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Live AFL: Sunday 17 June

It was quieter Sunday of footy with only two matches scheduled, both held in Melbourne. A five-goal haul to Lance Franklin helped Hawthorn cruise to a commanding 65-point victory over the Brisbane Lions.

FINAL SCORE: Western Bulldogs 13.17 (95) Port Adelaide 8.8 (56)

A great win by the Bullies in the tribute match for Charlie Sutton. Supporters couldn't have asked for much more. Emerging forwards Ayce Cordy (two goals) and Tory Dickson (four goals) had some great moments, giving the club hope in the post-Barry Hall era. The Dogs controlled the match and can boast 10 players who gathered 20 possessions or more. Among those was Brian Lake who had 23 disposals, 15 marks and four rebound 50s. They improve to a 5-6 record, a terrific springboard for the second half of the season. Finals are probably too distant a prospect, but you never know ....

Q4 - 26.50: SIREN.
Port put out of their misery. Had the Dogs kicked straighter, a 50-point win - or thereabouts - may have been in the offering.

Q4 - 22.14: GOAL!!
Griffen this time. A convincing victory. Only a couple of minutes left.

Q4 - 18.53: GOAL.
Dickson again. He's delivering each time he plays. Bulldogs now with 93 more possessions that the Power - can they reach the elusive 100 difference? One for the stats junkies.

The Bulldogs have activated their sub. Liberatore has been given a rest with Smith coming into the game for the final quarter. Likewise, Surjan is having a reprieve for the Power and Wingard takes off the sub's vest.

Q4 - 7.50: GOAL.
Schulz gets his third. Contested mark. Inside 50 came from Kane Cornes.

Q4 - 4.45: GOAL!
Dickson from in close. His third. Game officially over. Plenty of interest in the disposal numbers for the Bulldogs though ....

Q4 - 0.42: GOAL!
Cordy with the quick one. A telling blow in this game. Margin blowing out to nearly five goals. Bulldogs safe you'd think.

Bulldogs with a stack more possessions, closing on 100 more than Port Adelaide. Boyd already with 30 touches. Murphy, Griffen, Wallis, Cross and Gia all set for big numbers. Port must get the opening goal of the final term to have any chance.

Q3 - 27.20: GOAL.
Dahlhaus from a tough angle. First goal for quite some time, breaking the streak of a strong of behinds. Doggies breathe easy again.

Q3 - 16.18: GOAL!!!!
Brad Ebert with a massive kick from 65 metres. Port closes again. Only a couple of minutes until the final break.

Q3 - 12.55: GOAL.
Ayce Cordy. Bulldogs restore their 20-point advantage. Pretty good quarter this one.

Q3 - 9.56: GOAL!
Brett Ebert. A quick clearance from the middle pays dividends.

Q3 - 8.30: GOAL!
Dickson becomes top Bulldogs goalscorer with two. Margin extends to 20 points as the Bulldogs look to really get on top.

Q3 - 5.39: GOAL!
Giansiracusa gets his first. Some breathing space for the Bullies.

Q3 - 2.25: GOAL!
Broadbent with the all-important first goal of the second half. Power closes to within seven points.

Port not out of this contest. Boyd with a stack of possessions was important but Murphy with 18 (94% disposal efficiency) has arguably been more important. Inaccurate shots on goals could cost the Bulldogs in the end. Should be a compelling second half.

Q2 - 28.21: GOAL and SIREN:
Cooney slots one from the pocket after the siren. Another miss would have been catostrophic .... He showed plenty of composure with that kick. Relief for the Bulldogs.

Q2 - 25.00: BEHIND.
Bulldogs with another miss. This one should have been kicked. Roughead was kicking close to directly in front and should have done better. Doggies lead by only six points.

Q2 - 23.58: MISS.
Giansiracusa with a flying snap ... misses to the left hand side.

Q2 - 20.49: BEHIND.
Schulz with a golden chance to give Port the lead! His kick from the pocket slided across the face. Now only four points the difference.

