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Live AFL coverage, Saturday June 2


Will Brodie

Typical: Hayden Ballantyne acts up.

Typical: Hayden Ballantyne acts up. Photo: Getty Images

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Lance Franklin booted 13 goals for the Hawks against North Melbourne.

Lance Franklin booted 13 goals for the Hawks against North Melbourne. Photo: Getty Images

The cavalry is on its way for Greater Western Sydney key forward Jeremy Cameron. AAP reports that Giants coach Kevin Sheedy expects No.1 draft pick Jonathon Patton to finally make his AFL debut in their next match - the round-12 home game against Richmond.

ADELAIDE 5.2  10.5  12.6  17.9 (111)
FREMANTLE 3.3  6.6  10.9  12.10 (82)
Goals: Adelaide: T Walker 4 M Wright 3 R Sloane 3 I Callinan 2 G Johncock J Jenkins J Petrenko J Porplyzia P Dangerfield. Fremantle: M Pavlich 3 C Mayne 2 M Barlow 2 R Crowley 2 D Mundy H Ballantyne S Hill.
Best: Adelaide: P Dangerfield R Sloane M Wright T Walker J Petrenko. Fremantle: R Crowley M Johnson L McPharlin G Ibbotson D Mundy.
Official Crowd: 31,392 at Subiaco.

FINAL SCORE Fremantle 12.10 (82) v Adelaide 17.9 (111)
Possessions: Adel: Sloane 33; Dangerfield 32; van Berlo 24. Freo: Barlow 26; de Boer 25; Broughton 24.

Scott Thompson leads the Crow midfield pack.

Scott Thompson leads the Crow midfield pack. Photo: Getty Images

FINAL SCORE Fremantle 12.10 (82) v Adelaide 17.9 (111)
Impressive win for the Crows, who were headed early in the last quarter after squandering a 36 point lead. They showed great resilience to re-establish a strong margin, their midfield running right over the top of the Dockers. The highlight of their play is the way they link by hand from contested congestion to free up teammates further afield. The Dockers gave this game all they had, but their inefficiency drains their enrgy. Quite simply, they need more scoreboard reward for their ball-winning efforts. Adelaide is now 8-2; Fremantle 5-5.

Q4 5.43 Fremantle 12.9 (81) v Adelaide 17.9 (111)
Tippett takes a contested mark on the wing. His kick inside 50. Taylor takes a contested mark from the Tippett kick inside 50. His kick from a 45 degree angle, 45 metres out, is superb. The Dockers clearly spent their petrol getting back from 36 points down - they have again been over-run in this final term.

Q4 5.43 Fremantle 12.9 (81) v Adelaide 16.9 (105)
Wright gets rewarded for a big tackle that dispossesses Hill, receiving the handball from van Berlo and delivering the major on the run from 45 metres. That's the sealer.

Lance Franklin booted five goals in the second quarter.

Lance Franklin booted five goals in the second quarter. Photo: Getty Images

Q4 6.47 Fremantle 12.9 (81) v Adelaide 15.9 (99)
Taylor Walker emerges from the scrum with a short, fast lead, and marks on his chest 40 out. The Crows are nearly home now, their runners have fought back well in this term.

Q4 8.20 Fremantle 12.9 (81) v Adelaide 14.9 (93)
Petrenko misses on the run from 25 after slick handballs set up his golden opportunity. Crows have done all the attacking for ten minutes since being headed.

Q4 9.08 Fremantle 12.9 (81) v Adelaide 14.8 (92)
De Boer tackle and a Hill smother keep the Dockers alive when Crows were having kicks at goal. Its a fierce contest, tired players giving their all.

Brent Guerra of the Hawks is tackled by Kieran Harper of the Kangaroos.

Brent Guerra of the Hawks is tackled by Kieran Harper of the Kangaroos. Photo: Getty Images

Q4 10.10 Fremantle 12.9 (81) v Adelaide 14.8 (92)
Johncock gets a rare and precious set shot, deep in the right forward pocket, and his drop punt is perfect. The Crows have rallied once headed, and hushed the passionate Dockers fans.

Q4 12.00 Fremantle 12.9 (81) v Adelaide 13.8 (86)
Crows ruckman Jacobs is left alone at a boundary throw-in and he taps straight to Sloane, who is accelerating past 50. His long kick from the angle sails through. Both teams are congregating around the ball, then mass sprinting when turnovers or contested possessions prise the ball out of the pack.

Q4 13.29 Fremantle 12.9 (81) v Adelaide 12.8 (80)
Mundy miskick under little pressure undoes a promising Docker attack begun with a switch of play at half-back.

Drew Petrie caused Hawthorn grief in the early exchanges.

Drew Petrie caused Hawthorn grief in the early exchanges. Photo: Getty Images

Q4 14.52 Fremantle 12.9 (81) v Adelaide 12.8 (80)
Douglas misses a snap from the pocket on the boundary line. Tippett not giving Adelaide much - Walker looks much more dangerous.

