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Live blog, St Kilda v Fremantle


Will Brodie

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Kangaroos have plenty of bounce

From the grounds of North Melbourne, Rohan Connolly lays down his tips for the upcoming fourth round of AFL.

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That's it for tonight's coverage. Hope you enjoyed a thriller from Etihad Stadium and return tomorrow afternoon for live coverage of the next games of round four.

Round four, St Kilda v Fremantle, Etihad Stadium.

FREMANTLE 3.2  6.3  11.6  14.8 (92)
ST KILDA 4.3  6.9  8.10  11.13 (79)
Goals: Fremantle: C Mayne 2 J Anthony 2 T Mzungu 2 Z Clarke 2 A Sandilands C Pearce G Broughton M De Boer M Pavlich R Crowley. St Kilda: J Koschitzke 3 S Gilbert 2 B McEvoy J Cripps N Dal Santo N Riewoldt R Stanley S Milne.
Best: Fremantle: Hill, Crowley, Sandilands, Broughton, Barlow, Mzungu St Kilda: Hayes, Koschitzke, Geary, Steven, Gilbert
Umpires: Matt Stevic, Jacob Mollison, Shane McInerney.
Official Crowd: 30,172 at Etihad Stadium.

Fremantle coach Ross Lyon after beating St.Kilda at Etihad Stadium.

Fremantle coach Ross Lyon after beating St.Kilda at Etihad Stadium. Photo: Sebastian Costanzo

FINAL SCORE St Kilda 11.13 (79) v Fremantle 14.8 (92)
Possessions: SK: Hayes 30, Goddard 27, Montagna 24. Fremantle: Barlow 30, Hill 28, Broughton 28. Clearances: SK 43, Freo 30. Inside-50s: SK: 56, Freo 44. Typical of Lyon-coached teams, Fremantle didn't need as much of the footy inside 50 to kick a winning score.

FINAL SCORE St Kilda 11.13 (79) v Fremantle 14.8 (92)
In an exhausting, dogged, hard-fought clash, individual standouts were rare, but lithe Doccker running machne Stephen Hill had a big second half, breaking the tag of Clinton Jones to end with 28 touches. One passage in particular stays in mind: a contested mark deep in defence, followed by a precise, risky kick into the corridor that turned desperate defence into a goal-scoring opportunity in the blink of an eye in the last term. 

 FINAL SCORE St Kilda 11.13 (79) v Fremantle 14.8 (92)
Ross Lyon doesn't feel his Dockers played that well, but they "competed fiercely" and outran the Saints late in the game. "To come to Melbourne and win on the big stage should give the group some confidence," he told Channel Seven. 

Justin Koschitzke was a fine target up front for the Saints.

Justin Koschitzke was a fine target up front for the Saints. Photo: Sebastian Costanzo

 FINAL SCORE St Kilda 11.13 (79) v Fremantle 14.8 (92)
Absolute exhaustion for all the players, and four points for the Dockers, who were marginally better for longer. They withstood a surge from the Saints at the start of the final term, but in such a tight match, the 14-point advantage they set up by three-quarter time proved invaluable. That five-goal to two term set up the win.

 Q4 0.30 St Kilda 11.13 (79) v Fremantle 14.8 (92)
Another fumble from Cripps as the Saints began their final chance at a goal, and the Dockers end up with a Barlow shot at goal. The resulting behind now doesn't matter. 

Q4 1.39 St Kilda 11.13 (79) v Fremantle 14.7 (91)
GOAL. FREO. Greg Broughton snaps truly on his left foot from 40 metres. That should do it.

St Kilda's Ben McEvoy battles with Fremantle's Aaron Sandilands.

St Kilda's Ben McEvoy battles with Fremantle's Aaron Sandilands. Photo: Sebastian Costanzo

 Q4 2.24 St Kilda 11.13 (79) v Fremantle 13.7 (85)
Agony for Saints fans - free kick and 50 metre penalty to arch enemy Dawson, thwarting a deep forward line push. 

 Q4 2.50 St Kilda 11.13 (79) v Fremantle 13.7 (85)
High drama as the Saints press deep forward. Fremantle very lucky to escape a couple of tackles close to goal, at least one of which involved a throw of the footy. 

 Q4 5.50 St Kilda 11.13 (79) v Fremantle 13.7 (85)
Montagna, a shadow of the player he was two years ago, kicks out on the full as the Saints try to launch an attack. 

Fremantle coach Ross Lyon watches St Kilda during the warm up.

Fremantle coach Ross Lyon watches St Kilda during the warm up. Photo: Sebastian Costanzo

 Q4 5.50 St Kilda 11.13 (79) v Fremantle 13.7 (85)
GOAL. SK. Free kick paid to Hayes just forward of centre. Milne takes  the opportunity to play on and snap high from 45 metres, and it drifts through. 

 Q4 6.20 St Kilda 10.13 (73) v Fremantle 13.7 (85)
Saints in attack, and need a goal very soon in a low-scoring match.