Q2 - 18.30: GOAL.
Schulz snags his second. Port pressuring the Bulldogs after a forgettable first term.

The Power has evened the ledger in the second quarter. The stats categories are much more even and they are drawing level on the disposal count. The Bulldogs with only four more clearances for the term.

Q2 - 7.12: GOAL.
Roughead for the Dogs. The Bulldogs steady.

Q2 - 4.55: GOAL!!
Brett Ebert gets their third. A terrific mini-revival from the visitors.

Q2 - 1.36: GOAL!
Schulz with the crucial early goal of the second term. A challening kick from the left forward pocket.

A remarkable 13 extra Inside 50s highlights the Western Bulldogs' dominance in the opening term. They also had an additional five clearances as they easily won the key battles in the middle. Port coach Matthew Primus looks ready to give his players a massive serve at the first break.

Q1 - 26.29: Siren.
A frustrating quarter for Port fans. Doggies could have done some real damage had they kicked straight.

Q1 - 19.22: GOAL!
Higgins with a delightful kick from 45 metres on the run. Bulldogs now out to a decisive 16-point lead.

Q1 - 17.19:
Four consecutive behinds to the Bulldogs. A couple of squandered chances. Boyd, Griffen and Howard getting the early touches for the Dogs.

Q1 - 9.52: GOAL!!
Dickson from right on 50 for the Bulldogs. A terrific kick from the first-year player.

Q1 - 6.36: GOAL.
Port open their account. Moore with a contested mark and goal. Goal assist comes from Schulz.

Q1 - 2.38: GOAL.
Jones grabs the opener for the Bulldogs. Snappy start by the Doggies.

Time counting down to the Western Bulldogs-Port Adelaide clash. The Dogs have made one late change with Ryan Hargrave replaced by Clay Smith. Smith will start as the club's substitute. Liberatore, Dickson and Dahlhaus to also start on the bench.


4.6  8.12  12.19  19.21 (135)
BRISBANE LIONS 6.1  7.2  8.2  11.4 (70)
Goals: Hawthorn: L Franklin 5 J Gunston 2 J Roughead 2 L Breust 2 P Puopolo 2 S Burgoyne 2 B Hill C Rioli S Mitchell S Savage. Brisbane: D Zorko 3 J Brown 3 A Cornelius A Raines D Rich J Polkinghorne R Bewick.
Umpires: Justin Schmitt, Troy Pannell, Jason Armstrong.
Official Crowd: 35,492 at MCG.

THE WRAP: A great finishing quarter by the Hawks: 23 more disposals, nine more tackles and 28 more uncontested possessions. Hawthorn did everything right today. The overcame some early inaccuracy and scored a big victory in damp conditions. Sam Mitchell was successfullly tagged by Raines early but worked his way into the game and finished with 25 possessions, including 13 contested.

Q4 - 31.39. Siren.
A percentage-boosting win for Hawthorn. Fantastic second half after Lions threw down the gauntlet early.

Q4 - 30.01: GOAL.
Hawks with four in a row to close the game. Roughead after a chest mark.

Q4 - 27.11: GOAL.
Gunston. His first. The Hawks have a great spread of goalkickers now. Less than three minutes of game time.

Q4 - 21.11: GOAL.
Hawks again. A Savage blow (shocking pun I know). Margin out to more than 50 points again.

Q4 - 19.34: GOAL!!!
Buddy with a beauty. Handball receive from Sewell. He knows where the big sticks are and converted from 25 metres out with a snap from the left pocket.

Q4 - 17.35: GOAL.
Brisbane. Brown. Three in a row for the Lions. Rain really starting to come down now at the 'G.

Q4 - 11.15: GOAL!!
Back-to-back goals for the Lions! Bewick snares one. Plenty of fascination now about the margin in this game, particularly for the punters out there who took a look at the line betting. Margin currently 47 points.