Q4 16.10 Fremantle 12.9 (81) v Adelaide 12.7 (79)
Adelaide rebounds, but has to hold up the footy as they wait for their forwards to get back in position. Clever work from Callinan sets up a long shot for Walker. He hits the post.

Q4 17.15 Fremantle 12.9 (81) v Adelaide 12.6 (78)
Long kick forward from pearce for the Dockers. Mayne crunches Talia, who had eyes only for the ball. The ump lets the contact go - will the match review panel? Pavlich runs into an open goal from the spillage.

Steve Johnson (25 possessions, five goals) and Tom Scully.

Steve Johnson (25 possessions, five goals) and Tom Scully. Photo: Pat Scala PDS

Q4 19.00 Fremantle 11.9 (75) v Adelaide 12.6 (78)
Little known Docker fringe player Jesse Crichton has showed a bit this afternoon with his ball use through the centre setting up the Dockers a couple of times in the third term.

Q4 19.39 Fremantle 11.9 (75) v Adelaide 12.6 (78)
Ballantyne's hard ball get delivers the ball to the goal square, where Mayne takes a huge grab running with the flight of the ball. Can the showy Crows regain their grit? All the momentum is with Fremantle now.

THREE QUARTER TIME  Fremantle 10.9 (69) v Adelaide 12.6 (78)
The Dockers led by 36 points at one stage in the second quarter. A spirited quarter from the battling Dockers, and they are a realistic winning chance now. The Dockers have had 307 disposals to 262, and lead the inside-50s 38-35. However, the Crows are dominating stoppages with 34 clearances to 24.

Mitch Duncan of the Cats is challenged by Sam Darley of the Giants.

Mitch Duncan of the Cats is challenged by Sam Darley of the Giants. Photo: Getty Images

Q3 0.16 Fremantle 10.9 (69) v Adelaide 12.6 (78)
Pavlich hits the post with a left foot snap when a handball was on offer to a teammate in better position.

Q3 1.25 Fremantle 10.8 (68) v Adelaide 12.5 (77)
Hill snaps truly from a stoppage after a superb knock from Sandilands, the ball bouncing through aided by some shepherding on the goal line by Clarke. Adelaide is paddling at the moment, sending numbers into defence, and the crowd is roaring.

Q3 2.38 Fremantle 9.8 (62) v Adelaide 12.5 (77)
FREO SUB: Anthony off, Crozier on. The skinny left-footer gets a mark and kick immediately.

Giant Dylan Shiel sets the pace in the first quarter against Geelong.

Giant Dylan Shiel sets the pace in the first quarter against Geelong. Photo: Getty Images

Q3 3.58 Fremantle 9.8 (62) v Adelaide 12.5 (77)
Freo's best passage of the game. Good clearance work from Sandilands allows Hill to use his pace. He kicks long after a bounce and the Dockers share the crumb from the pack at full-forward, Pavlich running into an open goal.

Q3 6.33 Fremantle 8.8 (56) v Adelaide 12.5 (77)
Jason Porplyzia marks a rebound bomb after a turnover on the wing from the Dockers. Tippett and Jenkins were also on hand. Porplyzia converts from close range on the angle, an important goal against the flow.

Q3 6.33 Fremantle 8.8 (56) v Adelaide 11.5 (71)
The Dockers work the ball around the 50-metre arc and Mundy finds Mayne on the lead after the switch of play. Mundy converts from 45 metres. He is yet to miss from a set shot this year.

Tom Scully is tackled by Jesse Stringer. Click for more photos

AFL Round 10 2012:Geelong V G.W. Sydney

After a poor start by Geelong in the first half , they stepped it up in the second half to defeat GWS by 65points. 19.12 (126)to 9.7(61). Photo: Pat Scala

Q3 8.47 Fremantle 7.8 (50) v Adelaide 11.5 (71)
Adelaide reply to the Docker goal with a rebound special, Jenkins marking 40 out and kicking straight.
Inside 50s: Adel 32-33; clearances 29-20; contested possessions 101-80.

Q3 9.55 Fremantle 7.8 (50) v Adelaide 10.5 (65)
Bernie Vince retaliates to a Zac Clarke knock and gives away a free kick down the field, which is converted from a tight angle by Barlow with an inside-out drop out. Not convincing from the Dockers, but they are persisting well, and fighting their way back into the game.

Q3 10.17 Fremantle 6.8 (44) v Adelaide 10.5 (65)
The balance of play is in the Freo forward half, but the Dockers are not yet setting up clearcut scoring opportunities.

Lance Franklin drags in one of his 11 marks.

Lance Franklin drags in one of his 11 marks. Photo: Getty Images

Q3 11.22 Fremantle 6.8 (44) v Adelaide 10.5 (65)
Pavlich gets a free on the boundary 40 out. The captain can't bring it back right from left with the set shot.

Q3 13.11 Fremantle 6.7 (43) v Adelaide 10.5 (65)
Taylor Walker is caught high, but the umpire seems to assume he was acting for a free, and calls play on. Then the footy lands on Jack Anthony's nose. A strange couple of minute's play.

