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AFL Express: Sunday 3 August

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Scott Pendlebury chases Ollie Wines.
Scott Pendlebury chases Ollie Wines. Photo: Getty Images
AFL analysis

Hawthorn and Collingwood were the big winners from Sunday’s AFL action.

The Hawks’ huge 62-point win over the Bulldogs boosted their percentage enough to ensure they reclaimed top spot on the ladder.

Sydney and Geelong have been relegated to second and third spot respectively as a result.

That was Hawthorn’s 11th win on the trot at their home away from home in Launceston.

And the Magpies were all smiles too after they defeated Port Adelaide by a goal to re-enter the top eight.

Collingwood looked like they were on the skids last week as they lost to Adelaide and found themselves outside the top eight for the first time since Round 4.

But to the Magpies’ credit, they responded very well today to knock off a top-four aspirant in the Power.

And the result cuts both ways because Port Adelaide missed a chance to re-enter the top four after losing to Collingwood.

Ken Hinkley’s men have now lost five of their last seven matches and look a shadow of the side that stormed to the top of the ladder in Round 12 with a 10-1 win-loss record.

There’s no doubt that the Crows are the biggest losers of Round 19.

Their shock loss to West Coast on Saturday was compounded by wins to Gold Coast and Collingwood.

After starting the round in eighth spot, Adelaide are now 10th and are once again up against it to play finals footy this year.

Meanwhile, Etihad Stadium continues to be a graveyard for Melbourne.

Their 23-point loss to Brisbane today was their 19th in a row at the Docklands venue!


COLLINGWOOD     2.3, 6.6, 9.7, 11.10 (76)
PORT ADELAIDE    1.0, 5.7, 8.8, 10.10 (70)

Collingwood: Cloke 3, Broomhead 2, Sidebottom 2, Beams, Blair, Elliott, Dwyer
Port Adelaide: Hartlett 4, Schulz, Wingard, R.Gray, Boak, Monfries, Moore

Collingwood: Beams 32, Sidebottom 31, Adams 28, Pendlebury 27
Port Adelaide: O'Shea 28, Broadbent 27, Wines 25, Ebert 24


Q4 27 MIN, COLL 76 PA 70

Hombsch switches it to Broadbent who passes it to Wines.

Wines kicks it to Polec and he chips it to Moore.

From 40m out on a slight angle, Moore converts the set shot!

But there's only 4 seconds left in the match!

Q4 25 MIN, COLL 76 PA 64

Pittard and Westhoff combine to get it to Cornes whose chip kick to Schulz at centre-half forward is chopped off by Langdon. That will probably do it now for Collingwood

1:23 to go

Q4 24 MIN, COLL 76 PA 64

A chain of handballs involving Boak, O'shea, Lobbe and Boak ends up with Hartlett who centres it to the hot spot but Fasolo is the only one there and he marks in Port's forward line

2:15 to go

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AFL behind

Q4 23 MIN, COLL 76 PA 64

Lobbe knocks it to Robbie Gray from the ball up but the latter's snap shot from 30m out misses to the right

3:42 to go

Q4 22 MIN, COLL 76 PA 63

Ebert's long kick forward to Monfries is punched out of bounds by Keeffe 50m around from Port's goal

4:09 to go

AFL free kick

Q4 21 MIN, COLL 76 PA 63

Cloke takes O'Shea high on the wing

4:35 to go

AFL behind

Q4 20 MIN, COLL 76 PA 63

Schulz marks it 50m out from goal in a similar position to the last one but he fails to make the distance again and this time it's punched through for a rushed behind

5:34 to go

Q4 19 MIN, COLL 76 PA 62

Schulz is tackled by Frost without the ball and earns the free kick.

From 50m out on a 45-degree angle, the former Tiger's set shot falls JUST short and doesn't score!

6:12 to go

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Q4 18 MIN, COLL 76 PA 62

The ball has been in Collingwood's forward half 72% of the time this quarter

7:16 to go

AFL behind

Q4 18 MIN, COLL 76 PA 62

Broadbent rushes a behind

7:29 to go

Q4 16 MIN, COLL 75 PA 62

Collingwood are running all over Port in this final term, they are leading inside 50s 11-4 since three-quarter time

AFL behind

Q4 16 MIN, COLL 75 PA 62

Cloke takes a huge contested mark but from 30m out on a slight angle, his set shot just misses to the right

Q4 15 MIN, COLL 74 PA 62

Leading disposals: Beams 29, Sidebottom 27, Adams 26, Pendlebury 26, Wines 24

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AFL behind

Q4 14 MIN, COLL 74 PA 62

From 40m on a 45-degree, Elliott's set shot fades to the right

AFL free kick

Q4 13 MIN, COLL 73 PA 62

Wingard unceremoniously pushes Goldsack into Port Adelaide's behind post and gives away the free kick


Q4 12 MIN, COLL 73 PA 62

Williams handballs it to Lumumba who drills the ball forward, it clears Cloke's outstretched hands, Sidebottom swoops on the loose pill and slams home his second goal from a few metres out!

Q4 11 MIN, COLL 67 PA 62

Armstrong switches it to Williams who runs to the 50m line and boots it out on the full

AFL umpire

Q4 9 MIN, COLL 67 PA 62

Broadbent tackled Pendlebury without the ball 25m out from Collingwood's goal but the Magpies skipper wasn't paid the free kick!

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