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Live: Wallabies v Scotland

Digby Ioane, of the Wallabies, is tackled during the rugby union Test match between the Australian Wallabies and Scotland at Hunter Stadium in Newcastle yesterday.

Digby Ioane, of the Wallabies, is tackled during the rugby union Test match between the Australian Wallabies and Scotland at Hunter Stadium in Newcastle yesterday. Photo: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

That's it for tonight. The post mortem will go on this week and you can catch most of it on RugbyHeaven. Nice try by the Wobblies to get rugby league off the back pages, but even with this result, rugby has still been trumped by David Gallop's resignation. However, one senses there will be growing anger with another sloppy performance and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Earlier I blamed Luke Morahan for kicking the ball dead, in fact it was Mike Harris. The Wallabies still have the bad game in them. This was Waratahs-esque. Plenty of possession and territory but no cutting edge. The conditions helped Scotland, but the All Blacks would not have lost

Well, well, well. We have been here before. Excellent win by Scotland. They held on and held on and when they finally had a sniff they controlled possession and stole victory at the end. The world will have a good old laugh at this result.

The Scottish National Anthem singer looks on during the International Test match between the Australian Wallabies and Scotland at Hunter Stadium on June 5, 2012 in Newcastle, Australia. Click for more photos

IN PICTURES: Wallabies v Scotland

The Wallabies take on Scotland at Hunter Stadium on a bleak night in Newcastles Photo: Getty Images

84th min: Laidlaw kicks it. SCOTLAND WIN!

83rd min: Scrum penalty to Scotland!

82nd min: A vigourously contested scrum and Peyper calls for the re-set. Wee Jockey Jimmy can't watch.

80th min: The ball is not coming out and Jaco Peyper calls for the scrum with Scotland's feed. The siren goes but the scrum will go ahead. Will Laidlaw kick the winning drop goal. He will need to boot it 30 metres into the wind.

80th min: It's a half break and Scotland are now only 25 metres out. Will Laidlaw be the sharp shooter. Scotland is the only team that can realistically win this game now.

79th min: The pick and drive is on in earnest. Wee Jockey Jimmy is getting excited. Scotland are 35 metres out. They have gained five metres in 11 phases.

78th min: Scotland scrum win. What can they do?

77th min: This time the tactic works against them. Luke Morahan Mike Harris boots the ball but it rolls and rolls and rolls, until it goes dead. Scotland scrum feed 40 metres out from the Australian line.

76th min: The Wallabies are takiing no chances from the re-start. Barnes hoofs the ball high in the air but Stuart Hogg takes the ball cleany.

74th min: Lucky break for the Wallabies. The ball pops out the back of the breakdown, bounces off the acting half and into the ruck. Normally a scrum but Jaco Peyper awards a penalty against Scotland. I don't think he would have done so if the ball was caught cleanly. Mike Harris has a shot at goal, but ti was an absolute shocker.

72nd min: Scotland are opting not to contest the breakdown now, they're happy to defend. Barnes goes for a drop goal but misses way to the right.

71st min: Wallabies have the scrum feed 18 metres out. Now is the time to score.

69th min: Eventually Ioane is isolated and Scotland gets the penalty. The lineout is only 18 metres out. Wee Jockey Jimmy is getting excited again, but that's before Ross Ford throws another crooked lineout ball - this time to the man at the fron just five metres away.

68th min: Wallabies try the cross-kick and Ioane flies on to it. Desperate defence brings him down. The Wallabies are only 10 metres - we've been there before - and Scotland hold on.

65th min: Ross Ford has more problems at the lineout as Michael Hooper comes on the field for his first cap, replacing fellow debutant Dave Dennis. Pocock is no playing on the blindside.

62nd min: Injuries have delayed play but we are back under way and the Wallabies are up to their old tricks of being camped in Scotland's 10 metres but come up with no points. Eventually a penalty is conceded for obstruction and Scotland are off the hook again.

59th min: News from the Pacific Nations Cup: Samoa has defeated Tonga 20-18. Scotland plays Samoa in two week's time.

58th min: Higginbotham charges for the tryline from the base of the scrum and Scotland concede another penalty. Pocock sees no point in kicking for goal ... there will be another scrum. Scotland must crack soon.

56th min: No suprises there. The TMO rules inconclusive and it is a scrum with a Wallabies feed just five metres out.

