Residential Property


How to profit from declining dollar

Scott Phillips The currency has fallen… here’s what to do next.


Neglected artform shaping up for saleroom success

James Cockington Sculpture auctions, especially high quality ones, are rare. So for the cognoscenti, next week's sale is a red letter day.

Property investors warned on land tax

Property investment is on the rise - and state governments want their cut.

John Collett Buy-to-let boom drives NSW State Government to issue warning to landlords.


Join hunt for a plan that pays

Dogged: Carefully check options to sniff out reliable returns.

David Potts Must rate cuts mean a pay cut? There are ways to get a better income for only slightly more risk.


Property trust builds bulwark against rising rates

Ettalong Beach Holiday Village is run by Ingenia Communities.

Richard Hemming Ingenia's aged care focus is a point of difference from its REIT peers.

How to make rate cut work for you

What to do for the best...

David Potts Should you increase your mortgage repayments, or shunt the savings into super?


No golden ratio for bricks and mortar

David Potts dinkus.

David Potts Buying property used to be a sure profit-making enterprise, but economies are a-changing.


Investor love drives 'sexy six' to new heights

Share the love, share the profit: The big banks, Telstra and Wesfarmers offer enticing yields.

John Collett The big four banks, Telstra and Wesfarmers are all the rage, but are these companies being loved too much?

Sunday Money Data Service

See how Australia's biggest listed companies performed this week

Sunday Money Data Service

See how Australia's biggest listed companies performed this week


Easing calms nerves, soothes jitters, makes income stocks shine

Jill and Jack Citizen are not the primary beneficiaries of quantitative easing.

Marcus Padley Europe's money printing may not do much for Europe's economy but could be better news for the lowly Australian investor.

Sunday Money Data Service

See how Australia's biggest listed companies performed this week


Stark warning: Winter is coming, prepare for the worst

Scott Phillips As sure as night follows day, busts have followed booms since time immemorial. So are you ready for the next recession?


Auction joy from barn finds and tinpot toys


James Cockington What sells and what doesn't remains a mystery that tantalises even the auction experts.


Stick or twist? The smart move is to sit tight

Better to take the losses in order to win big when things improve.

Sally Patten If the going gets rough, investors should remember one of the key lessons from the GFC.


Predictable predictions for 2015

Time for a bit of foresight for 2015.

Marcus Padley The great thing about the stock market at the end of the year is that you can look back and see everything that you should have known.


Smart investment or just a money pit?

Simply irresistible: Lisa Marquette made a snap decision to purchase her holiday retreat but says she has no regrets.

David Potts Thinking of buying a beach shack or a hideaway in the hills? Take a breath – you could end up with a whole heap of hassle.

Bargain holiday properties are out there if you want them

It doesn't have to be a run-down hut. Most cheap places just require work on the bathroom and kitchen.

Kate Jones There are holiday properties for less than $200,000. It’s just a matter of scouting them out.


Property investment is all about choices

Choices are crucial

Max Newnham The success or failure of investing in property is all about the decisions you make.


Australian gold producers benefit from price rebound and weaker dollar

Gold, fingers: Northern Star's profit margins have gone from somewhere between 0 and $50 an ounce to $250 an ounce.

Richard Hemming With the gold price rebounding from its lows and the dollar weaker, smaller gold producers are running hot.