Debt Management

Big banks hit owner-occupiers with $116k extra interest

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon The rate differential between the best and worst home loan has widened since September 2013, while the average mortgage is bigger.

Credit card rates high, but personal loan rates also too high

Banks have been forced to explain their actions.

John Collett Banks are maintaining high rates on personal loans with little scrutiny.

5 credit card clawbacks that hit people who clear their balance in full

Credit cards have higher annual fees than in the past.

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon It's possible you clear your credit card balance every month – and think you're pretty clever.

Today's housing crisis is worse than the 17pc home loans of the 1980s


Caitlin Fitzsimmons Every generation has a sob story. These are the facts about housing affordability.

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The science of money: how data controls your financial life

Data is the new currency.

Paul Wallbank The Centrelink debt demands are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how data is used in your financial life.

Why a cheap home loan might not be good value

Noel Whittaker The debate about housing affordability, and speculation about the direction of interest rates, have brought housing loans back into the spotlight.

Cash-poor Aussies letting shonky operators take advantage

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon.

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon There are loan sharks cashing in on 5 million savings-poor Australians, but there are more affordable borrowing options out there.

Zero-interest balance transfers credit cards can have sting

Dennis Reddy is working on clearing a $6000 debt on his credit card.

John Collett Lenders promote their zero-interest balance transfer credit cards at this time of year. They know that many people return from Christmas and holidays struggling to pay-off their credit card debt.

Peer-to-peer lenders lead increase in personal loans

John Collett Personal loan applications rose strongly during the December 2016 quarter, with much of the growth coming from online marketplace lenders.

Working out the most effective debt reduction strategy for you

Darryl Dixon As widely expected, financial institutions have gradually been increasing their mortgage interest rates especially the longer term fixed rate offerings.

Afterpay is no layby: warning about new 'buy now, pay later' system in festive frenzy

Don't take the jolly out of your holiday season by overcommitting on your Christmas spending.

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon There are four frantic days until Christmas and it's possible you're panicking.

Why so few of us fix interest rates at the right time

Few borrowers fixed their loans when fixed rates were at their cheapest.

Clancy Yeates In the past month or so, the window to lock in ultra-cheap mortgage interest rates for the next few years may well have closed, as more banks have jacked up fixed rates.

Our early Christmas present: refinancing our home loan


Caitlin Fitzsimmons Knocking a few basis points off your mortgage rate can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

Consumer credit: the best way to borrow money and pay off debt

For personal trainer Vicki Lanini, beating credit card debt made her financially fit.

Christine Long Here is how one woman smashed her debt and became a home owner.

Is this as low as interest rates go?

Markets are betting RBA governor Philip Lowe will not cut official rates again.

Clancy Yeates Changes in an obscure corner of the financial markets that could ultimately have implications for millions of households.

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How using a credit card doubles your Christmas spend

How much will those Christmas presents really cost?

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon Think ahead for Christmas and limit how much you spend.

Millions at risk of default in next 12 months but don't know it

John Collett A leading credit agency says almost 3 million Australians are at risk of credit default or other adverse credit event in the next 12 months.

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How I paid off my home by 36

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon took seven years from buying a share of her first investment property to owning her family home outright.

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon Money Columnist Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon confides the way she worked the system, leveraged lucky breaks and, yes, economised to get debt-free in seven years.

Low rates are a chance for mortgagors to get ahead

Mark Bouris Many economists think we're in for another interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank in 2017.

Mortgage pre-approval is a smart move but avoid these traps

Heidi Armstrong Pre-approval can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.