56th min: It's TMO time as a pile of gold jumpers plough over the tryline. History suggests that these decisions are not usually awarded in favour of the attacking team.

54th min: Scotland have no choice to run it and the jackal, David Pocock, earns a penalty for his side. No kick for goal this time as Barnes kicks for the corner. Sitaleki Timani off, Rob Simmons on.

54th min: Even with the wind he does not have the distance, striking the upright below the level of the crossbar.

52th min: Again good play by Scotland but because kicking is not an option, they have to get halfway the hard way, but there they concede the penalty. With such a strong wind behind him, that's in kicking range for Mike Harris.

50th min: Scotland did really well there. They forced the turnover and kicked into touch but they are only 25 metres out from their own line. Meanwhile, Peter writes in that the match that matters is "on tomorrow week, and it's not a secret rich people's game.  Everybody gets to see it". Wish I was rich.

47th min: Scotland get the penalty from the scrum but Ross Ford is having an awful time with this wind. The thow to the line-out starts straight but the wind takes its toll and drifts towards the Scotland side. Jaco Peyper calls a scrum with a Wallabies feed.

45th min: Perhaps with the security of the wind behind their backs, the Wallabies are showing some adventure as Genia and Ioane combine to put the latter on 20 metre chargin run. Sharpe continues the barge forward but the Scots hold him off the ground and earn the scrum feed.

44th min: Scotland has kicked out on the full from the re-start. Wee Jockey Jimmy has retracted his squeaky bum quote and is no opting for a terse no comment.

43rd min: Harris aims 15 metres wide of the post and the ball curls through. WALLABIES 6 SCOTLAND 6.

41st min: The Wallabies pick-and-drive and earn a penalty for when Ross Rennie played the ball off his feet. Harris will step up to even up the scoreline.

Second-half: Good news for the Wallabies, but bad tidings for the fans and Scotland. The weather is atrocious still but the wind is well and truly behind the team in gold.

40th min: The Wallabies grind it out until halftime. No team wants to trail at halftime but in those conditions, a three-point deficit is not a bad result. The Wallabies to run with a gale behind their backs, presuming it's still there in the second half.

38th min: Scotland have one last chance before halftime. A lineout throw 30 metres out. And the throw is not straight. This wind would straighten Tatafu Polota Nau's crooked throws.

36th min: The Wallabies have employed the rolling maul and march Scotland back 20 metres.

34th min: Just six more minutes of running into the wind for the Wallabies. They will be well pleased if this remains the scoreline. Pocock makes them more relieved by challenging at the breakdown and earning a penalty.

33rd min: The wind is so strong that Berrick Barnes has to hold the ball on the ground for Harris. The Queenslander kicks it - just - and the Wallabies are on the board. WALLABIES 3 SCOTLAND 6.

32nd min: Eventually Jaco Peyper awards the penalty five metres out and 10 metres left of the upright. Even with this wind, the distance will not be a problem for debutant Mike Harris.

30th min: Scotland finally make an error in their territory and the Wallabies are on the attack after winning the scrum. After 9 phases they are five metres out with a penalty advantage.

27th min: The scoreline itself will not worry the Wallabies, it's the fact that this storm may pass before they have the chance to use the strong wind that is currently behind Scotland's back.

26th min: Genia loses the ball courtesy of a Scottish boot and Stuart Hegg hoofs it down field and the Wallabies are all of a sudden 10 metres out from their line. A penalty ensues and Greig Laidlaw kicks an absolute stunner from wide out. WALLABIES 0 SCOTLAND 6.

25th min: The rain has eased and the Wallabies have gone through 10 phases picking and driving towards Scotland's quarter.

24th min: Expert comment from Wee Jockey Jimmy: "It's squeaky bum time for the Wallabies."

23rd min: A scrappy kicky duel started, but the Wallabies concede a penalty 30 metres out for being offside. This one is in front so no cross wind with the kick. Laidlaw makes no mistake. WALLABIES 0 SCOTLAND 3.

20th min: We are quarter of the way through this game. The Wallabies have barely left their 22, but will be well pleased with the scoreline. The Wallabies drive within 10 metres towards halfway but the inevtiable kick nullifies any ground made.

19th min: The sounds of bagpipes can be heard within the confines from Hunter Stadium. Wee Jockey Jimmy hates Scottish stereotyping.

18th min: Drama from the re-start Stuart Hogg puts up the high ball and Will Genia drops it cold. Joe Tomane cleans up to stop an almost certain try.

