Bouris on Money

Ten ways to read the economy

Mark Bouris When you make financial decisions outside your normal expertise you’ll need to understand the broader economy.


A leg of briefs

Clothing and entertainment: Choice says households are being forced to spend less.

John Potts Budgeting? ASIC has an app for that.

Designer hats an investment from the heart

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 29:  Alison Waters poses for a photo with her extraordinary hat collection on August 29, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Anu Kumar/Fairfax Media via Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Alison Waters

Stephen Crafti Spring's the time for racing - and hats - but there's more to them than fascinators.


Value's hiding, time to go seek

Kids playing, what to do on school holidays  Pic By Craig Sillitoe SPECIALX 000

Nathan Bell In the sharemarket, a true bargain can be many things; unknown, unloved, ignored, misunderstood, odd, decrepit, pitied and reviled. One thing it's probably not is popular.


Plan for the four ages of personal finance

Mark Bouris dinkus.

Mark Bouris The ways you structure your spending, saving and investing change as you get older.


The carnival is over, but it's not all gloom

The Australian dollar has fallen to a six-month low.

Daryl Dixon Just what will happen with our share market from here is far from certain.

Don't get taken in by the finance industry's sleight of hand

Smoke and mirrors: When something appears too good to be true, it usually is.

Richard Livingston A good rule of thumb is 'if you don't understand a financial product then don't buy it'.


Volatility provides opportunities to find value

Richard Hemming Does recent volatility provide a buying opportunity for stocks that have been sold off?


Time to get stuck in to bonds

Mark Bouris Fixed interest funds – which mostly invest in government and corporate bonds – can be a conservative way to pursue above-cash returns with a modest increase in risk.


Dollar and market locked together

The fortunes of the dollar and that of the  sharemarket are locked together.

David Potts Whether it's the chicken or the egg coming first, the fact is the dollar and the sharemarket are moving in lockstep.


Money in modern classics

Peter Muller's The Audette House

Stephen Crafti Iconic homes are becoming more and more desirable - especially among expat buyers dreaming of home.


A Ned's as good as a wink

Final gesture: This painting, entitled Shot, is one of the last of Nolan's works, and is expected to sell for $60,000 to $80,000, or more.

James Cockington You can pay more than $5 million for a Sidney Nolan but many of his later works, some of them spray-painted, can be had for a lot less.


Patchy outlook for investors

Building wealth.

John Collett Record-low interest rates have been driving property prices higher. But borrowing won’t always be cheap and, if you’re thinking of buying to let, you will need to tread carefully.

Perpetual listed investment company float opens soon

Training session: Maxi-yacht Perpetual Loyal.

John Collett & David Potts Perpetual is seeking at least $150 million to float an investment company. John Collett & David Potts report


Secrets of the millionaire next door

Door knocker

Scott Phillips Look past the European cars to those who are really rich.

Investing lesson from 'The Block'

Contestants weren't happy with the auction results.

Richard Livingston It's not that the contestants should have made more on the sale of their apartments but that they needed to pay the production company less.

Share collapse or just a correction? Jury is still out

It looks as if markets could be building a floor, though the volatility is expected to continue

John Collett Global economic fears and the Ebola scare have and sent Australia's shares tumbling. But some experts can see an upside.


Making the beach house pay

All fun: Andrew Maynard's beach house in Anglesea.

Stephen Crafti Today’s beach homes are a far cry from their predecessors but are they a good investment?

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