A new climate of profitability

John Collett Following a challenging couple of years, major insurers IAG, Suncorp and QBE are now showing signs of strength.


Beware the Well Known Fact

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Nathan Bell History shows that "common knowledge" often comes before the fall.

Hot stock: David Jones

David Jones.

Greg Fraser Someone ought to tell David Jones and Myer that the internet became a commercially viable tool in the 1980s.


Greater risk leads to greater rewards


Richard Livingston You've probably heard about starting early when it comes to saving – the power of compound interest and all that. It's true, but it's not quite that simple.

Insight: investing in banks

Clancy Yeates

Clancy Yeates It can be hard to avoid the big banks if you're a sharemarket investor.

Where Aussies will invest next


Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon Research shows Australians are feeling distinctly positive about their finances.

Investment plan requires yearly review


John Kavanagh Trustees of self-managed superannuation funds must review their investment strategies regularly, following a recent change to super regulations.

Rally digs in to last

Illustration: Rocco Fazzari.

John Collett We've heard all about sustainable stockmarket rebounds but this time the signs are more promising.

Hot Stock

Hot stock: Crown

Crown builds hotels to attract visitors to its casinos.

Greg Fraser Crown has been refining its strategy of building integrated resorts for many years and its stock is finding some momentum.

Marcus Padley

Wealth comes to those with time, patience and wealth


Marcus Padley We still get phone calls that start with the question, what commission rates do you charge?

No place like home

Greener pastures ... there are pitfalls to investing in overseas property. Illustration: Sam Bennett.

John Collett Property investors are likely to be better off sticking to home.

Big four to the fore

John Collett In a difficult economic environment, the banks have held up well.

Annual report health check


Nathan Bell Long, boring, self-serving. That's the sentiment most investors profess towards annual reports. No wonder most end up in the bin. And that's where some belong, but not prematurely.

Bushranger booty

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Quirky Investments There must be something in the air. Last night, Sotheby's Australia auctioned one of Sidney Nolan's celebrated Ned Kelly paintings, hoping to fetch more than $1 million (a full report on this sale...

Hot stock: Westfield


Greg Smith What's new? Westfield's solid performance continues, with its premium suite of assets and world-class management keeping the mama of shopping centres on top of its game.

Nolan art hits target

Sidney Nolan Ned Kelly

Quirky Investments First Class Marksman, one of Sidney Nolan's paintings from his first 1946 Ned Kelly series, sold for $5.4 million, including buyer's premium, through Menzies Art Brands in March 2010.

Time to go for growth

Barbara Drury Behavioural finance teaches us that people tend to prefer a small, certain reward today over a larger, uncertain one in the future. That pretty much sums up current sharemarket behaviour.

Insight: household savings

Clancy Yeates

Clancy Yeates Putting your savings into the sharemarket is so last decade - at least, that's what the figures suggest.

Trust still missing from mortgages

Interest has waned ... illiquidity is a problem for mortgage trusts.

John Kavanagh A former must-have investment for seekers of increased yield has become a pariah since the global financial crisis.

Stock-ing fillers for mum


Nathan Bell Tricky things, Christmas presents, especially for your mum. How many facials and cookbooks does she need? And why punish her for your lack of creativity?