Q4 - 9.22: GOAL. Zorko!
Finally, the Lions gets back on the board. He becomes their leading goalkicker with three majors.

Q4 - 8.18: GOAL!
Buddy again. This time from the other flank. A similar distance. Hawthorn out by close to 10 goals. Lions haven't scored in a long time .....

Q4 - 5.44: GOAL!!
Franklin gets his third. A classic Buddy kick from the arc in the left-forward flank. How many great goals does he kick from that zone?

Q4 - 0.58: GOAL!
Puopolo with another less than one minute into the final term. Just what they were looking for to record a massive win.

This match is drawing to a predictable conclusion ... a big win to the Hawks who are starting to look better by the week. A great third term by the home team as they racked up 20 more touches and 11 more Inside 50s (+31 for the match). It's not just the big names making a difference with the likes of Savage and Suckling having an influence. Burgoyne vying for BOG honours with 22 touches, six tackles and five clearances to three-quarter-time. 

Q3 - 26.05: GOAL!
It's that man Rioli. A decisive quarter for Hawthorn. Lead out to 39 points. The Hawks have a great chance to put the foot down and record another big win.

Q3 - 21.55:
Guerra is subbed out for Hawthorn. Twelve possessions for the game, including nine kicks. Hill takes off the sub's vest and comes into the game.

The Inside 50 differential is out to 24. Hawthorn has managed 47 entries for a return of 11.15 while the visitors have gone inside their attacking zone only 23 times. Many other stats categories are relatively even but Hawthorn has certainly had more of the ball overall.

Q3 - 13.24: GOAL!
Three in a row for the Hawks and they're really getting on top. Roughead gets another.

Q3 - 9.36: GOAL!!
Hawks with consecutive goals. A second to Burgoyne and the midfielder is starting to look especially dangerous.

Q3 - 6.34: GOAL!
Savage gets one for the Hawks.

Q3 - 2.27: GOAL!
Raines gets the all-important first goal of the second half. Lions close to within 10 points.

Hawthorn with a staggering 21 extra inside 50s. The home team really should be further in front. They'll enter the main break with a calmer frame of mind, however, after a superior second quarter, highlighted by the 4.6 to 1.1 return. The Hawks are slicker in the wet conditions while the Lions have tended to overuse the ball to a degree. Hawthorn 8.12 (60) Brisbane Lions 7.2 (44)

Q2 - 29.00:
Half-time siren. A much shorter term that compared with the high-scoring opener.

Q2 - 27.42: GOAL!
Franklin runs off his opponents and drills his second goal. That makes it a 16-point lead for the Hawks. Hawthorn 8.12 (60) Brisbane Lions 7.2 (44)

Adcock joins Raines and Zorko as Brisbane's leading possession winners with 12 each. Sam Mitchell starting to have a bigger impression on the game with 12 touches and three inside 50s. Rain starting to fall a lot heavier at the MCG.

Q2 - 23.51: GOAL!
Breust grabs another. Hawks won't give up their lead easily. Closing minutes of second half approaching.

Q2 - 20.20: GOAL!
Rich with a super important goal for Brisbane. Margin cut again to two points.

Q2 - 17.16: GOAL!
Breust from 45 metres. It's just the second goal for the quarter with both coming from Hawthorn's boots. They've steadied are are slowly gaining the ascendancy.

Q2 - 13.29: BEHIND.
Roughhead with a snap. Hawks regain the lead by a solitary behind. It's the 11the lead change of this match.

Q2 - 8.57: GOAL!!
Franklin from outside 50. This match tightens up again.

Q2 - 3.34:
Lions with three extra tackles by early minutes of the second quarter. Shaun Burgoyne busy for the Hawks early.

An enticing quarter of footy with plenty of lead changes. The Hawks squandered a couple of chances and Brisbane took full advantage in the damp conditions. Zorko a livewire with two goals. Hawthorn's midfield stars yet to stamp their influence on the game. Likewise for Brisbane, their onball guns are yet to dominate this game.