Q3 14.56 Fremantle 6.7 (43) v Adelaide 10.5 (65)
Fremantle are much more competitive early in the third term, and the first goal looms as crucial. The Crows are struggling with their entries inside 50, with too-clever disposals bringing them unstuck.

Q3 18.27 Fremantle 6.6 (42) v Adelaide 10.5 (65)
The Dockers dodge a bullett as Petrenko's pass misses Taylor Walker, and they rush the ball down the ground for de Boer to mark directly in front 35 metres out. His kick is wide and drops short.

HALF-TIME Fremantle 6.6 (42) v Adelaide 10.5 (65)
Possessions: Freo: Ibbotson 18; Broughton 16; McPharlin 15. Crows: Dangerfield, Sloane 19; Wright 16; Douglas 14.

HALF-TIME Fremantle 6.6 (42) v Adelaide 10.5 (65)
Crowley, unsettling Crows midfielder Scott Thompson, takes another contested mark close to goal and kicks his second, to give the home team some hope after they were close to cooked half-way through the quarter.

Q2 2.19 Fremantle 5.5 (35) v Adelaide 10.5 (65)
Ryan Crowley keeps the Dockers within hypothetical striking distance, sneaking a set shot home from 40 metres.

Q2 4.10 Fremantle 4.5 (29) v Adelaide 10.5 (65)
Another great passage of slick teamwork from the Crows, as they set up a set shot for Matthew Wright with a series off clever handballs under pressure.

Q2 5.26 Fremantle 4.5 (29) v Adelaide 9.5 (59)
Barlow goals after handy lead-up work from Mayne and the hard-running Broughton. First goal this term for the Dockers.

Q2 7.20 Fremantle 3.5 (23) v Adelaide 9.5 (59)
Patrick Dangerfield leads out from full-forward like a key position player, and converts for another goal with his 16th disposal. The Crow midfield stars are all flourishing.

Q2 8.41 Fremantle 3.5 (23) v Adelaide 8.5 (53)
It's gettting ugly for the Dockers. Slick hands through the middle set up Taylor Walker, then Rory Sloane banged his second goal home from a standing start on 50. The Crows are too talented, enthusiastc  and cohesive.

Q2  13.29 Fremantle 3.5 (23) v Adelaide 6.3 (39)
A turnover enables Callinan to convert for the Crows. But for poor old Freo, a goal is extremely difficult to find: their latest attempt is undermined by a video referral, and becomes a touched behind.

Q2 15.28 Fremantle 3.4 (22) v Adelaide 5.3 (33)
Tight scrap early in the second term with only a behind to either side in the first six minutes. The Dockers are working hard for little reward, their finishing skills letting them down.

QUARTER TIME Fremantle 3. 3 (21) v Adelaide 5.2 (32), Patersons Stadium
A spirited start from the Dockers, but their inadequate forward line could not match the effficiency on offer at the other end.

HAWTHORN 5.2  12.5  20.10  27.12 (174)
NORTH MELBOURNE 4.1  6.4  7.4  9.5 (59)
Goals: Hawthorn: L Franklin 13 L Breust 3 C Rioli 2 C Young 2 J Lewis 2 P Puopolo 2 D Hale I Smith J Roughead. North Melbourne: S Wright 3 A Edwards A Swallow D Petrie D Wells L Adams S Atley.
Best: Hawthorn: L Franklin S Mitchell B Sewell G Birchall D Hale. North Melbourne: D Wells S Wright.
Official Crowd:16,143 at Aurora Stadium.
Possessions: Haw: Mitchell 35; Birchall 28; Guerra 24; Franklin 23. North: Wells 22; Goldstein 20; Ziebell 19; Greenwood 18.
Match report: click here

GEELONG 4.2  7.3  13.8  19.12 (126)
GWS 4.2  7.3  8.5  9.7 (61)
Goals: Geelong: H Taylor 6 S Johnson 5 J Podsiadly 3 P Chapman 2 C Guthrie J Stringer O Stephenson. Greater Western Sydney Giants: A Treloar 2 D Shiel 2 J Cameron 2 C Ward D Tyson S Coniglio.
Best: Geelong: J Kelly J Bartel J Selwood H Taylor S Johnson M Scarlett P Chapman A Mackie T Gillies. Greater Western Sydney Giants: D Shiel C Ward S Coniglio T Mohr T Greene.
Official Crowd: 17,243 at Skilled Stadium.
Match report: click here

Young Cats forward Daniel Menzel has hurt his left knee in his first game after recovering from a reconstruction of his right knee, whilst playing for the Geelong reserves at Simonds Stadium.

FINAL SCORE Hawthorn 27.12 (174) v North Melbourne 9.5 (59) Franklin 13 goals.
Lance Franklin: 22 kicks, one handpass, 11 marks, 6 tackles, 13 goals, 4 behinds.

