Breaking the mould

Stephen Crafti Designer plastic furniture is getting harder to find - and prices are rising.


Shares: What are you really buying?

Scott Phillips Don't let the so-called ''experts'' tell you it's too hard.


Even fake Kangaroos come at a premium

This strip of three pale blue/green one-shilling stamps, with JBC monogram attached, is one of only two known to have survived.

James Cockington Kangaroo and Map stamps are so popular among collectors that counterfeits have attained a certain cachet.


A war chest for when the price is right

David Potts

David Potts Warren Buffett has invested in insurer IAG and likes our banks, too. Should you follow his lead?


Can I still bank on my bank shares?


Scott Phillips As they say, the trend is your friend … until it comes to an end.


Time for a mature debate on house prices

Both the Reserve Bank and Treasury believe we are at risk from a housing bubble.

Gareth Hutchens Prime Minister Tony Abbott last week missed a genuine chance to talk maturely about a serious topic.


Rookies beware: top four sharemarket mistakes

Just because I can cut wood and hammer nails doesn't mean I should build a house.

Marcus Padley Having a smartphone doesn't make you an expert in the sharemarket. Here's four mistakes any rookie can make.


Why women make the best investors

Stock market day trader Mandi Rafsendjani.

David Potts The proof is in - women who trade or invest in the sharemarket do it better than men.


Grosvenor School prints in a class of their own

Ethel Spowers 'The Giant Stride' is expected to fetch between $20,000  and $30,000.

James Cockington The London art world is slavering for inter-war prints. Australian collectors can pick up some fine examples this month.


What a transport strike can teach you about money

Melbourne CBD during the August tram strike. Use a nudge, such as a strike, to help you set up a financial safety net.

Catherine Robson Transport strikes are frustrating but research suggests they can lead to productivity gains over time - and you can apply the same lessons to your personal finances.


End game as the global bond bubble bursts

It's a scarey time on global money markets.

David Potts Even scarier than a Sydney home auction in full flight are the global money markets when they get going.


How bank stocks have spoilt us rotten

David Potts

David Potts Far be it for me to rub it in, but if you bought any bank shares two months ago you'll have lost more than they'll pay in dividends this year.


Sculthorpe sale sure to lure its share of stickybeaks

This Chinese gilt bronze figure from the late Ming Dynasty is possibly Mahasthamaprapta, a disciple of Gautama Buddha. Estimate: $8000 to $10,000.

James Cockington Held in the home where Peter Sculthorpe composed most of his music, the auction of his estate is expected to attract a diverse crowd.


How to turn $10,000 into $280,000 (and more)

Holding firm, despite the jitters, can prove a winning formula in the long run.

It requires less work than you think.


From backyard to global - where to find the wealth winners

Property versus shares.

David Potts An authoritative report says previously sound investments are moving in the wrong direction.

Changes lead to investment blues

Mark Bouris.

Mark Bouris You'll often hear me ''preaching'' to Australians to get informed about their finances and to learn what the market offers. That's because being informed helps you make good decisions.


Professional investors lift their exposure to global shares

John Collett.

John Collett Professional investors are lifting their investment in overseas shares and reducing their exposure to Australian shares.


The fine art of downsizing

A French three-piece clock garniture by Raingo of Paris. Estimate: $30,000 to $50,000.

James Cockington Downsizing can be a profoundly therapeutic experience, and in some cases generate a considerable profit.


A light at the end of the tunnel for savers

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

David Potts The bank deposit tax went AWOL in the budget and that isn't the only good news for savers. Term deposit rates might be a lost cause but even then there's some hope.

Shareholders in post-budget retail therapy

Time for a shopping spree?

David Potts  Apologies to whoever said perception is 90 per cent of reality but it describes the budget better than I could.