 Q4 7.17 St Kilda 10.13 (73) v Fremantle 13.7 (85)
GOAL FREO. Mzungu finishes on the run from an angle 35 metres out after a Stephen Hill initiated rebound from deep in the opposite back pocket. The Dockers have weathered the St Kilda onslaught and are finding space with their use of the corridor and switches of play. 

Fremantle coach Ross Lyon after beating St.Kilda. Photo by Sebastian Costanzo Click for more photos

AFL St Kilda v Fremantle

A selection of highlights from the St Kilda v Fremantle game at the Ethiad Stadium on the 20th of April. Fremantle won the match with former Saints coach Ross Lyon having the last laugh over his old side. 

 Q4 9.31 St Kilda 10.13 (73) v Fremantle 12.7 (79)
One clear reason Freo is back firing: Sandilands is back in the ruck. He wins the clearance from deep in defence to start a counter-attack. The crowd tonight? 30,172, about 4,000 more than last year for this fixture. 

 Q4 9.31 St Kilda 10.13 (73) v Fremantle 12.7 (79)
Milne's poor kick forward is turned over, but Anthony misses a simple set shot. Players are very tired, it is little wonder the subs had immediate impact. 

 Q4 10.30 St Kilda 10.13 (73) v Fremantle 12.6 (78)
The effort is there from all concerned - it could be a moment of pattern-breaking brilliance that wins this game. 

 Q4 11.30 St Kilda 10.13 (73) v Fremantle 12.6 (78)
GOAL. FREO. Crucial blocking free kick in corrdior after kickout paid to de Boer, who has open field in front of him, and he finds Pearce, 40 metres out. Clancee boots a major with the first inside-50 of the quarter for Fremantle. 

 Q4 13.20 St Kilda 10.12 (72) v Fremantle 11.6 (72)
Milera rolls through a behind. All St Kilda since the start of the quarter, their passion overwhelming the Dockers, who have hardly gone inside 50. Early on, it seemed this game's destiny to be a clifffhanger, but the Dockers should have a thrust in them when the Saints take breath. 

 Q4 14.10 St Kilda 10.11 (71) v Fremantle 11.6 (72)
GOAL. SK. Cripps converts a rebounding attack with a snap from just ooutside the goal square. Crowd involved now. 

 Q4 14.40 St Kilda 9.11 (65) v Fremantle 11.6 (72)
GOAL. SK. Finally, St Kilda gets reward for effort, with a free kick and a 50-metre penalty paid to Stanley, who puts it through from the square. 

 Q4 15.15 St Kilda 8.11 (59) v Fremantle 11.6 (72)
Saints striving for the first goal, holding the ball in their half. Koschitzke unlucky not to get a free in a couple of marking contests. Milera from 50... can't make the distance. 

 Q4 17.10 St Kilda 8.11 (59) v Fremantle 11.6 (72)
Oh my. Koschitzke takes another great contested mark 20 metres out... but he plays on! And handballs to Cripps, who gets tackled. That play goes from a sure goal to a nothing in one bad snap of a synapse. How many chances will they get? They can't affford to burn many more.

 Q4 19.13 St Kilda 8.11 (59) v Fremantle 11.6 (72)
Cripps, on as sub for Newnes, butchers a golden opportunity 15 metres out on the run. If that was a goal, it was just the start St Kilda needed. 

 THREE QUARTER TIME  St Kilda 8.10 (58) v Fremantle 11.6 (72)
Sandilands takes a contested mark in front of the pack 52 metres out a second before the siren. His high kick drops two metres short. If that went through, it was curtains for the Saints, you feel. It still might be. Five goals to two that term for the purple men. The Saints need to change the pattern of the game quickly.

 Q3 3.20:  St Kilda 8.10 (58) v Fremantle 11.6 (72)
GOAL. FREO. Superb solo goal from the previously quiet Clarke, who breaks a tackle and kicks truly from 57 metres. That one hurts the Saints, it's the biggest margin of the match for the Dockers. 

 Q3 3.20:  St Kilda 8.10 (58) v Fremantle 10.6 (66)
A couple of centre clearances from fremantle have put the saints under a extreme pressure in defence. Geary and Gilbert meet the challenge to keep the Dockers within striking distance. 

 Q3 3.44:  St Kilda 8.10 (58) v Fremantle 10.6 (66)
GOAL. FREO. Blake's silly puish in the back while shepherding for Geary leads to a turnover and Ballantyne finding de Boer straight in front. 

 Q3 5.07:  St Kilda 8.10 (58) v Fremantle 9.6 (60)
GOAL. FREO. Anthony outmarks Tom Simpkin in a one-on-one 30 metres out, then converts with a straight drop punt. Mad Jack showing some signs of life in the Dockers forward line, just what they needed after they looked to lack options up there in the first half.

 Q3 6.19:  St Kilda 8.10 (58) v Fremantle 8.6 (54)
GOAL. SK. Big mark and goal from close range to Koschitzke, who has played a more than handy game since fresh-airing a marking attempt in the first term. 