Q1 - 32.38: GOAL!
Brown with his second for Brisbane. It's a long quarter and the Lions have already managed six for the term. They look rejuvenated after their stunning comeback win over West Coast two weeks ago.

Q1 - 30.43: GOAL!
Hawthorn reply, cutting the lead back on one-point. Burgoyne converts after a chain of possessions. Nice finish from just 20 metres out.

Q1 - 29:37: GOAL!!
Polkinghorne for Brisbane. Zorko with the goal assist. The visitors clear out by seven points. First time one of the teams has managed consecutive goals.

Q1 - 26.58: GOAL!!
Zorko for the Lions. Excellent mark and goal. Brisbane snatches the lead, by one-point only. They've turned to play today. Yet another lead change in this match.

Q1 - 22.35: GOAL!
Puopolo with a beauty for the Hawks. They restore the scoring balance and edge out by five points.

Q1 - 21: 40:
Gunston and Mitchell are Hawthorn's goalscorers. Plenty of speculation about what Franklin is capable of today. He needs 11 goals to reach the 500-goal AFL milestone.

Q1 - 19.40:
Busy start to this match. Hawthorn already has managed seven scoring shots but converted only two of those to goals. Brisbane Lions in the game with 2.1 by two thirds of the way into the game.

12 comments so far

  • Another bad day for that overrated hack Buddy - only 12 touches, 4 tackles and 2 goals in the wet. Meanwhile all the aother bigs can't get a kick. C'mon buddy haters rise to the bait.

    Date and time
    June 17, 2012, 2:48PM
    • it says more about you kepler

      Date and time
      June 17, 2012, 3:18PM
      • Clearly the orbit of you mind kepler-22b has been impacted by a supernova. Hating buddy, as you so eloquently put it, has nothing to do with him being over-rated, the exact opposite.

        Date and time
        June 17, 2012, 3:22PM
        • give it a go buddy hater - just watch him go!!!!!

          Date and time
          June 17, 2012, 3:28PM
          • Disturbing. My tongue is firmly planted. The thread here is that a couple of weeks ago a bunch of tools bagged out buddy for his 10 goals.

            I reckon he's a champ (and I follow the tiges).

            Date and time
            June 17, 2012, 3:44PM
            • Fools & children, grow up! Since Osborne got injured we've seen Puopolo & Bruest blossom, coupled with Smith & Young playing traditional Wingman roles. Last year Hawks were a "Roughead" away from a GF appearance. With the possibe return of Hodge & Bailey, Hawks are well placed, only fools would spat over personality!

              Glide By
              Sth melbourne
              Date and time
              June 17, 2012, 5:29PM
              • The Hawks of 2012 are flat-track bullies who look spectacular when beating the crap out of an ordinary team, but have been found out by every team that's really stood up to them this season.

                Date and time
                June 17, 2012, 5:47PM
                • you mean like collingwood?

                  Date and time
                  June 17, 2012, 6:32PM
                • The Hawks are irrelevant, since they will probably have to get past Geelong in the finals. It is coming up to 4 years since they beat Geelong and there seems no prospect they will do so in the immediate future.Front runners and show ponies!

                  Date and time
                  June 17, 2012, 7:19PM
                • Obviously another Geelong supporter JD and Biggus. How about you worry about your team who have been found out as front runners and flat track bullies the same number of times as Hawthorn have been......

                  Date and time
                  June 17, 2012, 8:05PM

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              AFL Home and Away
              Overall standings
              Team P W L D % Pts
              Sydney Swans 22 17 5 0 142.88 68
              Hawthorn 22 17 5 0 140.78 68
              Geelong Cats 22 17 5 0 113.77 68
              Fremantle 22 16 6 0 130.40 64
              Port Adelaide 22 14 8 0 129.92 56
              North Melbourne 22 14 8 0 117.04 56
              Essendon 22 12 9 1 106.34 50
              Richmond 22 12 10 0 105.77 48
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