FINAL SCORE Hawthorn 27.12 (174) v North Melbourne 9.5 (59) Franklin 13 goals.
Unbelievable! It was a 'wait there's more!' moment. Hawthorn attacks again following Buddy's 12th, his supposed cherry on top, and Franklin gets to the contest 30 metres out. He drops the chest mark, but screws the snap shot over his shoulder for his 13th goal as the siren sounds.

Q4 1.08 Hawthorn 26.12 (168) v North Melbourne 9.5 (59) Franklin 12 goals.
There it is! Franklin kicks into the man on the mark from 65 metres out, but from the next stoppage, he receives a handpass 35 out on the boundary, and threads through the goal. A ripper to send the greedy fans home overfull with Franklin highlights.

Q4 2.30 Hawthorn 25.12 (162) v North Melbourne 9.5 (59) Franklin 11 goals.
Hawks a little weary now, and failing to get the ball in deep enough for Franklin. Savage is caught in a tackle at the top of the square with the Budster lurking.

Q4 3.40 Hawthorn 25.12 (162) v North Melbourne 9.5 (59) Franklin 11 goals.
Swallow goal for North gives them hope of avoiding a 100-point defeat. I'm on the overs.

Q4 5.48 Hawthorn 25.12 (162) v North Melbourne 8.5 (53) Franklin 11 goals.
The only interest is in whether Buddy can add to his tally. He is marauding around the forward line, desperate for possession fo the footy, but no-one else has his enthusiasm for this dead contest. Hawthorn inside 50s 64-34. Shiels has kept Brent Harvey to an ineffectual 14-disposal game.

Q4 5.48 Hawthorn 25.12 (162) v North Melbourne 8.5 (53) Franklin 11 goals.
Buddy flies for a mark in the middle of a pack but the ball slips through his fingers. Fans are looking for a cherry on top of his 11 goal game. Puopolo nails a set shot from the boundary with a big banana kick as entree.

Q4 8.25 Hawthorn 24.12 (156) v North Melbourne 8.5 (53) Franklin 11 goals.
Buddy turns provider, a superb foot pass finding Hill 40 metres out, but the youngster hangs his shot at goal out to the left.

Q4 9.36 Hawthorn 24.11 (155) v North Melbourne 8.5 (53) Franklin 11 goals.
Breust kicks his third goal, left alone 25 metres out in front; Well nails one from a severe angle, one of North's few set shots in an hour.

Q4 13.11 Hawthorn 23.11 (149) v North Melbourne 7.4 (46) Franklin 11 goals.
Rioli gets on the highlights reel with a brilliant running snap from the boundary line, left forward pocket.

Q4 14.48 Hawthorn 22.11 (143) v North Melbourne 7.4 (46) Franklin 11
Buddy misses a sitter running in from 25 metres out directly in front. It will be Brad Scott's turn under the blowtorch this week after this embarrassing capitulation from his Roos.

Q4 15.40 Hawthorn 22.10 (142) v North Melbourne 7.4 (46)
Birchall sprints out of defence and hits Franklin on the lead. His long set shot from the pocket slides just inside the post for goal number 11. He is hungry for more and will get more chances givent he lack of opposition from the demoralised Roos.

Q4 16.37 Hawthorn 21.10 (136) v North Melbourne 7.4 (46)
Long bomb to the Buddy drop zone, Breust is front and square and he hooks the snap through for the first of the final quarter. But no-one cares - they only want to see Franklin add to his ten-goal tally.

FINAL SCORE Geelong 19.12 (126) v GWS 9.7 (61)
Possessions: Geel: Kelly, Bartel 32; Chapman 26, Johnson 25. GWS: Coniglio 27; Ward 23; Shiel 21; Greene 20.

FINAL SCORE Geelong 19.12 (126) v GWS 9.7 (61)
Harry Taylor marked just before the siren, directly in front. He had the look of a man who knows he will not get many opportunities to play forward, and took his time before drilling his 6th goal.

Q4 1.33 Geelong 18.12 (120) v GWS 9.7 (61)
Five goals to Taylor and Johnson for the Cats. Scores were level at quarter-time and half-time before the Cats booted six goals to one in the third term to break the resistance of the young Giants.

THREE QUARTER TIME Hawthorn 20.10 (130) v North Melbourne 7.4 (46)

Q4 16.30 min gone Geelong 17.9 (111) v GWS 9.6 (60)
Third goal to Podsiadly extends the Cat margin to predicted proportions.

Q3 2.30 Hawthorn 20.10 (130) v North Melbourne 7.4 (46)
Wright gets a free kick after being knocked too early in a marking contest, and he curls through his thrid goal. A shock to see the ball at North's end: that was their first score this quarter.

Q3 3.50 Hawthorn 20.10 (130) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
North get the ball out of bounds marginally their side of the centre, and it feels like a win!

Q4 12.30 min gone Geelong 16.9 (105) v GWS 9.6 (60)
Harry Taylor 4 goals, James Kelly 30 touches.