 Q3 7.10:  St Kilda 7.10 (52) v Fremantle 8.6 (54)
De Boer and Pavlich just miss half-chances. Geary saves the Saints with a one-grab mark in the teeth of goals. Dockers pushing hard at the moment, and getting a boost from early subbing in of Neale, who has already had the ball three times. 

 Q3 9.04:  St Kilda 7.10 (52) v Fremantle 8.5 (53)
SUBSTITUTE: Fremantle: Lachie Neale on for Nick Suban (3 disposals).

Q3 10.00:  St Kilda 7.10 (52) v Fremantle 8.4 (52)
Pressure from Kosi, a good kick from Dal Santo, and Goddard marks 35 out. The crowd wants 50 for a late tackle as Milne is running into an open goal, but Goddard has to have the shot, and he misses. 

Q3 11.00:  St Kilda 7.9 (51) v Fremantle 8.4 (52)
Freo burns a golden opportunity with an open forward line, failing to kick to the lead of Ballantyne. 

 Q3 12.00:  St Kilda 7.9 (51) v Fremantle 8.3 (51)
The Saints are winning contested footy and clearances and playing the boundary line. Dockers are counter-attacking through the corridor. 

 Q3 13.50:  St Kilda 7.9 (51) v Fremantle 8.3 (51)
GOAL. SK. Straight from the centre clearance, its Riewoldt on the lead, then Koschitzke close to goal in a contest. Kosi converts on the angle from 25 metres. This game is not ready to break open yet. 

 Q3 14.50:  St Kilda 6.9 (45) v Fremantle 8.3 (51)
A brilliant pass from Stephen Hill pinpoints Jack Anthony between two Saints defenders.The sharpshooter converts from 35 metres and Freo takes the lead, to the chorus of 'ole'-style singing from a handful of fans behind their goals. 

 Q3 17.00:  St Kilda 6.9 (45) v Fremantle 7.3 (45)
GOAL. FREO. Pavlich converts from 45 metres on a set shot after the Dockers went through the corridor on their latest rebound from defence. The tempo is more staid at the start of the second half.

 Q3 18.53:  St Kilda 6.9 (45) v Fremantle 6.3 (39)
K in the outer says the booing of ex-Saints coach Ross Lyon has been "surprisingly mild" and there has been more booing for ex-Saint backman Zac Dawson. 

Q3 St Kilda 6.9 (45) v Fremantle 6.3 (39)
Lyon did not let Sam Fisher run around on his own for too long - Chris Mayne has been watching him closely as a defensive forward. Fisher (12 touches) got free early for a goal, but Mayne (six touches) has two for the Dockers. 

HALF-TIME St Kilda 6.9 (45) v Fremantle 6.3 (39)
K, our Saints fan in the outer, has strapped himself in for a close finish: "Think this could be a tough one." 

 HALF-TIME St Kilda 6.9 (45) v Fremantle 6.3 (39)
Contested possessions: SK: 102. Freo: 82. Tackles: SK: 24, Freo 28. Clearances SK 19, Freo 14. Inside-50s: SK 27, Freo 23.

HALF-TIME St Kilda 6.9 (45) v Fremantle 6.3 (39)
An engrossing, if not exciting first half, with both teams playing a loose man in defence and hoping for pressure to provide opportunities, rather than really taking on the game to create them. There has been a lot of gut-running and few stoppages, so the fittest team will have a huge advantage. Efficiency in converting opportunities should prove crucial in what shapes as a close match for a lot longer.  

 HALF-TIME St Kilda 6.9 (45) v Fremantle 6.3 (39)
Ruckmen: Ben McEvoy 10 disposals, four marks, two clearances, one goal. Aaron Sandilands 12 disposals, four marks, two clearances, one goal. 

HALF-TIME St Kilda 6.9 (45) v Fremantle 6.3 (39)
Possessions: SK: Hayes 16, Goddard, Jones 15, Steven 14. Freo: Barlow 16, Broughton 14, pearce 13, Johnson, Sandilands 12. 

 HALF-TIME St Kilda 6.9 (45) v Fremantle 6.3 (39)
GOAL. SK. Stevens' brilliant centreing passs from the boundary finds Koschitzke directly in front, and he nails the set shot from 40 metres after the siren. 

Q2 1.25: St Kilda 5.9 (39) v Fremantle 6.3 (39)
GOAL. FREO. Mayne gets on the end of a long chain of handballs as Freo rebounds from a Saints behind, a set shot from a tight angle, just missed by Nick Riewoldt. That had been a rebound of a Freo forward thrust... 

 Q2 5.05 St Kilda 5.7 (37) v Fremantle 5.3 (33)
GOAL. SK. The Saints resist a concerted Dockers  thrust at centre-half back, and a burst of pace from Stanley on the wing leaves Gilbert able to lead into space in an empty forward line. He converts from 40 for his second goal. St Kilda held on well there under pressure to rebound for their first goal of the quarter. 

Q2 6.35 St Kilda 4.7 (31) v Fremantle 5.3 (33)
Pavlich plays on after a mark six metres from goal, and muffs a golden opportunity for a goal with an errant centreing pass. 

