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Live AFL NAB Cup: Friday 15 February

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Bulldog Ryan Griffin bowls over new Bomber Brendon Goddard in the opening match.
Bulldog Ryan Griffin bowls over new Bomber Brendon Goddard in the opening match. Photo: Sebastian Costanzo

1.0.5 1.2.10 (31)
ESSENDON 0.2.3  0.4.5 (29)
Nine pointers: Collingwood: B Sinclair. Essendon: Nil.
Goals: Collingwood: A Krakouer T Cloke. Essendon: L Jetta 2 B Goddard D Heppell.
Umpires: Brett Rosebury, Leigh Haussen, Nicholas Foot.
Official Crowd: 26,921 at Etihad Stadium

COLLINGWOOD 0.3.1  1.6.2 (47)
WESTERN BULLDOGS 0.3.3  0.4.5 (29)
Nine pointers: Collingwood: D Swan. Western Bulldogs: Nil.
Goals: Collingwood: T Cloke 2 B Macaffer J Blair J Elliott Q Lynch. Western Bulldogs: D Giansiracusa 2 J Grant T Dickson.
Umpires: Matt Stevic, Simon Meredith, Tristan Burgess

ESSENDON 1.2.4  1.5.6 (45)
WESTERN BULLDOGS 1.0.3  1.1.4 (19)
Nine pointers: Essendon: K Hardingham. Western Bulldogs: S Higgins.
Goals: Essendon: A Browne A Davey C Dell'Olio N Kommer T Bellchambers. Western Bulldogs: L Jones.
Umpires: Matt Stevic, Simon Meredith, Tristan Burgess

FULL TIME: The Magpies hang on but not before some late drama! After Cloke's goal the ball went back to the centre before the Dons managed to edge forward after getting the centre clearance. A free was paid to youngster Luke Davis but he was just too far out from goal and his kick fell short in the goal square. Collingwood strikes late with the last two goals to win by just two points. Collingwood 1.2.10 (31) Essendon 0.4.5 (29)

A step too far ... Young Bomber Luke Davis kicks for goal after the siren.
A step too far ... Young Bomber Luke Davis kicks for goal after the siren. Photo: Pat Scala

Less than one minute to play and Cloke gets a free! He's right in front and surely will kick the goal. He does! Magpies back in front and they lead by two points. Collingwood 1.2.10 (31) Essendon 0.4.5 (29)


GOAL! Hang on, here come the Magpies. Krakouer, characterisically, finds space to dribble the ball through for a goal! Suddenly there's time. The margin has been cut to five points.

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GOAL!! That man Goddard snag a major. He's having a real impact. In both games. Was it the sealer? The Bombers now lead by two goals with about eight minutes to play. Countenay Dempsey stepping up and has 10 possessions.


GOAL. Three minutes in and Jetta picks up another goal. There's a distinct feel that the Bombers have 'set' themselves for tonight. Suddenly they lead by seven points with about 17 minutes left in the match. The fans are getting vocal.

HALF-TIME: A behind right on the cusp of the main break from Harry O narrows the margin to just one point. Essendon with the slight edge. In terms of stats, the Bombers are well in front on marks and are ahead on the overall possession count. Collingwood 1.0.5 (14) Essendon 0.2.3 (15)

GOAL! Heppell pounces and puts the Bombers back in front. It's a high-quality contest. Feb Fast - in terms of speed. Michael Hibberd getting touches for the Dons, along with Goddard who is backing up superbly. Dayne Beams and Ben Johnson leading the way for the Magpies. Collingwood 1.0.4 (13) Essendon 0.2.3 (15)

GOAL! Sinclair replies for the black and white. The game is fast-paced, with a noticable drop off in pressure around the packs.

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GOAL! Jett snaps truly. Fast handball from Dell'Olio. Bombers can boast the first one. They're looking pretty slick for an opening night in February. Mark Baguley with plenty of early touches for the Dons.

Now for the 'big one'. Competition heavyweights Collingwood and Essendon clash in the third and final NAB Cup game tonight. Any added bite to tonight's contest?

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FULL TIME. Magpies come away with an 18-point victory and need to quickly turn their attention to Essendon. As for the Bulldogs? Well, their pre-season campaign is cooked after two opening losses. Jarryd Blair was the leading possession winner for the Maggies with 10 touches while Cloke managed two goals out of seven (including one genuine 'super goal') for Collingwood. Clay Smith shone by snagging 14 touches for the losers. Western Bulldogs 0.4.5 (29) Collingwood 1.6.2 (47)

Collingwood's Ben Sinclair gets a firm grip on Bulldog Jason Johannisen.
Collingwood's Ben Sinclair gets a firm grip on Bulldog Jason Johannisen. Photo: Getty Images

GOAL! A second goal to Cloke and the Magpies are home. We're fast approaching full-time and the Maggies are out by 18 points. But as we've said before, 'super goals' can mean winning margins can be slashed in a heart-beat. Western Bulldogs 0.4.5 (29) Collingwood 1.6.2 (47)

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We're approaching the final couple of minutes of this match and Collingwood leads by 12 points. Doggies will start the NAB Cup with consecutive losses (doesn't that hurt, losing two matches in one night?). Fox Footy shows the Bombers warming up again for their second match of the night. They supposedly came under scrutiny for their preparation and recovery across four days before Anzac Day last year. What will they try and manage for a one-hour break between matches?!

Halfway through the second half and Dane Swan shows his sublime skill for Collingwood. The superstar darted away from the stoppage, lent back and drilled a big goal from just outside the arc. He puts the Magpies in front. Western Bulldogs 0.4.5 (29) Collingwood 1.4.2 (35)

HALF-TIME. No more scores before the interval. No stars on the possession count with Dahlhaus, Griffen and Liberatore three Bulldogs with six touches in the half.


GOAL! A third to the Magpies close to half-time in this tight contest. Brent Macaffer, a player returning from injury, snares his goal. Bulldogs stay in front by two points. Western Bulldogs 0.3.3 (21) Collingwood 0.3.1 (19)


GOAL! A second to Giansiracusa. Not without a bit of drama. The veteran Bulldog picked up a 50-metre penalty after the Collingwood trainer walked across the mark! It made for a straightforward shot on goal. Western Bulldogs 0.2.2 (14) Collingwood 0.2.0 (12)

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