Q4 11 min gone Geelong 15.9 (99) v GWS 9.6 (60)
Steve Johnson 5 goals. It's quite the round for bags of goals, as if the league's sharpshooters took articles about declining goalkicking hauls personally.

Q3 6.32 Hawthorn 20.9 (129) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
Buddy misses a long set shot attempting his 11th goal after a deft pass from Rioli.

Q3 7.09 Hawthorn 20.8 (128) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
Substitution: Hawthorn Hill on for Gibson.

Q4 8 min gone Geelong 15.9 (99) v GWS 9.5 (59)

Q3 8.27 Hawthorn 20.8 (128) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
Goal to Hale from a set shot. Louder cheers for Franklin (ten goals) returniong to the fray after a brief breather.

Q3 9.48 Hawthorn 19.8 (122) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
It's 7.3 to nothing this quarter after Smith marks ten metres out, North argues for a free, and the Hawk is allowed to walk in and dob it from point blank range.

Q3 10.20 Hawthorn 18.8 (116) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
Petrie takes a strong mark, but his handball is fumbled by two teammates. It ends with Franklin on the lead, and he marks on his chest 40 out. No missing this time, and Buddy has kicked ten goals in a game for the first time.

Q3 11.45 Hawthorn 17.8 (110) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
North are flooding their defence, but they are still not getting hold of the footy, or penetrating their forward line.

Q3 12.38 Hawthorn 17.8 (110) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
Franklin misses his tenth from a simple set shot, though the crowd thought it had gone through.

Q3 13.24 Hawthorn 17.7 (109) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
Franklin bundles Thompson aside and takes a mark 30 out, then boots through his ninth goal. Smith misses an easy one seconds later. It's an avalanche.

THREE QUARTER TIME Geelong 13.8 (86) v GWS 8.5 (53)
Late goal to Tyson, GWS. Six goals to one from Geelong that term.

Q3 15.27 Hawthorn 16.6 (102) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
North Melbourne substitution: Harper out, Garlett in.

Q3 16.59 Hawthorn 16.5 (101) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
Centre bounce = centre clearance for Hawthorn, yet again, and a deep entry inside 50. Lewis ends up getting the pass on the goal line. Utter capitulation from the disappointing Roos, they have conceded four goals in six minutes.

Q3 17.24 Hawthorn 15.5 (95) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
Holding the ball paid against North 12 metres out and Clinton Young kicks Hawthorn's third goal of the third term. Did you take the high margins in your quaddie?

Q3 Hawthorn 14.5 (89) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
Skill error deep in defence by North, and Budddy pounces, toe-poking a goal off the ground from 15 metres out. That makes it eight for the Hawk superstar, and the two goals so far this term.

Q3 3.29 Geelong 13.7 (85) v GWS 7.4 (46)
Sustained pressure in their half leads to a scoring chance for Geelong on the goal line, when Stokes tackles the ball free from Power. Taylor toe-pokes is third goal from a metre out.

Q3 4.05 Geelong 12.7 (79) v GWS 7.4 (46)
Taylor takes a strong mark falling backwards, 20 metres out, but his set shot just misses. 2.2 for the 100-game Defender cum centre half forward.

Q3 5.44 Geelong 12.6 (78) v GWS 7.4 (46)
Ludicrous free kick paid to one of four tacklers of a hapless GWS backman, who had no opportunity to dispose of the footy. Stephenson converts from 30 out.  Ump is heard saying he is being consistent with such decisions. Hope not, let's see such shockers only once a game.

Q3 9.19 Geelong 11.5 (71) v GWS 7.4 (46)
James Kelly may have an issue with a head-high tackle on Toby Greene, which dazed the Giants midfielder.

Q3 12.46 Geelong 11.5 (71) v GWS 7.3 (45)
Chad Cornes concedes a 50-metre penalty after a free kick, and Guthrie converts from 30 metres. Its four in a row to the Cats and seven of the past eight.

Q3 12.46 Geelong 10.5 (65) v GWS 7.3 (45)
Johnson ghosts in at the back of the pack as a long kick eludes the high-flyers, and there is nothing betweeen him and the goals, ten metres away. The Giants are defending reasonably wel, but their scoring has dried up.

HALF-TIME Hawthorn 12.5 (77) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
Franklin 6 goal, Wright 2 goals. Possessions: Haw: Mitchell 12, Birchall 11, Franklin 11. North: Wells 13, Bastinac 12, Ziebell 11.

Q3 14.45 Geelong 9.3 (59) v GWS 7.3 (45)
Goals to Chapman and Podsiadly, and a more urgent Cats unit opens up a break on the game youngsters in the third term.

HALF-TIME Hawthorn 12.5 (77) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
Every stat is level except the clearances, which Hawthorn dominates 26-14. Seven goals to two that quarter, following on three goals in a minute at the end of the first term, and the Hawks have this one at their mercy.