 Q2 8.15 St Kilda 4.7 (31) v Fremantle 5.3 (33)
GOAL. FREO. Mzungu is the benficiary of a superb pass out the back of the zone from Pavlich, and he waltzes into an open goal. The Dockers are right in this match, and they have strangled the Saints (four behinds only this term). 

 Q2 9.00: St Kilda 4.7 (31) v Fremantle 4.3 (27)
Ballantyne: five possessions, three tackles. Milne four touches, one behind. The crowd is right into Ballantyne every time he gets near the footy. He wanted infamy, and he has achieved it. 

 Q2 12.35: St Kilda 4.7 (31) v Fremantle 4.3 (27)
Cheap shot from the volatile Dawson gives Milne a free kick 30 out on an angle, but he fails to curl it through. The villain has made about four terrible errors tonight - that was an unnecessary forearm to the head which the umpire had to pay against him. That said, his hit landed with the impact of a feather duster on a blancmange - Milne made it look like grievous bodily harm. 

 Q2 14.50  St Kilda 4. 6 (30) v Fremantle 4.3 (27)
Clearances: SK 14, Freo 9. Inside 50s: SK 18, Freo 14. 

 Q2 14.50  St Kilda 4. 5 (29) v Fremantle 4.3 (27)
GOAL. FREO. Sandilands drifts forward and is too tall for Blake. A lovely conversion fron 40 metres. Pavlich had missed a set shot from 55 just before that. Play is as much side to side as end to end because of the loose men in defence at both ends. 

 Q2 17.41 St Kilda 4. 4 (28) v Fremantle 3.2 (20)
Exciting mark to Stanley 50 out. But he's on the boundary and can't bring it back for a goal. The athletic perennial tall forward prospect took that one at its highest point, stretching high and back.

QUARTER-TIME St Kilda 4. 3 (27) v Fremantle 3.2 (20)
The Saints have been marginally better at the stoppages, both in winning the ball (they have 8 more contested possessions) and spreading to set up attacks. However, there is little between the teams so far, and the Dockers finished the quarter strongly. Stamina will be a factor, there has been a lot of running as both teams switch the ball trying to prise open zone defences. 

 QUARTER-TIME St Kilda 4. 3 (27) v Fremantle 3.2 (20)
Hearty boos for former Saints coach Ross Lyon as he skips down the aisle through fans to the playing surface. Etihad Stadium's poor design means coaches have to be shepherded right through the outer, surrounded by a tense phalanx of security guards. Plenty of noise and hand gesturing from the Saints fans, but nothing too nasty. 

QUARTER-TIME St Kilda 4. 3 (27) v Fremantle 3.2 (20)
Possessions: SK: Geary 9, Jones, Goddard 8, Steven, Hayes 7. Freo: Johnson, Crowley, Pearce 8. 

Q1 0.49: St Kilda 4. 3 (27) v Fremantle 3.2 (20)
GOAL SK. Gilbert takes advantage of another Dawson miskick and kicks truly from 45 metres. Boos turned to cheers then, Dawson is the villain for both sets off fans at the moment. 

Q1 2.11: St Kilda 3. 3 (21) v Fremantle 3.2 (20)
St Kilda defends gamely to hold Freo out, with Fisher working from behind Anthony to rush a behind. Kosi fumbles a mark afetr a huge leap. 

 Q1 3.55: St Kilda 3. 3 (21) v Fremantle 3.1 (19)
A free kick is paid against St Kilda's Dean Polo before the centre bounce, but Mzungu's kick from 50 slides across the face of goals. 

 Q1 3.55: St Kilda 3. 3 (21) v Fremantle 3.0 (18)
GOAL. FREO. Centre clearance marked by Chris Mayne 30 metres out directly in front. 

 Q1 4.49: St Kilda 3. 3 (21) v Fremantle 2.0 (12)
GOAL. SK. Riewoldt takes a vintage leading mark, arriving in irresistibel fashion just as the ball arrived. Good counter-attack again from St KIlda, whose forward line looks more effective early. 

 Q1 6.27: St Kilda 2. 3 (15) v Fremantle 2.0 (12)
Freo having some good minutes now, levelling up the inside-50 count, but the Saints defence is holding firm, with Geary, Fisher and Simpkin featuring. It's a free-flowing game despite the loose men in defence at both ends, with swift ball movement and few packs. 

 Q1 8.58:    St Kilda 2. 2 (14) v Fremantle 2.0 (12)
GOAL. FREO. Ryan Crowley pushes forward off Nick Dal Santo for a skidding major against the run of play. 

Q1 10.36: St Kilda 2. 2 (14) v Fremantle 1.0 (6)
A classsic Justin Koschitzke moment, as he oputbodies his opponent 15 metres out, but forgets to put his hands up to marks the footy, and it bounces off his torso. All St Kilda at the moment.

 Q1 11.52: St Kilda 2. 2 (14) v Fremantle 1.0 (6)
GOAL SK. Lyon mans up Fisher, leaving Blake as the loose man, and an efficient counter-attack by the Saints is finished off by a neat set shot from Nick Dal Santo, from 35 metres out. 

