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How to beat 'bracket creep'

Potts Spot Many will pay $1000 more a year in tax within two years. But there are ways to avoid a higher tax slug.


The big dividend haul


Potts Spot Far from elbowing out first-home buyers, baby boomers armed with their tax-subsidised super funds are zeroing in on corporations.


Our fear and loathing of financials

Potts Spot Treasury thinks most - but not all - of us are dumb and myopic.

David Potts

Cashing in with a wallet of ones and zeros

David Potts

Potts Spot Trust the internet to produce the world's weirdest bubble, based on a string of computer code.

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Goalposts shift but super's still super

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Potts Spot Just when it's finally come good, the rules for super just changed. Again.

Rates that should pique your interest

David Potts

Potts Spot The Reserve Bank may have reached the end of the line for rate cuts, but lenders are going their own way.

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Poor form on reform

Potts Spot Whenever I'm asked how to find a financial adviser, I just say it's the same as choosing a doctor or dentist.

BHP displays growth you can bank on

BHP Billiton

Potts Spot A milestone missed amid the distractions in Canberra has been the Commonwealth Bank's market value overtaking that of BHP Billiton.

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Fixed outlook not all it's cut out to be

Banking on your house interest rates mortgages home loans property investment photo illustration.

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Potts Spot There's talk the Reserve Bank is done with cutting interest rates, and some fertile, or perhaps febrile, minds are even suggesting it might be ready to lift them.

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A drop in the ocean for spot in the Med

Eurozone shivers as Cyprus panics (Thumbnail)

Potts Spot Another day, another European country goes broke. Only this time the markets barely blinked

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Boom-boom goes the bust




Potts Spot Best not speak too loudly should somebody in the sharemarket hear, but the economy is officially in a fairly sorry state.

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Put a dollar on where it might go next

David Potts

Potts Spot The strong dollar is supposed to be a threat to jobs but I'm starting to think maybe it's the other way around.


Market hero never quits


Potts Spot Even before he started buying up newspapers, Warren Buffett was my hero. So if you'll forgive an indulgence, the fact that he also likes newspapers enough to buy their owners makes my day.

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The dangers of a gas explosion

David Potts

Potts Spot YOU can never have too much of a good thing - but I'll make an exception for our investment boom.

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There goes the neighbourhood

Potts Spot JUST what we don't need, an index that measures property prices daily.

The myth about mutant stocks

Potts Spot Hybrid shares are complex instruments that promise more than they deliver. Better to avoid the pitfalls and play it straight.

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Well, things aren't so bad after all

Potts Spot Inflation's under control and the Reserve's holding fire, with money going cheap it may be time to take stock.

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Reserve should stash its finest cuts

Potts Spot Europe's troubles, Australians squirrelling away cash - it all points to another drop in interest rates.

A hole at the end of the boom

Ford factory.

Potts Spot All this focus on the mines and vehicle makers is drawing attention away from potentially better uses of government money.

Dispatches from the States

David Potts

Potts Spot In the Big Apple, the US economy seems to be sputtering to life, helped by a spending frenzy.