Q3 2.40 gone Geelong 7.3 (45) v GWS 7.3 (45)

Q2 1.53 Hawthorn 12.5 (77) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
Thompson is caught by two tackles, the second of which is stuck by Buddy Franklin. The Hawk spearhead gets the holding the ball free directly in ffront 25 metres out and boots his fifth of the quarter, and sixth for the day. Jack Riewoldt's eight goals last night has loosened the shackles!

Q2 3.30 Hawthorn 11.4 (70) v North Melbourne 6.4 (40)
Wright outmarks Suckling 30 metres out and kicks truly, becoming North's first multiple goalkicker. The scoring onslaught from Hawthorn has eased, and those two Wright goals give North Melbourne some sort of hope that they can regroup. However that margin will prove insurmountable if they can't start to win the ball outof the middle.

Geelong 4.2, 7.3 (45) v GWS 4.2, 7.3 (45)
Possessions: Geel: Kelly 19, Chapman 18, Bartel 18. GWS: Coniglio 16, Greene 11, Power 11, Scully 11.
Statistically conscious types  are scurrying to find a game where scores were exactly the same for more than two quarters.

Q2 7.55 Hawthorn 11.3 (69) v North Melbourne 5.4 (34)
Wright is paid a mark (incorrectly) for a diving effort at centre half forward. He converts for North's first major of a disastrous second term - the Hawks have added six goals this quarter.

Q2 9.18 Hawthorn 11.3 (69) v North Melbourne 4.4 (28)
Franklin leads out, playing as more of a traditional full-forward, and takes a chest mark low down. His kick is stright from the pocket, and that makes it four for the quarter, five for the game and nine in a row to the Hawks.

Q2 11.01 Hawthorn 10.3 (63) v North Melbourne 4.2 (26)
North are barely getting their hands on the footy, and rarely going inside fifty, as their lapse becomes established as the pattern of the game. Eight majors in a row to the Hawks. Clearances have turned right around - its now 21-11 favouring Hawthorn.

Q2 11.18 Hawthorn 10.3 (63) v North Melbourne 4.1 (25)
Franklin's fourth mark gives him another shot at goal, this time from the pocket, and he can't squeeze it home. But from the kick-in, a lucky free kick to Birchall ends up with Roughead, who banana kicks it through from close range.

Q2 13.10 Hawthorn 9.2 (56) v North Melbourne 4.1 (25)
Rioli's perfect kick from 60 out finds Breust running with the flight of the ball at the top of  the goal square, and he duly converts. Seven in a row to the Hawks, and the game is blown wide open.

Q2 14.26 Hawthorn 8.2 (50) v North Melbourne 4.1 (25)
Buddy Franklin kicks his fourth goal - he was a good thing to finally have a big game today - and Scott Thompson replaces Luke Delaney as his opponent. Hawthorn's blitz, started in the final two minutes of the first quarter, has now stretched to six unanswered goals.

HALF TIME Geelong 7.3 (45) v GWS 7.3 (45)
Geelong has won 37 of its past 39 games at Simonds Stadium.

Q2 0.23 Geelong 7.3 (45) v GWS 7.3 (45)
Scully finds Treloar, 20 out running with the flight of the ball. he sprints in and makes sure from point blank range. Celebrating behind the goals is a Giants fan with a shaved head and dressed in a buddhist-like orange monk's robe. He is the frontrunner for fan of the year.

Q2 1.45 Geelong 7.3 (45) v GWS 6.3 (39)
Geelong's stand-in centrre half forward Harry Taylor is doing a reasonable job, having kicked two goals and had seven disposals, but Jeremy Cameron is having a bigger impact at the other end, with eight touches, six marks and two goals.

Q2 2.22 Geelong 7.3 (45) v GWS 6.3 (39)
Kelly weaves his way through the centre square and delivers pefectly to Johnson 40 metres out. Johnson kicks straight from directly in front. It's his first major in three weeks.

Q2 3.35 Geelong 6.3 (39) v GWS 6.3 (39)
The Giants are getting back in big numbers, then running forward in waves, and their tackling is superior (48-33).

QUARTER TIME Hawthorn 5.2 (32) v North Melbourne 4.1 (25)
Possessions: Haw: Burgoyne 8, Whitecross 7, Mitchell 6. North: Adams 8, C Delaney 7, Bastinac 6.

Q2 5.51 Geelong 6.3 (39) v GWS 6.3 (39)
Chapman gets a pass from Johnson on 50, wheels around and drills a long high drop punt to even up the score.

Q2 7.19 Geelong 5.3 (33) v GWS 6.3 (39)
The pesky Giants youngsters are refusing to concede, thwartring the Cats, who have kicked only one goal in the second term.

QUARTER TIME Hawthorn 5.2 (32) v North Melbourne 4.1 (25)
GOAL. Haw. Franklin.
Another centre bounce clearance, a long kick... and Buddy is one-out for the first time, and marks directly in front. Three goals to Hawthorn in a minute turn the game on its head.