Q1 13.02: St Kilda 1. 2 (8) v Fremantle 1.0 (6)
Something of a surprise to see Lyon allowing Sam Fisher to operate as St Kilda's loose man in defence.  

 Q1 13.42: St Kilda 1. 2 (8) v Fremantle 1.0 (6)
GOAL SK. Miskick deep in defence from Barlow gifts McEvoy a goal. Saints big man beating Sandilands early, having an influence around the ground. 

Q1 14.22: St Kilda 0. 2 (2) v Fremantle 1.0 (6)
Saints work through Freo's loose man back defensive set-up but Fisher hits the post from the pocket on the run.

Q1 16.13: St Kilda 0. 1 (1) v Fremantle 1.0 (6)
GOAL. FREO. Freo counter-attack ends with Zac Clarke in the goal square, and he snaps it five metres for the major. St Kilda has done most of the attacking, to little effect. The Dockers are sharing the ball - they have 11 marks to four.

Q1 18.26: First Sam Gilbert miskick goes out on the full, leading to first boo of ex-Saint Zac Dawson, whose first miskick is marked by Pearce. Dawson seems to be getting booed by virtue of being asssociated with defected coach Ross Lyon. But Hayden Ballantyne, who has never offended St Kilda to my knowledge, also gets hooted. The Saints fans have come to BOOOOO!!!.

7.51pm: First (20 metre) hit-out from The Beach (Aaron Sandilands), but the Saints go forward.

7.49pm: Huddles have huddled, Milne has said hello to his adoring cheer squad behind the goals, there's some push and shove in various parts of the ground... that baleful Etihad Stadium siren has blared, and we're away.

7.48pm: A sign that Molly Meldrum truly is recovering from his terrible head injuries - the mad Sainter is at the game, looking happily ensconsed in a superbox.

7.41pm: The best crowd at this venue for a Saints v Dockers game was 35,329 in 2004. Last year, when both teams were on the fringes of the eight, 26,181 watched an entertaining clash in which St Kilda pulled away in the final quarter. Very interesting to see if fans are motivated to turn out for this one because of the Lyon factor.

7.39pm: Nat Fyfe, out of the match with a shoulder injury, says he was pretty close to playing and the advice is that he should be able to play next week.

7.34pm: A relaxed Dockers coach Ross Lyon, the focus of this encounter, tells Channel Seven's Leigh Matthews that he will "brave the reception" he will get from Saints fans. "I've got a leadership position... you've just got to front up," Lyon said, smiling.  

Lyon admitted his team hadn't been gaining the advantage it should have from Aaron Sandilands' domination in ruck contests, saying his team would have "five or six working for one" tonight in order to gain clear centre clearances. Remarkably, he also told the footy world that Nick Dal Santo would be the first focus of tagger Ryan Crowley. There are no secrets in footy, but coaches usually like to pretend to keep a few anyway, that's a refreshing statement from Lyon. He say Dal Santo's excellent ball use "centre forward" made him the man the Dockers most need to curb.

7.28pm: Hawks coach Alastair Clarkson is confident his ruck duo of David Hale and Jarryd Roughead can match West Coast's Dean Cox and Nick Naitanui in their Saturday night blockbuster at Patersons Stadium. The Hawks did beat the Eagles in their last match-up (in Tassie) despite Cox recording 36 hit-outs to then-Hawk ruck Brent Renouf's 15.

7.24pm: Some other news from the AFL world this afternoon: Gold Coast are accusing Brisbane of mind games ahead of their third 'Q-Clash' Derby on Saturday night. What are they going to say? "We're bigger and stronger than you?" Are they bigger and stronger than the Suns?
Here's some real mind games - Suns coach Guy McKenna saying he thinks there is a way to make Gary-42-possessions-a-week-Ablett more dangerous.

7.04pm: No change to the St Kilda line-up. Jamie Cripps is their sub.

6.42pm: Attention punters: Sydney star ruckman Shane Mumford is out of the match against North Melbourne due to a back injury. He joins the suspended Adam Goodes on the sidelines. Updated teams for Sunday games: click here.

6.30pm:  Fremantle's Nathan Fyfe is out of tonight's game against St Kilda, replaced by Jack Anthony. Lachie Neale will be Fremantle's sub. Fyfe suffered what appeared a serious shoulder injury last week. There was discussion of the brilliant midfielder playing on with the complaint, but his non-appearance tonight might mean he will undertake season-ending surgery.

Ross Lyon coaches against St Kilda for the first time since his sensational departure last September, with a heated response from many Saints fans expected.

The Dockers are at full strength, though star on-ballers Michael Barlow and David Mundy are still working up to peak fitness, and brilliant midfielder Nathan Fyfe must be in doubt to play because of his damaged shoulder. The Saints were imposing last week in holding the Western Bulldogs to five goals, but their form is hard to assess - their two wins have come against struggling outfits expected to finish in the bottom rungs of the ladder. Freo's round one win over Geelong was exemplary, but their perennial flakiness was in evidence a week later on the road against Sydney. A listless first half left the Dockers too far behind the Swans to have a meaningful winning chance. Fremantle were always in control of their dour arm-wrestle with Brisbane at home last week, but they struggled to pierce an ultra-defensive Lions flood. Questions remain about Freo's scoring ability, but the return of Hayden Ballantyne gives them a sharper edge.

