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Live: Brumbies v Reds

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80: OVER! Mogg charges over after intercepting a Quade Cooper cut-out pass. That's the icing on the cake and the Brumbies get another win at Canberra Stadium over the Reds, the try is converted. Brumbies win 24-6 in front of a crowd of 17,058.

74: Penalty to the Brumbies! White now having a shot...over! That should be it! Brumbies 17-6.

68: Penalty! But this time it's Mogg who misses. Could've almost wrapped it up with that kick. Brumbies 14-6.

65: And there ends Rathbone's night to massive cheer from the Brumbies faithful. And no sooner was he off, but his replacement on the wing Mogg (with Robbie Coleman coming on at fullback) puts down a chance with the try line beckoning. Rathbone was cramping in his calves. Brumbies still pressing..

61: Henry Speight off with a suspected slight rib injury. Joe Tomane comes to the field, the rugby league convert sporting the beginnings of a fro that has this folically challenged onlooker a bit jealous. Brumbies 14-6

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57: Another penalty to the Brumbies. Mogg seems to have taken over the kicking duties and he smashes another one through. Carter comes back on for Fotu, was just on for a blood bin. Brumbies 14-6

54: Penalty to the Reds now. Pocock penalised at the breakdown? Surely not sir! Harris goes through his routine...and it falls short. MOgg launches it back down past halfway. That super boot of his hasn't lost anything over the off-season. Could he get a career in the NFL when his days in rugby union are done? Brumbies 11-6

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51: Penalty! Brumbies get a penalty right in front. Lealiifano leaves this one to Mogg, who smashes it over the bar. Brumbies 11-6

48: Again the Brumbies waste a great chance, had the overlap but couldn't capitalise and end up turning it over at the breakdown. Peter Kimlin has had a solid showing so far...Brumbies 8-6

46: The human wrecking ball Fotu Auelua comes on for Sam Carter! Who will be his first victim in 2013? Absolutely smashed a few people last year. Was it the Lions he was especially brutal against?

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44: Penalty! Brumbies kicking to extend their lead. Lealiifano lines up from 36m out slight angle...misses. Wayward return with the boot from him, might take a game or two to get his confidence back. Brumbies 8-6

Players back out onto the field for the second half. Brumbies have the breeze for the second half...

A bit of a scrappy affair from both sides so far, to be expected for the first game of the season I guess. Digby Ioane has looked most threatening for the Reds and MOgg's try was a good piece of opportunism.

40: Penalty to the Brumbies and White takes it from inside his own half. And that's it for the first half, despite having 18 seconds left on the clock. Maybe Andrew Lees is saving those few seconds for the second half...

So at the break, Brumbies 8-6 up, with MOgg scoring the only try...

The Brumbies seem to be a more attacking beast this year. Kicking it away less and prepared to run from deep in defence...

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37: White has the shot at goal after a massive tackle by Clyde Rathbone, which got the crowd going. He then won the ball at the breakdown and the Brumbies lead 8-6

30: Some more push and shove as the Brumbies waste the opportunity, knocking on and giving the Reds a chance to relieve the pressure. Both Slipper and Mowen get a talking to from the ref...and a penalty goes to the Reds from the scrum. Not straight...

28: Some more Argy Bargy! It came after Henry Speight attacked the ball beautifully and a box kick by Nic White finds touch 10m from Reds line. Now the Brumbies have the lineout 35m out...great chance to attack!

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23: A bit scrappy at the moment. Both teams threatening to break only to lose control of the pill. Good to see Cooper continues to hide at fullback in defence. I guess that boxing match against a tomato can didn't harden him up at all...penalty to Reds. Harris makes no mistake! Reds 6-5

Cricket ACT wanted me to mention the John  Gallop Cup final will be under lights at Manuka Oval tomorrow. Obviously they don't understand we don't do free ads. Not sure what I'm going to do with this brown paper bag...

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