Property trusts up, but danger lurks if investors overpay

John Collett They may be less risky than before the financial crisis, but listed property trusts are vulnerable to rises in interest rates.


Wind me up and watch me go

Solicitor Andrew McGregor and some of his vintage tin toys.

Stephen Crafti They were made to amuse children but many adults will pay silly money for vintage tin toys.

Sunday Money Data Service

See how Australia's biggest listed companies performed this week


Investors beware of snake oil salesmen

Daryl Dixon No matter how good a scheme may appear, it pays to remember key investment fundamentals.


Don't blame the bogeymen for high property prices

Apartments in Melbourne's Docklands could be pulling down the median growth rate.

David Potts It's usually investors and foreigners taking turns as the housing bogyman but lately they've teamed up.

Falling Australian dollar will benefit domestic tourism and property

Copper pipes sit on display at a Lowe's store in Cary, North Carolina, U.S., on Monday, May 18, 2009. Copper futures rose to a one-week high as falling inventories and a weakening dollar boosted speculation that demand will increase for the metal used in pipes and wires. Photographer: Jim R. Bounds/Bloomberg News

David Potts The 5 per cent drop in the dollar in a fortnight is good news for nearly all of us.


Property investing not a good fit for all

Marcus Padley It is not one or the other when weighing up the benefits of either share or property investments.


Shares fall out of favour as property bubbles merrily

Flush investments: Is your money going down the drain? Think carefully about where you invest.

Marcus Padley We need something new to talk about because the current offering is hard to sell.


Astro rides revival of Japanese property prices

A little thaw: The ice  is starting to crack around Japan's frozen property market, and Astro offers Australian investors a way in.

Greg Smith Metropolitan Japanese property looks to be on the right track after more than two decades of decline, with tenancy rates in prime properties high and an increasing number of buyers looking at...


Property player hopes to exploit agent anger

Competition: The online market for 'eyeballs' in real estate is heating up.

Richard Hemming Online competitor Onthehouse is attracting 'eyeballs', because it offers data on properties which aren't listed.


Patience suggested as property sales rush eases

Penny Pryor dinkus.

Penny Pryor It's a time for wait-and-see, especially for first-home buyers - your net wealth will thank you.


Property prices feel warmth before chill

Warm weather has perked up property prices, but the clouds may be descending.

David Potts All that warm weather in May seems to have perked up property prices, but a chill is descending in more ways than one.

Property story for Money

Richard Hughes Homes and property are great.


Nightmare vision of impending property crash

Frank Maiorana colour illustration. For Business 13-03-2010

City skyline made up of red arrows pointing upwards. High interest rates / housing finance

John Collett We should brace ourselves for a spectacular collapse in home prices, an American economist claims.

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Slim pickings on property index

Rod Myer The listed property sector gives private investors the chance to get exposure to commercial, industrial and retail sectors of the property market.


Joining the rush for property

Property, for sale.

With lower rental yields and rising vacancy rates, analysts are warning investors to tread carefully, writes John Collett.

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Make property your business

Mark Bouris Regardless of why you invest in property, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Is property affordable? The devil's in the index

Generic auction

Richard Livingston If I ask the question "is property affordable?" you'll have an opinion, or quickly form one.

Abandoning the banks for shares and property

Peter Martin and Gareth Hutchens Australians are ditching banks and ploughing their savings into real estate and shares.

Mark Bouris

Confidence revival boosts property

Mark Bouris

Mark Bouris Economies come down to households having confidence to commit to property purchases.