Where's the best place to put a redundancy payout?

George Cochrane   It’s a nice problem to have - looking for somewhere to park a $70,000 redundancy payout.


Surviving rental property disasters

Gutted: Alex Haddad stands outside his investment property in Sydney's Ryde that was destroyed by fire.

Sylvia Pennington   What can landlords do when major disaster strikes?


The principle of interest-only loans

Manage your investment property: Cut into your mortgage with an interest-only loan.

Mark Bouris   Interest-only loans can be a tax-effective way to invest in property – but you'll need to pay attention.


End of the line for credit card surcharges

Clancy Yeates dinkus

Clancy Yeates   For several years now, regulators have tacitly acknowledged that some businesses are gouging customers who pay on credit.


Make your home work for you

Broker a deal: Compare your home loan with current market deals and decide if you could be doing better.

Mark Bouris   It might have been competitive five years ago but your mortgage could now be looking a bit ordinary.


Rates elastic for your plastic

Money-spinner: Interest rates on credit cards won't be falling anytime soon.

John Collett   The official cash rate is low and going lower, while credit card rates have soared.

Time to look at ways investors are taxed

Protecting existing geared investments from changes that focus on boosting the housing stock could protect the interests of current investors.

Daryl Dixon   Low-rate environment is a good time to look at changes to negative-gearing rules.

Make a property plan, then jump in

Safe as houses: Loan affordability and buying well are still the basics of the property market.

The RBA has set the low-interest rate environment for 2015. Now it's your turn to take control, writes Mark Bouris.


Rates down - who will benefit?

In line: For those living off their savings, the search for income just became harder.

John Collett   There are winners and losers from the RBA's decision to cut interest rates.


Can RBA resist the markets’ call for a cut?

Reserve Bank of Australia governer Glenn Stevens: Has anything else happened to nudge the Reserve since its last meeting two months ago? You name it.

David Potts   Even if the Reserve Bank doesn't jump on Tuesday, interest rates are on the way down again.


Brace for a house price crash and you won't get caught out

Bubbles are only apparent in hindsight,but that doesn't mean one isn't coming.

Scott Phillips   No one knows if it's going to happen but if it does, you'll want to be ready


Rates may fall before rebounding

When rates do bounce back, they probably won't rise sharply.

Clancy Yeates   Most economists reckon rates are likely to stay at their record low of 2.5 per cent for several months more, and could even fall further.

Why it doesn’t matter how much you spend this Christmas

Spendup: Christmas shoppers on Sydney streets.

Michelle Hutchison   This season's big question is not how much you plan to spend but how you plan to repay your debt.


The fix is in and borrowers can beat the banks

The big four: Westpac, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank and NAB.

John Collett   It is usually never a good idea to bet against our big banks, except maybe when it comes to fixing your mortgage.


What Murray means for you

Visionary reforms: David Murray, whose inquiry into the financial system leaves many questions unanswered.

David Potts   For all the financial system report's visionary reforms, it's hard to nail down exactly what they are.


Peer-to-peer lender lets you name your own deposit rate

The rating game: RateSetter calls itself the first peer-to-peer lender or P2P but don't let that put you off.

David Potts   It would be good if you can set your own deposit rate. Wait – you can.


Size matters when it comes to defaulting

When good debts go bad: If you have a high loan-to-valuation ratio, it's worth taking extra care with your mortgage payments.

Clancy Yeates   Which borrowers are most likely to fall behind on their mortgage payments?


Property's putting squeeze on

Squeezed: Household debt is back to near record highs.

Clancy Yeates   If you thought the global financial crisis had killed off Australians’ penchant for big mortgages, think again.


How to avoid a dud real estate agent

Make or break: Your real estate agent could either lose you thousands or put thousands back into your pocket.

Emily Chantiri   Getting the right agent can be a big part of a successful property adventure.


Card sharps know how to pick 'em

You can get a good deal to help with the Christmas spending - but make sure you read  the fine print.

David Potts   A card with no interest on new purchases for 15 months would be perfect for the Christmas shopping.


Using online mortgage brokers can cut costs

Turning the lending process on its head: Murray Roach (pictured with his four-year-old daughter Olive) used a new website when buying his Narraweena home, that lets lenders bid for your loan so potential borrowers can choose the best mortgage for them.

David Potts   A Sydney man will save almost $17,000 over the next five years after putting his mortgage out to tender.


Lessons to be learnt before the kids start school

Do your homework: If you're starting to negotiate the tricky topic of where to send your kids to school there are a few options available.

Melissa Browne   There's work ahead if you're planning to move house to be near a good school.

The world won’t end if negative gearing goes

Coinage: If and when the time comes, the impact will be in the detail.

Richard Livingston   As a nation we’ve become addicted to negative gearing but If it were to go, we would probably find it isn’t such a big deal.


Borrowers will be hung out to dry if rates rise

It won't be just the washing hung out to dry when interest rates arise.

Daryl Dixon   The only strategies to cope with an increase in interest rates are to pay off loans quickly and ensure there is spare capacity to service debts.

Sunday Money Data Service


See how Australia's biggest listed companies performed this week

Sunday Money Data Service


See how Australia's biggest listed companies performed this week


There is a magic formula that turns bad debt into good

Move it and lose it: There are a number of strategies to reduce debt effectively and in some instances holding debt can make sense as a wealth creation strategy.

Allan McKeown   You can use existing assets to transform money owed on credit cards.


Time for a fresh look at credit cards

Cut it out: Get rid of your credit card debt in one easy snip.

Mark Bouris   If you must have a credit card, then come up with a plan, look for a low rate, and clear the balance each month.