The fear is that this game could be a low-scoring grind, but even if it is not chock-full of goals, this match should be hard-fought and engrossing. There is a sense of occasion surrounding this encounter, which may draw a few extra patrons into Etihad Stadium.

The sideshow surrounding Ross Lyon will provide a few aggrieved Saints fans the opportunity to vent their spleen, but the on-field action between two finals contenders should soon over-ride any theatrcis in the outer.

Given the change of coach at both clubs, and the lessening of their injury lists, previous results may not provide much insight into this clash. But for the record: In round 20 at this venue last season, the game was a thriller until the last quarter, when the Saints booted six goals to none to win by 41 points. St Kilda was then making its belated run at the finals after a poor start to 2011. Fremantle was struggling to field a fit team after a disastrous run with injuries.

In round ten at Subiaco, the out-of-form Saints turned back the clock, and began to turn their season around,  with a vintage shut-down of the Dockers, holding them to one first-half goal on the way to a crushing 46-point upset.



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      Fri, 17 AprTimes shown AEST
      COL 140vs STK 66 Stats
      Sat, 18 AprTimes shown AEST
      CAR 84vs ESS 105 Stats
      ADE 80vs MEL 55 Stats
      SYD 111vs GWS 90 Report Stats
      NTH 105vs PTA 113 Stats
      BRI 58vs RIC 137 Stats
      Sun, 19 AprTimes shown AEST
      HAW 127vs WBU 57 Stats
      GEE 105vs GCF 96 Stats
      WCE 81vs FRE 111 Stats
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      Round 4
      Fri, 24 AprTimes shown AEST
      RIC 51vs MEL 83 Stats
      Sat, 25 AprTimes shown AEST
      STK 81vs CAR 121 Report Report Stats
      ESS 49vs COL 69 Report Stats
      GWS 119vs GCF 53 Stats
      PTA 99vs HAW 91 Stats
      FRE 74vs SYD 60 Stats
      Sun, 26 AprTimes shown AEST
      BRI 65vs WCE 118 Stats
      GEE 67vs NTH 83 Stats
      WBU 125vs ADE 68 Stats
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      Round 5
      Fri, 01 MayTimes shown AEST
      CAR 45vs COL 120 Stats
      Sat, 02 MayTimes shown AEST
      RIC 76vs GEE 85 Stats
      SYD 73vs WBU 77 Stats
      GCF 118vs BRI 54 Stats
      NTH 70vs HAW 130 Stats
      WCE 120vs GWS 33 Stats
      Sun, 03 MayTimes shown AEST
      MEL 50vs FRE 118 Stats
      STK 80vs ESS 82 Stats
      ADE 91vs PTA 115 Stats
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      Round 6
      Fri, 08 MayTimes shown AEST
      COL 59vs GEE 100 Stats
      Sat, 09 MayTimes shown AEST
      NTH 109vs RIC 74 Stats
      WBU 87vs STK 94 Stats
      GWS 108vs HAW 98 Stats
      GCF 78vs ADE 119 Stats
      MEL 50vs SYD 88 Stats
      FRE 80vs ESS 52 Stats
      Sun, 10 MayTimes shown AEST
      CAR 75vs BRI 84 Report Stats
      PTA 68vs WCE 78 Stats
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      Round 7
      Fri, 15 MayTimes shown AEST
      ESS 82vs NTH 93 Stats
      Sat, 16 MayTimes shown AEST
      ADE 119vs STK 73 Stats
      HAW 155vs MEL 50 Stats
      CAR 57vs GWS 135 Stats
      SYD 120vs GEE 77 Stats
      WCE 135vs GCF 43 Stats
      Sun, 17 MayTimes shown AEST
      WBU 88vs FRE 101 Stats
      RIC 105vs COL 100 Report Stats
      BRI 102vs PTA 65 Report Stats
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      Round 8
      Fri, 22 MayTimes shown AEST
      GEE 140vs CAR 63 Report Stats
      Sat, 23 MayTimes shown AEST
      STK 78vs WCE 131 Report Stats
      GWS 108vs ADE 84 Report Stats
      GCF 63vs COL 132 Report Stats
      HAW 69vs SYD 73 Report Stats
      FRE 115vs NTH 42 Report Stats
      Sun, 24 MayTimes shown AEST
      ESS 136vs BRI 78 Report Stats
      MEL 103vs WBU 64 Report Stats
      PTA 43vs RIC 76 Report Stats
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      Round 9
      Fri, 29 MayTimes shown AEST
      SYD 122vs CAR 62 Report Stats
      Sat, 30 MayTimes shown AEST
      HAW 93vs GCF 40 Report Stats
      MEL 54vs PTA 115 Report Stats
