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Is it a good plan to sell rental properties?

Your Questions dinkus

George Cochrane I intend to sell my three investment properties. Is this the right path to take for a worry-free retirement?


Get cracking on exit plan

George Cochrane I was wondering if it is wise to stay with the MTAA or at least separate our eggs into two baskets?


Pension capitalisation taxable for under 60s

George Cochrane My wife and I have our own SMSF. Can she 'commute' the pension and take capital out?

Savings, super in means test

George Cochrane Our personal finance expert answers questions on super, savings and pension entitlements.

Super strategies for those golden years

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George Cochrane How much do I need to accumulate in super to give me the retirement income I desire?

Quirky Investments

Ka-ching to their bow

Violin.Sydney.March 21st, 2013.Photo.Sahlan Hayes.SMH Money.Dene Olding violinist with the Goldner Quartet and Sydney Symphony, with his 1720 Joseph Guarnerius violin.

George Cochrane The value of antique instruments has been steadily rising for decades, with some violins valued in the millions.

George Cochrane

Your questions: Super property advice

George Cochrane answers your questions.

George Cochrane Buying assets within a super fund has only one benefit - a lower tax rate.

George Cochrane

Your questions for George Cochrane

Teacher generic

George Cochrane My husband and I brought over our teachers' pensions from Britain. It is a decent amount.

Take advantage of teenager's tax-free status

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George Cochrane Is it feasible to put my highly-taxed term deposits in the name of my 18-year-old?

George Cochrane

Your questions for George Cochrane

funds, inflation

George Cochrane I'm single with no dependents who will turn 60 in October. I work full time, earning $119,500.

Concern for daughter


George Cochrane My wife and I are both 73 and we're getting worried about our daughter, who is on a disability pension.

George Cochrane

Use offset to maximise advantage

George Cochrane I am 66 and have a defined benefit super fund that pays me an indexed fortnightly pension.

Calculating the cut-off point for benefits


George Cochrane If you qualify for the age pension, money in superannuation counts towards the Centrelink means test.

Keep money separate to protect pension


George Cochrane Using a bank account to shelter children's assets comes at a cost.

George Cochrane

Offset to ensure debt-free future

George Cochrane When it comes to planning for retirement, paying off a mortgage should be the cornerstone of security, writes George Cochrane.

George Cochrane

Barricade your super from losses

Defensive strategies for Your Business.

George Cochrane Nobody wants to see their account balance drop, so cash is where it's at for safety, writes George Cochrane.

Reprieves still hard to come by


George Cochrane Small relief exists for first-time breaches of the concessional contributions cap but there's a catch.

Tap into your fund's full potential

Dripping tap.

George Cochrane An underperforming trust should be pressured to produce greater returns for its dependant.

Keep a keen eye on government guarantees

watch your step

George Cochrane It pays to be aware of new regulations guaranteeing a bank's deposits when you have long-held savings.

During unemployment, utilise super to pay debts

George Cochrane I HAVE just celebrated my 60th birthday. Earlier this year, I was retrenched from my job. I am trying to find another job. I have lived in my home in South Melbourne for 28 years.