Rebound makes time for a new game

Daryl Dixon Recent events mean smaller investors have the opportunity to rebalance their portfolios.

It’s easier to get in with the e-crowd

Global Kinetics Corporation chief executive Andrew Maxwell wears a Parkinson's KinetiGraph medical device, which helps doctors treat patients with movement disorders. GKC has used crowdfunding site OurCrowd to raise money to take the product to the American market.

Christine Long Small investors could soon find fresh ways to back new ventures.


How it feels to get burned on the stockmarket - one investor's hard-learned advice

Paul Courtney, left, has learned the hard way about what not to do when investing. He is with his son, financial adviser Andrew Courtney.

David Wilson The tumult on the share markets this week is a reminder to all investors of just how treacherous trading can be.


The rise of the Gen Y share investor

If you get kids interested in the stock market when they are young they are likely to develop a healthy interest.

Barbara Drury Tech-savvy young investors are tapping into the share market.


Spark New Zealand delivers a haymaker for the naysayers

Spark has seen many changes with a  major rebranding.

Greg Smith The Kiwi telco has surpassed earnings growth expectations and delivered a higher dividend. But is it a good buy?


What to do during market turmoil

No, we're not in panic mode yet.

Richard Livingston Shares in our big banks and miners have been hard hit. That makes now a good time to buy. Or does it?

Big bank shares have hidden perils

Investors in banking shares must consider a financial institution's future profitability.

Daryl Dixon Share investors have sound reasons for being concerned about participating in the current spate of new share issues.


The goldrums could be a good time to buy big

Gold enthusiasts say now is a good time to buy gold, like every other time. Economists have a different view.

Alexandra Cain As the price of the yellow metal slides to its lowest level for some time, many investors are sensing a golden opportunity.


Hot tip for selling old Playboys

Vintage <i>Playboy</i> magazines are hot property for collectors.

James Cockington Collectors could be more interested in old issues of Hugh Hefner's girlie magazine now that it has announced it will stop publishing pictures of fully naked women.


Don't let debt fears paint you into a corner

Melissa Browne.

Melissa Browne Not all debt is bad for you - so paying all your debts down at once might not be such a great idea.


How to make a flipping profit

Buying an old house, renovating it and selling it at a profit is not as easy as TV reno shows may suggest.

John Collett If you want to buy, sell and move on – fast – it helps to pick a property in the right suburb


Are four walls still safe as houses?

Dean and Sally Lewis, with their children Bronte and Dan, have been buying and renovating houses for 25 years.

David Potts Unlike the share market, property is unlikely to plummet but will prices keep on climbing?


The party may be over

Daryl Dixon Market slides are bad, but a more important concern for many investors is the impact of the APRA crackdown on lending to property investors.

A mild correction forecast for house prices

Apartment prices in Sydney and Melbourne are expected to decline more sharply than houses.

John Collett Leading forecaster BIS Shrapnel says property prices in Sydney and Melbourne will experience a "mild correction" during the next three years.


Buyers beware in banks' stock clearance sales

The Big Four banks are having a clearance sale.

David Potts It might look tempting, but don't rush in to buy.


Four areas to focus on this reporting season

The reaction to the Commonwealth Bank results shows you can meet expectations, but that's not enough.

Richard Hemming Growth is the key to making money on the stock market and the balance sheet is one place where you can see it.


At last - the horrible truth about the stock market

Marcus Padley This is how how the share market really works. To the insiders, it's like a car yard.


Chinese take a fancy to all things French

James Cockington It's not just property that's seeing the effects of growing Chinese wealth. One Melbourne antique dealer is also feeling the warmth.


Is NAB set to shine?

Seen by some as the poor relation of the major banks, NAB is poised for big things.


Here's how to cast off the chains of debt

Marcus Padley

Marcus Padley What can the younger generation do to avoid getting trapped by our debt culture?