Q1 0.22 Hawthorn 4.2 (26) v North Melbourne 4.1 (25)
GOAL. Haw. Rioli.
Hawks win centre clearance via Burgoyne, and Rioli kicks truly from long range.

Q1 0.39 Hawthorn 3.2 (20) v North Melbourne 4.1 (25)
GOAL. Haw. Young.
Left-footed speedsters Smith and Young combine, and the latter runs to the 50 metre arc before delivering a long drop punt.

Q2. Geelong 4.2 (26) v GWS 6.2 (38)
First two goals of the second term to the upstarts, via Shiel and Cameron.

Q1 4.31 Hawthorn 2.1 (13) v North Melbourne 4.1 (25)
Goal to Adams from the pocket. Hawthorn is being beaten in midfield, and is struggling with Drew Petrie in the air in defence. Dangerous signs early for the Hawks, who look as vulnerable as they did last week against Richmond.

Q1 6.22 Hawthorn 2.1 (13) v North Melbourne 3.1 (19)
GOAL. North. Atley.
The talented flanker shrugs off two tackles 65 metres out, and his long bomb floats through.

Q1 9.00 Hawthorn 2.1 (13) v North Melbourne 2.1 (13)
GOAL. North. Petrie.
Schoenmakers and Gibson fail to stop Petrie marking 30 metres out, and the North big man curls through the set shot from the angle. Franklin is consistently battling two opponents at the other end, to no avail.

QUARTER TIME Geelong 4.2 (26) v GWS 4.2 (26)
Possessions: Cats: Kelly 11, Bartel 10, Chapman 9. GWS: Greene 10, Coniglio 9, Adams 6.

Q1 14.37 Hawthorn 2.1 (13) v North Melbourne 1.1 (7)
GOAL. North.  Edwards.
Macmillan accepts a pass in the centre, and drills a long kick to the goal line, where Edwards marks. He plays on and curls it through for a badly needed steadier.

Q1 14.37 Hawthorn 2.1 (13) v North Melbourne 0.1 (1)
It's dark and cool (11 degrees) in Launceston, with showers forecast.

QUARTER TIME Geelong 4.2 (26) v GWS 4.2 (26)
Great quarter from the Giants, anything but overawed by the reigning premiers. They ruled the clearances 12-7, tackles 8-22, and the contested possessions 43-35. Geelong will want to lift their workrate sharply, or this game could become a step backward, rather than a cnfidence and percentage builder.

Q1 1.20 Geelong 4.2 (26) v GWS 4.1 (25)
GWS beanpole ruckman Andrew Phillips runs down fleet-footed Cat Taylor Hunt and wins a holding the ball free kick.

Q1 2.00 Geelong 4.2 (26) v GWS 4.1 (25)
GOAL. Cats. Taylor.
Duncan is bumped marginally late as he kicks and a down the ground free kick is paid to Taylor directly in front 20 out.

Q1 4.38 Geelong 3.2 (20) v GWS 4.1 (25)
GOAL. Cats.
Podsiadly takes a diving mark 60 out and his long drop punt floats over the pack on the goal line. Selwood is back on, playing in the forward line.

Q1 6.04 Geelong 2.2 (14) v GWS 4.1 (25)
GOAL. GWS. Ward.
Cameron again beats Lonergan to take a contested mark, and his kick is marked strongly by Ward, who was too good for Tom Gillies. Ward's kick ffrom 35 metres is perfect.

Q1 6.04 Geelong 1.2 (8) v GWS 3.1 (19)
GOAL. Cats. Podsiadly.
Strong mark 25 metres out from Pods, who converts without fuss. Geelong pressing forward more later in the term.

Q1 6.56 Geelong 1.2 (8) v GWS 3.1 (19)
Johnson has become involved for Geelong, sparking some creativity from a moribund midfield.

Q1 9.19 Geelong 1.1 (7) v GWS 3.0 (18)
GOAL. Cats. Stringer.
One of Geelong's late inclusions gets on the end of some Stevie Johnson skill, marking 40 metres out and kicking impressively from a 45 degree angle. Joel Selwood has not reappeared since appearing to injure his left leg in the opening minutes.

Q1 10.23 Geelong 0.1 (1) v GWS 3.0 (18)
The game is being played between the two 50-metre arcs, with a huge milling pack making good ball use going forward almost impossible.

Q1 13.01 Geelong 0.0 (0) v GWS 3.0 (18)
GOAL. GWS. Treloar.
Fine snap from close range in a pack from the gifted youngster. Joel Selwood is limping and has gone down the race for treatment.

Q1 15.56 Geelong 0.0 (0) v GWS 2.0 (12)
Geelong is fielding eight inexperienced players today, and their re-jigged line-up includes Harry Taylor playing up forward. So far, it is not serving them well, their midfield failing to combine effectively, and their forwards erratic. Apart from Daniel Menzel's injury today (read below), returning midfield gun Allen Christensen was also hurt in the Cats reserves game, taken offf on a stretcher with concussion.

