A <i>Pride and Prejudice</i> engagement.

A Pride and Prejudice engagement.

Big, surprise wedding proposals have been around for a few years now. No longer content to simply pop the question in their living room or at a restaurant – though goodness knows that would be hard enough - the modern gent is going to greater and grander lengths to ask their lovely ladies for their hand in marriage.

There must be something about the holiday season that bring out the inner romantic in men, as all of our top five proposal picks happened in the last few months. And a warning: have your tissues ready.

Number One: A Pride and Prejudice Engagement

To all the ladies waiting for Mr Darcy to show up on horseback and sweep them off their feet – sorry, he's already taken.

David Slater roped the family of his now-fiancee, Bethany Albert, into helping him recreate scenes from Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice for his proposal. Albert, who says Pride and Pre-judice is one of her favourite books, posted the gallery to reddit. Albert says her mother made (yes, made!) five regency gowns for the occasion.

The family then acted out half-an-hour's worth of scenes from the Austen classic, which they had practiced in secret. Although she says she quickly worked out what was going on, according to Buzzfeed, this still has to be one of the most beautiful engagements ever. Save for the original Ms Bennet and Mr Darcy, of course.

Check out the full gallery of images over here.

Number Two: The New Zealand Proposal

This gentleman, Michael Koloi, spent a whopping six weeks planning his proposal. Koloi's plan was to set up a short film (with the help of some friends), which his beloved, Nora Aati, would act in.

At around 6:40 into the video, the short film's “director” asks Aati to look at the bridge through binoculars, when she spots a giant banner saying “Nora will u be mine 4eva proverbs 31”. Koloi starts to walk over the hill with his children and Aati realises what's going on, at which point you'll need to get those tissues out.

Number Three: Peter Pan Proposal

Peter Pan and Wendy have finally made their love public. Well, two actors in a production in Scotland have.

Sandor Sturbl, who played Peter Pan in the production, announced his love for his girlfriend and fellow actor Lily-Jane Young in a crowded theatre in Glasgow. Young's family was also in the audience. Young, who played Wendy, was taken completely by surprise according to the Huffington Post, and broke into emotional sobs as Sturbl proposed. Warning: You might start hysterically sobbing too.

Number 4: Aaron Paul cameo

The cutest thing about this engagement is not Jason Lorde covering To Be with You by Mr Big for his lady Jackie Prater, with a full band and backup choir of presumably friends and family who help recreate the song.

No, the sweetest thing is that Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul agreed to film a message for his biggest fan, Prater, encouraging her to say yes (his cameo appears at 5:20 in the video). 

Number 5: Internet dating proposal

Troy managed to keep his girlfriend Eliza in the dark until the very end of the elaborate day-long proposal set-up.

Troy, who met Eliza on a dating website, pretended they were being interviewed for the site about their relationship. Troy spent the day taking her around to significant places from their past, while getting her to photograph everything with a Polaroid camera. The proposal, in front of all six of their combined children, took Eliza completely by surprise and is truly beautiful.