17th min: Greig Laidlaw starts the kick about 10 metres right of the posts and it swings viciously with the wind to miss the post by the same margin to the left.

16th min: Australia have not progressed out of their 22 for the last eight minutes and eventually Scotland get the penalty. It's seven metres in from touch so the wind will play havoc.

13th min: The Wallabies are defending grimly. Play comes to a halt five metres out, but Scotland have the scrum feed.

11th min: Wee Jockey Jimmy is pleased with the 0-0 score. He remembers all too well the Scottish football being beaten 5-1 by the USA last week.

10th min: The Wallabies are stuck in their own quarter and I suspect they will spend the next 30 minutes down there. Running the ball is the only viable option to gaining ground as the wind is so strong. But the wet weather makes the handling tougher.

8th min: Joe Tomane scoops up the ball for the Wallabies from a Mike Blair knock-on. He attempts to counter-attack but as soon as a hand touches him, he loses it too. Fortunately,  the scrum feed goes to the Wallabies.

7th min: Ross Rennie makes a half break and Scotland are just metres short of the Wallabies line.

6th min: The breakdown is the key battleground for this match with both teams contesting fiercely but David Pocock is pinged for going off his feet, and with the wind at their backs that's easy territory for Scotland.

5th min: The Wallabies roll through the phases with a particularly strong run by Scott Higginbotham, but John Barclay earns a penalty for Scotland and the pressure is relieved.

4th min: Nathan Sharpe wins the line out and the Wallabies are on the attack in the Scottish quarter.

3rd min: A huge advantage for Scotland with the wind. The Wallabies defend strongly and earn a penalty on halfway. Good luck kicking this out Berrick.

1st min: Five phases not much ground made. Genia tries a box kick but the wind blows it back. The ball must have gone 20 to 30 metres in the air and travelled only two metres forward.

Kick-off: It looks like the Wallabies are running into the wind and Genia takes the kick-off and hands it on to Ioane.

Anthem time: Wee Jockey Jimmy is on his feet for Flower of Scotland, not a great rendition from the super sub but he is in full voice to boo Advance Australia Fair.

Pre-game: The Scottish team is ready to run out on the field. Many view this game as an Australian warm-up for the Wales series. The Scots are the wooden-spooners in the Six Nations and the Wallabies are the reigning Tri Nations champions. But this match has made many around the gold camp nervous.

Welcome to tonight's coverage of the first international of the season - Australia v Scotland.

Your host tonight is Steve Samuelson and I'll be joined in commentary by the Herald's Scottish super sub, Wee Jockey Jimmy, who will provide the odd unbiased comment throughout the evening.

The news from Newcastle is that it's wet, very wet. However, the Australian 22 is as named last Sunday.

32 comments so far

  • Good to see the Wallabies doing their best to grow the code by been unable to beat a travelling Scotland team.

    Date and time
    June 05, 2012, 9:19PM
    • Best result since losing to Ireland 2011. Next Italy LOL.

      Date and time
      June 05, 2012, 9:32PM
    • thanks, I'll never watch another game of rugby again

      Date and time
      June 05, 2012, 9:35PM
    • Been? Think you mean being.

      Agree though. PLay Scotland mid week thinking it will be an easy win to showcase the game in Newcastle and they get beaten. Sucked in to them.

      Date and time
      June 05, 2012, 9:49PM
  • The wallabies played like children. SLOW ball, playing to Scotland'd strength, no bhgh balls in the second half, no imagination, no variation. Pathetic.

    Date and time
    June 05, 2012, 9:23PM
    • What the.......

      Date and time
      June 05, 2012, 9:27PM
      • Wallaby tactics were either developed by a 2 year old or a monkey - Deanes must be planning a job as a party clown after he gets fired for this performance. Fear that the test season is going to be long and painful experience if they continue with these tactics or this coach!

        Date and time
        June 05, 2012, 9:29PM
        • 'The world will have a good old laugh at this result'
          You are SO right, we've started already!

          Cheltenham, UK
          Date and time
          June 05, 2012, 9:30PM
          • The wallabies played like children, playing to Scotland's strengths. SLOW ball, no use of the high ball in the second half, no variation, no imagination. Pathetic.

            Date and time
            June 05, 2012, 9:30PM
            • Didn't Scotland lose to Italy and everyone else in the last 6N?

              Date and time
              June 05, 2012, 9:30PM

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