Q1 15.56 Geelong 0.0 (0) v GWS 2.0 (12)
GOAL. GWS. Cameron
. Strong contested mark 25 metres out, and a good finish to the construction end. The Giants have taken all the points early, winning the contested ball and thwarting any Cat attacks at half back.

Q1 16.47 Geelong 0.0 (0) v GWS 1.0 (6)
GOAL. GWS. Coniglio.
Townsend's kick is put out in front of Cameron on 50. He burns off Lonergan and delivers pefectly to the midfielder, who runs into the goalssquare unopposed.

Hawthorn 0.0 (0) v North Melbourne 0.0 (0), Aurora Stadium, Launceston, 2.10pm

Young Cats forward Daniel Menzel has hurt his left knee in his first game after recovering from a reconstruction of his right knee, whilst playing for the Geelong reserves at Simonds Stadium.

Geelong has made three changes to its team for its home game against GWS. Joel Corey, Corey Enright and Steven Motlop are out, replaced by Jesse Stringer, Billie Smedts, and Tom Gillies. Geelong's substitute will be debutant Lincoln McCarthy. The GWS sub is Dom Tyson.

There are no late changes to the Hawthorn or North Melbourne teams. Hawthorn sub: Bradley Hill. North Melbourne sub: Cruize Garlett.


  • Where are all the buddy haters this week? I wonder what makes people tick that can bag out a guy who has kicked a 100 in a season and can take teams apart?

    not a hawks supporter
    Date and time
    June 02, 2012, 3:53PM
    • The question is not how many you kick when you are a 100 up against mediocre opposition. Its how many you kick in crunch games against good opposition. Tom Hawkins 3 in last years GF was much more valuable than Buddy's 13 today.

      Date and time
      June 02, 2012, 4:58PM
      • Matthew, what a complete and utter wet blanket you are! This sort of tally is rare in this game in any era. Just celebrate it for what it is.
        And no matter what you think/say, Hawthorn still won the flag in 2008.

        Date and time
        June 02, 2012, 5:21PM
      • Jee Ted, how long do we have to keep hearing about 2008. It's ancient history mate!!!

        Date and time
        June 02, 2012, 6:42PM
    • Brad's Scott's future HAS to be questioned! No football club can tolerate results like this. North have under-achieved for the last four years and there is NO sign that they're about to turn the corner. Upheaval required, me thinks.........

      Date and time
      June 02, 2012, 5:18PM
      • Ohhhh Franklin has kicked 10 against the Kangaroo's what a STAR, yeah how many does he kick in tough games... well at least it will boost sales of the Buddy ball.

        Date and time
        June 02, 2012, 5:19PM
        • You're a fool Matthew. You just keep on hating mate, I'm sure it makes you happy.

          Will Turner

          Date and time
          June 02, 2012, 5:21PM
          • Ahh Wikepaedia

            In the 1st elimination final of 2007, the Hawks mounted a big comeback in the second half against Adelaide. Big "Buddy" was instrumental in the win, kicking 7 goals on his finals debut including the winning goal, from outside 50 metres with just 7 seconds left on the clock


            kicking another eight goals in the qualifying final against the Western Bulldogs 2008


            2010 In Round 13, Lance Franklin effectively dragged Hawthorn over the line for a win against their arch-rival, Essendon. He kicked five goals for the match, but his two last ones were the standout highlights

            In Round 8 at the SCG, Franklin kicked his 400th goal for Hawthorn in a 6 goal haul as the Hawks beat the Swans by 46 points. He continued his consistent goal kicking form for the remainder of the year, including a bag of 8 against Port Adelaide at the MCG in Round 21. By the end of the home and away season, Franklin had achieved his second John Coleman medal, despite spending a significant amount of time in the midfield.

            2011 - Franklin was Hawthorn's sole target up forward in their Qualifying Final loss to Geelong, kicking 4 goals. However, in the fourth quarter, he landed heavily in a marking contest and hyper-extended his knee. While footage of the incident suggested possible damage to his ACL, scans later revealed that he had instead suffered bone bruising and bleeding. Nevertheless, most observers considered Franklin's season to be over. Remarkably, he returned the following week against Sydney, kicking 4 goals and playing a vital part in the Hawks' eventual win.

            Yeah what a dud. Now get your other foot and see if it can fit in your mouth too.

            Date and time
            June 02, 2012, 5:23PM
            • Let's not get carried away against a weak oppositon. Next week.....Buddy will kick 1 and have three touches. Most over rated player in the AFL

              Date and time
              June 02, 2012, 5:25PM
              • In the most recent review, Franklin was named by opposition coaches as the first player they would like in their team. You don't know much about football, do you "gary"

                Date and time
                June 02, 2012, 5:40PM

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            Hawthorn 22 16 6 0 158.40 64
            Sydney Swans 22 16 6 0 127.12 64
            Richmond 22 15 7 0 123.09 60
            Western Bulldogs 22 14 8 0 115.12 56
            Adelaide Crows 21 13 8 0 115.71 54
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