The meeting
Adrian and Lize-Mari met while she was an international student in Melbourne in 2008. "I had only been in the country a month and we met in a pub, completely by chance, through the friend of an Irish traveller that was renting a room in the house Adrian shared with some friends," says Lize-Mari, the 30 year-old South African. "On the night, Adrian promised to secure a ticket to a sold-out Smashing Pumpkins concert for me, so he took my number and contacted me a week later with the promised ticket," she says. They started going out as friends but it wasn't long before he asked her out. "We both knew quite early on that This Is It, but we took time to get to know each other," she says.
The proposal
"I knew that something was up," says Lize-Mari. "He took me out to one of our favourite restaurants, and when we got back home he made me wait outside while he lit candles and decorated the room with flowers," she says. "When I was finally allowed inside, Adrian's heart was beating out of his chest. I don't know why he was so nervous - we both knew I'd say yes!"

The wedding day
The wedding day was an intimate affair with only 14 guests - their parents, their sisters and their partners, and their grandparents. They kept the style simple and elegant to complement the surroundings of the Lake House. "It was a whole weekend of celebration!" she says. "We had an exquisite five course dinner in the Cellar Room on Saturday night, and the next morning we had breakfast together".

The dress
Lize-Mari wore a custom made, georgette gown with a three quarter ivory lace and beaded bodice overlay. It was designed by Lize-Mari with the help of Adrian's aunt, Elide from Bonita Couture in Brunswick.

The flowers
They chose a white and green theme with a simple country style for the flowers. They were done by Denise, the in house florist at the Lake House.

The photographer
The photos were taken by Daniel Sheehan Photographers.

The honeymoon
They went to Greece, Austria, Solvenia and France.

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