      WBU 113vs GWS 68 Report Stats
      RIC 72vs ESS 59 Report Stats
      ADE 57vs FRE 68 Report Stats
      Sun, 31 MayTimes shown AEST
      BRI 86vs STK 108 Report Stats
      COL 112vs NTH 95 Report Stats
      WCE 120vs GEE 64 Report Stats
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      Round 10
      Fri, 05 JunTimes shown AEST
      FRE 70vs RIC 97 Report Stats
      Sat, 06 JunTimes shown AEST
      CAR 90vs ADE 99 Report Stats
      GCF 41vs SYD 93 Report Stats
      ESS 53vs GEE 122 Report Stats
      PTA 100vs WBU 62 Report Stats
      Sun, 07 JunTimes shown AEST
      GWS 97vs BRI 67 Report Stats
      NTH 85vs WCE 75 Report Stats
      STK 69vs HAW 132 Report Stats
      Mon, 08 JunTimes shown AEST
      MEL 85vs COL 110 Report Stats
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      Round 11
      Fri, 12 JunTimes shown AEST
      PTA 69vs GEE 92 Report Stats
      Sat, 13 JunTimes shown AEST
      GCF 46vs FRE 53 Report Stats
      WCE 96vs ESS 46 Report Stats
      NTH 75vs SYD 91 Report Report Stats
      Sun, 14 JunTimes shown AEST
      COL 119vs GWS 77 Report Stats
      STK 85vs MEL 83 Report Stats
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      Round 12
      Thu, 18 JunTimes shown AEST
      ADE 85vs HAW 114 Report Stats
      Fri, 19 JunTimes shown AEST
      RIC 70vs WCE 90 Report Stats
      Sat, 20 JunTimes shown AEST
      CAR 110vs PTA 106 Report Stats
      GWS 61vs NTH 117 Report Stats
      WBU 146vs BRI 74 Report Stats
      Sun, 21 JunTimes shown AEST
      GEE 89vs MEL 113 Report Stats
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      Round 13
      Thu, 25 JunTimes shown AEST
      FRE 80vs COL 73 Report Stats
      Fri, 26 JunTimes shown AEST
      SYD 77vs RIC 95 Report Stats
      Sat, 27 JunTimes shown AEST
      HAW 114vs ESS 76 Report Stats
      BRI 69vs ADE 82 Report Stats
      STK 56vs WBU 62 Report Stats
      Sun, 28 JunTimes shown AEST
      CAR 103vs GCF 69 Report Stats
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      Round 14
      Thu, 02 JulTimes shown AEST
      SYD 94vs PTA 84 Report Stats
      Fri, 03 JulTimes shown AEST
      COL 91vs HAW 101 Report Stats
      Sat, 04 JulTimes shown AEST
      RIC 78vs GWS 69 Report Stats
      GCF 125vs NTH 70 Report Stats
      WBU 64vs CAR 53 Report Stats
      MEL 60vs WCE 114 Report Stats
      Sun, 05 JulTimes shown AEST
      ESS 52vs STK 162 Stats
      ADE vs GEE 15:20Adelaide Oval
      FRE 84vs BRI 48 Report Stats
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      Round 15
      Thu, 09 JulTimes shown AEST
      PTA 66vs COL 63 Report Stats
      Fri, 10 JulTimes shown AEST
      RIC 71vs CAR 41 Report Stats
      Sat, 11 JulTimes shown AEST
      ESS 69vs MEL 60 Report Stats
      WBU 95vs GCF 73 Report Stats
      NTH 120vs GEE 79 Report Stats
      WCE 147vs ADE 91 Report Stats
      Sun, 12 JulTimes shown AEST
      GWS 84vs STK 49 Report Stats
      HAW 115vs FRE 43 Report Stats
      BRI 49vs SYD 70 Report Stats
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      Round 16
      Fri, 17 JulTimes shown AEST
      NTH 93vs ESS 68 Report Stats
      Sat, 18 JulTimes shown AEST
      GEE 72vs WBU 64 Report Stats
      GCF 79vs GWS 94 Report Stats
      COL 56vs WCE 87 Report Stats
      SYD 57vs HAW 146 Report Stats
      FRE 95vs CAR 53 Report Stats
      Sun, 19 JulTimes shown AEST
      MEL 60vs BRI 36 Report Stats
      PTA 113vs ADE 116 Report Stats
      STK 73vs RIC 89 Report Stats
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      Round 17
      Fri, 24 JulTimes shown AEST
      CAR 35vs HAW 173 Report Stats
      Sat, 25 JulTimes shown AEST
      GWS 42vs GEE 69 Stats
      ADE 125vs GCF 80 Stats
      RIC 78vs FRE 82 Stats
      ESS 116vs PTA 129 Stats
      BRI 38vs NTH 110 Report Stats
      Sun, 26 JulTimes shown AEST
      WBU 104vs COL 86 Report Stats
      MEL 46vs STK 83 Report Stats
      WCE 103vs SYD 51 Report Stats
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      Round 18
      Fri, 31 JulTimes shown AEST
      HAW 53vs RIC 71 Report Stats
