Predicting markets for the year ahead

John Collett If the fearless forecasts of economists and analysts for 2013 prove correct, our sharemarket will hit 5000 points, interest rates will slide, and the Australian dollar will finally lose some heat.

Quirky Investments

Treasured maps


Quirky Investments In a world of Google and GPS, it's interesting that the significance of antique maps, the ones actually printed on paper, appears to be increasing.

After the shock, ore brings relief to Rio

Rio Tinto's Chief Executive Iron Ore Group Sam Walsh.

Nathan Bell Being the chief executive of one of the largest and most eminent global miners should be a dream job, especially in a boom.

Hot stock: CBA


Hot Stock What's new? Shareholders have reaped a nice gain from Commonwealth Bank of Australia this year, with an improved dividend and a share-price gain well ahead of the market.

Returns of the decade


Residential real estate is a much-loved investment and everyone seems to know someone who has doubled their money playing property.

Insight: retail

Clancy Yeates If our economy is in pretty good nick, why are retailers always complaining about how tough things are?

Bank on banks

David Potts

David Potts The best way to deal with a bank is by owning a bit of it. Take your typical term deposit. You'll be lucky if you're getting much more than 4 per cent - unless it goes back a couple of years - but...

Uncle Sam on comeback trail


Following the global financial crisis and recession, America is remaking itself.

Lower your expectations and get rich slowly


Marcus Padley It has been an incredible three decades of asset speculation and price appreciation - in both shares and property.

Mark Bouris

At this rate, prospects are for a rise

Mark Bouris

Mark Bouris Every economy has cycles and we may be approaching the end of one that has been good for mortgage-holders.


Houdini conjures a magic result

Sold for $1,900 by Lawsons Auctioneers in Sydney on 22 February 2013.

James Cockington Those who work for auction houses dream of moments such as this. Luke Jones, of Lawsons Auctioneers in Leichhardt, Sydney, was contacted recently by a valuer who suggested he check out the contents...


Precious little to recommend gold

Gold ingots on display during a press conference of Germany's Central Bank.

The "safe haven" metal's bull run is waning, with loud talk among investors that 2013 may mark the end of its spectacular 12-year bull run.


Investors scramble as rental crisis bites

Investors will buy for income, rather than capital gain, in a slow housing market.

From Sydney's inner suburbs to the mining towns of Western Australia, investors are scrambling to take advantage of a growing rental crisis and the lowest mortgage costs in years.

Murky dangers in dark pools

Richard Livingston Imagine you're doing the grocery shopping. A glance at your Woolies iPhone app suggests you're out of Weet-Bix, priced at $5.49 a box. So you wander over to the cereal aisle to grab one.


Lowy family signs up to doubter list

Nathan Bell When the smart money sells down, why wouldn't you follow suit? That's a question shareholders in Westfield Retail Trust are asking themselves.

Share wars: how the robots are robbing you

'The problem is that the computers queue-jump.'

David Potts The prevalence of computer-generated trading in the modern sharemarket has created an unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous, environment for investors.


A collection for the board room

Single fin surfboards for James Cockington story in Money 13 March

James Cockington Baby boomers are spending big on vintage surfboards to hang on their walls and show that, once upon a time, they were young too.

Intelligent Investor

Ten signs your stock will double


Nathan Bell Everyone loves the idea of buying stocks that double in price. But how do you spot them? Here are 10 quick pointers:


Sun rises with general insurance the star

Suncorp logo.

Hot Stock Suncorp is making strides on its path to delivering value to shareholders by stripping out cost, winding down non-core banking, improving general insurance margins and returning capital.

David Potts

Let them eat dividends: Reporting season 2012


David Potts Although a slew of companies have already downgraded their profit hopes, market experts are pointing out that returns are higher, even if the outlook remains uncertain.