The Great Australian Dream of property ownership is not dead, but it needs to shift away from the white picket fence.

Property options for the priced-out

It's not going to be much consolation to frustrated would-be first-home buyers, but monthly repayments on the average new mortgage are $254 less than they were at Australia's borrowing peak in November.

Programs such as Nippers train young people to become excellent performers in the water. We need to adopt the same ...

Save yourself from drowning in debt

The number of Australians wallowing in credit-card debt, mortgage debt, car loans and other forms of debt is a real issue, so perhaps it's time we paid the same level of attention to financial safety as we do to being waterwise.

Credit card providers have new traps to squeeze customers.

New credit card traps

​We know about unconscionable credit card interest rates and unreasonable surcharges, but this is what you don't know.