      Sat, 01 AugTimes shown AEST
      GEE 113vs BRI 57 Stats
      COL 54vs MEL 91 Report Stats
      SYD 117vs ADE 65 Report Stats
      CAR 54vs NTH 118 Report Stats
      GCF 83vs WCE 83 Report Stats
      Sun, 02 AugTimes shown AEST
      PTA 112vs STK 49 Report Stats
      ESS 40vs WBU 127 Report Stats
      FRE 84vs GWS 63 Report Stats
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      Round 19
      Fri, 07 AugTimes shown AEST
      ADE 88vs RIC 52 Report Stats
      Sat, 08 AugTimes shown AEST
      COL 105vs CAR 87 Report Stats
      WBU 128vs PTA 64 Report Stats
      BRI 100vs GCF 114 Report Stats
      GEE 95vs SYD 63 Report Stats
      WCE 74vs HAW 88 Report Stats
      Sun, 09 AugTimes shown AEST
      MEL 92vs NTH 127 Report Stats
      GWS 93vs ESS 61 Report Stats
      STK 59vs FRE 96 Report Stats
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      Round 20
      Fri, 14 AugTimes shown AEST
      SYD 87vs COL 76 Report Stats
      Sat, 15 AugTimes shown AEST
      ESS 59vs ADE 171 Report Stats
      NTH 120vs STK 83 Report Stats
      PTA 111vs GWS 90 Report Stats
      GEE 85vs HAW 121 Report Stats
      BRI 131vs CAR 67 Report Stats
      Sun, 16 AugTimes shown AEST
      RIC 138vs GCF 55 Report Stats
      WBU 153vs MEL 55 Report Stats
      FRE 80vs WCE 104 Report Stats
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      Round 21
      Fri, 21 AugTimes shown AEST
      HAW 86vs PTA 108 Report Stats
      Sat, 22 AugTimes shown AEST
      COL 56vs RIC 147 Report Stats
      GWS 44vs SYD 133 Report Stats
      GCF 97vs ESS 95 Report Stats
      STK 97vs GEE 97 Report Stats
      ADE 131vs BRI 44 Report Stats
      Sun, 23 AugTimes shown AEST
      NTH 94vs FRE 83 Report Stats
      CAR 78vs MEL 55 Report Stats
      WCE 162vs WBU 85 Report Stats
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      Round 22
      Fri, 28 AugTimes shown AEST
      GEE 62vs COL 110 Report Stats
      Sat, 29 AugTimes shown AEST
      GWS 132vs CAR 51 Report Stats
      HAW 134vs BRI 62 Report Stats
      NTH 73vs WBU 96 Report Stats
      ESS 47vs RIC 74 Report Stats
      GCF 51vs PTA 88 Report Stats
      Sun, 30 AugTimes shown AEST
      ADE 126vs WCE 69 Report Stats
      STK 38vs SYD 135 Report Stats
      FRE 108vs MEL 54 Report Stats
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      Round 23
      Fri, 04 SepTimes shown AEST
      RIC 108vs NTH 67 Report Stats
      Sat, 05 SepTimes shown AEST
      GEE 119vs ADE 80 Report Stats
      BRI 130vs WBU 122 Report Stats
      PTA 122vs FRE 53 Report Stats
      HAW 113vs CAR 56 Report Stats
      SYD 127vs GCF 64 Report Stats
      WCE 125vs STK 30 Report Stats
      Sun, 06 SepTimes shown AEST
      MEL 103vs GWS 77 Report Stats
      COL 92vs ESS 95 Report Stats
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      Round 24
      Fri, 11 SepTimes shown AEST
      WCE 96vs HAW 64 Report Stats
      Sat, 12 SepTimes shown AEST
      FRE 69vs SYD 60 Report Stats
      WBU 102vs ADE 109 Report Stats
      Sun, 13 SepTimes shown AEST
      RIC 88vs NTH 105 Report Stats
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      Round 25
      Fri, 18 SepTimes shown AEST
      HAW 135vs ADE 61 Report Stats
      Sat, 19 SepTimes shown AEST
      SYD 51vs NTH 77 Report Report Stats
      View All Fixtures
      Round 26
      Fri, 25 SepTimes shown AEST
      FRE 67vs HAW 94 Report Stats
      Sat, 26 SepTimes shown AEST
      WCE 80vs NTH 55 Report Stats
      View All Fixtures
      Round 27
      Sat, 03 OctTimes shown AEST
      HAW 107vs WCE 61 Report Stats
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      AFL 2015
      Overall standings
      Team P W L D % Pts
      Fremantle 22 17 5 0 118.73 68
      West Coast Eagles 22 16 5 1 148.22 66
      Hawthorn 22 16 6 0 158.40 64
      Sydney Swans 22 16 6 0 127.12 64
      Richmond 22 15 7 0 123.09 60
      Western Bulldogs 22 14 8 0 115.12 56
      Adelaide Crows 21 13 8 0 115.71 54
      North Melbourne 22 13 9 0 106.45 52
      View all

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