Personal Loans


How to ask for more money

Christine Long Doing some home improvements or getting a new set of wheels doesn't have to trigger a complete mortgage makeover.


Good records lead to better loans

House with dollar coin

John Collett Solid credit scores could help you get a cheaper mortgage if Australia follows the US.


Dumb debt can rack up interest costs

Credit card debt.

David Potts It's more about when, rather than where, the credit's due that should worry you.


Do the sums on mortgage options

Mark Bouris With low interest rates forcing competition among lenders, price is not the only factor.


Forget loyalty - card switching can help you get on top of debt

money cover dog loyalty and credit card


Christine Long Need some breathing space from heavy interest charges on your credit card debts? A balance transfer deal could be the answer.


Learn the seven signs of a bad bank

atm do-up

David Wilson If there is one thing that riles Australians more than the taxman, it's banks. Here are seven tell-tale signs it is time for you to stop being a doormat.

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Pay down that debt to get ahead

SHD News. Generic model house made of money. Photo  Danielle Smith

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon Paying down debt is pretty much the top strategy to building wealth; it's often even better than buying shares or investing in property.


The brokers will fix it

Nick Robinson, managing director 
      of Nikolas Michael pawnbrokers, inspects a diamond and emerald gold ring 
      in London, U.K., on Wednesday Sept. 23, 2009. Gold advanced as a weakness 
      in the dollar bolstered the precious metal's appeal as an alternative 
      investment. Photographer: Paul Hackett/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** 
      Nick Robinson


Sylvia Pennington Almost an anachronism since the advent of easy credit and interest-free finance - or are they?

Used wisely, low interest rates are a boon


Annette Sampson Bankers are up to their old sneaky tricks.


Plot a path to turn red into black

Credit Card Debt.

Christine Long Sticking to a straightforward strategy is the key to defeating credit-card debt.

No credit given once relationship soured

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Penny Pryor When recently separated Jan Bradley applied for a personal loan for what she believed was a relatively small amount of $10,000 at her bank earlier this year, she was shocked and dismayed at the way...

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Margin loans rise but risk still off table


Clancy Yeates Margin lending is growing for the first time since the stimulus-induced sharemarket surge of 2009, as investors seek to capitalise on record low interest rates and rising stock prices.

The underlying costs

Mini Minor

Annette Sampson Financing a new car has become much easier, with lenders scrambling to compete with cheap dealer-finance offers.

Tougher stand taken on credit files

Illustration by Caroline Adaszynski

John Kavanagh The information held on consumer credit files will change in the coming year so that lenders, utility suppliers and telcos can find out more about the way we use credit.

Customers not happy with banks

Complaints.   Man yelling over the telephone.

Eric Johnston Disputes between borrowers and their banks surged nearly 30 per cent last financial year.

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Money Matters

Not logical but laudable

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon Ultimately, whatever the maxims, the best ways to repay debt and fund retirement come down to you.

Margin loans still on the nose


Margin loans are still out of favour, more than three years after the global financial crisis (GFC) began, with fewer investors than ever inclined to use them - and those that do opting for much more...

Devil in the detail


Lesley Parker New ''responsible lending'' provisions have made life harder for the dodgy operators among debt consolidation services but recent surveillance by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission...

Foundations of a secure future


Debt is a four-letter word and never more so since the global financial crisis.

A guarantor's key decisions

Handing over keys to new owner. On blue sky with clipping path. generic..Above; Agreement; Beginnings; Business; Buying; Car; Close-up; Closing; Copy Space; Customer; Door; Finance; Gift; Giving; Hand; Holding; House; Human Arm; Human Hand; Incentive; Indoors; Investment; Key; Men; New; Owner; Real Estate Agent; Rent; Representative; Residential; Sale; Sales; Security; Selling; Service; Small Business; Start; Teamwork; Trader; Wealth

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Barbara Drury Helping your child climb onto the housing ladder by guaranteeing a loan is a serious commitment.