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Super for young people

Noel Whittaker I am young - should I focus on super?

Structuring loans

Noel Whittaker How should we structure our investment loans?

Best assets for a near retiree

Noel Whittaker Term deposit or super?

Are shares a smart idea?

Noel Whittaker Am I doing the right thing by focussing on building up my share portfolio?

Capital Gains Tax

Noel Whittaker CGT on home on acreage?

Advice for a 21-year-old

Noel Whittaker Strategies for investing for a young person

Paying off a non dedeuctible debt

Noel Whittaker How can I structure my affairs to make my home loan tax deductible?


Noel Whittaker Buying property via self managed super funds


Noel Whittaker When can I start to make withdrawals from my super?

Deductibility of interest

Noel Whittaker Setting up a tax deductible structure

Seniors Loans

Noel Whittaker Are there new loans for seniors?

Investing for a young person

Noel Whittaker Best way for a graduate to get ahead


Noel Whittaker Possible tax on gifts

Prepaying interest

Noel Whittaker How do you prepay interest?

Buy or rent

Noel Whittaker Can we afford a home?


Noel Whittaker Should I be contributing to super?

Aged care bond

Noel Whittaker Is the interest on a loan for an aged care bond deductible?

How do I choose between super funds?

Noel Whittaker How do I decide which super fund I should roll my other funds into?

Transferring properties to my SMSF

Noel Whittaker What are the rules about transferring properties I own to my SMSF?

Concerned about ability to service loans

Noel Whittaker Concerned about ability to service loans