Debt Management

Why the banks should absorb the cost of the levy

Mark Bouris.

Mark Bouris I know of no other industry where the taxpayer underwrites borrowings – it's a unique arrangement and one that the banks can't characterise as "just another cost", writes Mark Bouris.

Why can't switching banks be like changing mobile providers?

The Greens are pushing for full bank account portability, saying it will boost competition.

Clancy Yeates You could be forgiven for getting a sense of deja vu when watching the stoush between the government and the banks.

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Credi lets family and friends document loans to protect cash and relationships

Phil Hopper has borrowed money from his parents for his business, Liberty Signs in Frenchs Forest.

John Collett Your money kindness towards loved ones might be well meaning, but it is fraught with risk.

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NAB-owned UBank launches robot to sell home loans

UBank's goal is to deliver simpler, better, smarter banking to customers.

John Collett In a first for an Australian bank, NAB-owned UBank has launched an artificial intelligence "chatbot" for home loans.


Customers unlikely to escape the bank tax

Treasurer Scott Morrison says the competition watchdog will keep a close eye on banks' prices.

Clancy Yeates Whenever businesses are hit with a nasty new levy, there is a predictable response: we'll pass it on to customers.


I developed a fear of debt at the age of 10

Megan Blandford and husband Steve and children Abbey, 8, and Iris, 4 live in Beechworth, Victoria.

Megan Blandford A fear of debt can either serve you or hold you back – here's how to know whether you need to overcome it.

The fake offset accounts that could make your savings vanish

Make sure your offset account isn't really a redraw facility in disguise. Illustration: Michael Mucci

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon Money in an offset account may not be protected by the deposit guarantee.

Margin loans are bad for your financial health

Leverage magnifies both losses and gains.

Scott Phillips Borrowing to invest. The idea is almost as old as investing itself.

Banks use existing customers as shortcut to decrease interest-only loan book

The regulator wants to take the heat out of the housing market, especially in Sydney and Melbourne.

Noel Whittaker The regulator wants fewer interest-only loans to take the heat out of the housing market. So banks are trying to meet their target by pressuring existing customers.

Personal loan applications surge as credit cards wane

John Collett Australians are shunning high-interest credit cards and turning to personal loans for large purchases.

How to avoid the squeeze of rising mortgage rates

Mortgage rates are on the rise and borrowers don't want to get in above their heads

John Collett Despite the Reserve Bank cutting the cash rate twice during 2016, lenders have been edging-up their mortgage rates over that time.

Banks are still lending too much to property buyers

It's better to trim your sails than suffer mortgage stress or worse, a distressed sale.

Noel Whittaker Real estate continues to dominate the headlines in tandem with speculation on the future of the housing market as APRA's crack down on interest-only loans begins to bite.

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My blueprint for buying your first property – safely

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon.

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon My answers to the 'Hey Nicole' questions.

Time to 'get serious' about interest-only loans

Mark Bouris is not a fan of 'sledgehammer government responses to the property market' because they might fuel the problem.

Mark Bouris The longer the property boom in Sydney and Melbourne goes on, the more avenues we explore to put a cap on buyer exuberance.

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Today's housing crisis is worse than the 17pc home loans of the 1980s


Caitlin Fitzsimmons Every generation has a sob story. These are the facts about housing affordability.

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Big banks hit owner-occupiers with $116k extra interest

Home loans are bigger than in September 2013 and so is the differential between the best and worst mortgage rates.

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon The rate differential between the best and worst home loan has widened since September 2013, while the average mortgage is bigger.

Credit card rates high, but personal loan rates also too high

Banks have been forced to explain their actions.

John Collett Banks are maintaining high rates on personal loans with little scrutiny.

5 credit card clawbacks that hit people who clear their balance in full

Credit cards have higher annual fees than in the past.

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon It's possible you clear your credit card balance every month – and think you're pretty clever.

Our early Christmas present: refinancing our home loan


Caitlin Fitzsimmons Knocking a few basis points off your mortgage rate can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

Consumer credit: the best way to borrow money and pay off debt

For personal trainer Vicki Lanini, beating credit card debt made her financially fit.

Christine Long Here is how one woman smashed her debt and became a home owner.