Sculthorpe sale sure to lure its share of stickybeaks

James Cockington Held in the home where Peter Sculthorpe composed most of his music, the auction of his estate is expected to attract a diverse crowd.


How to turn $10,000 into $280,000 (and more)

Holding firm, despite the jitters, can prove a winning formula in the long run.

It requires less work than you think.


From backyard to global - where to find the wealth winners

Property versus shares.

David Potts An authoritative report says previously sound investments are moving in the wrong direction.

Changes lead to investment blues

Mark Bouris.

Mark Bouris You'll often hear me ''preaching'' to Australians to get informed about their finances and to learn what the market offers. That's because being informed helps you make good decisions.


Professional investors lift their exposure to global shares

John Collett.

John Collett Professional investors are lifting their investment in overseas shares and reducing their exposure to Australian shares.


The rise of the Gen Y share investor

If you get kids interested in the stock market when they are young they are likely to develop a healthy interest.

Barbara Drury Tech-savvy young investors are tapping into the share market.

Big bank shares have hidden perils

Investors in banking shares must consider a financial institution's future profitability.

Daryl Dixon Share investors have sound reasons for being concerned about participating in the current spate of new share issues.


The goldrums could be a good time to buy big

Gold enthusiasts say now is a good time to buy gold, like every other time. Economists have a different view.

Alexandra Cain As the price of the yellow metal slides to its lowest level for some time, many investors are sensing a golden opportunity.


Don't let debt fears paint you into a corner

Melissa Browne.

Melissa Browne Not all debt is bad for you - so paying all your debts down at once might not be such a great idea.


How to make a flipping profit

Buying an old house, renovating it and selling it at a profit is not as easy as TV reno shows may suggest.

John Collett If you want to buy, sell and move on – fast – it helps to pick a property in the right suburb


Are four walls still safe as houses?

Dean and Sally Lewis, with their children Bronte and Dan, have been buying and renovating houses for 25 years.

David Potts Unlike the share market, property is unlikely to plummet but will prices keep on climbing?


A light at the end of the tunnel for savers

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

David Potts The bank deposit tax went AWOL in the budget and that isn't the only good news for savers. Term deposit rates might be a lost cause but even then there's some hope.


Overcoming your irrational inner self

David Potts When you buy a Lotto ticket do you choose your own numbers?


Open up to a world of market gains

Investing overseas offers opportunities and industries that aren't available in Australia.

David Potts Sharemarkets almost everywhere around the world are booming - and they're putting our market to shame.


How a small cap miner doubled despite a weak copper price

Richard Hemming Highlands Pacific's stock had doubled in the past month and is now up 50 per cent since the start of March.


'Sticky beak' factor pays off for collectors

Bonhams' sale of property developer Warren Anderson's assorted treasures earned $13.1 million.

James Cockington For those contemplating selling a collection, the big question is how much will they get out of it?


Art world's big hitter back on the block

John Brack, First Daughter 1955 
Estimate $600,000-$800,000.

James Cockington The art world is excited about John Brack's 'First Daughter', which is going under the hammer next week.


Brack on the block

The Jockey and His Wife, sold at Bonhams' 2013 Grundy auction in Sydney for $1,159,000 (est $600,000 - $800,000).

James Cockington A painting from John Brack's golden period is going under the hammer this month. Big things are expected.

Shareholders in post-budget retail therapy

Time for a shopping spree?

David Potts  Apologies to whoever said perception is 90 per cent of reality but it describes the budget better than I could.


Building wealth for share-loving investors

Scott Phillips Here’s a way to have your cake and eat it, too.