Kovar story travels from the pyramids to a Melbourne attic

James Cockington Czech diplomat's art collection, found in a Melbourne attic, goes under the hammer.

End of seven-year rule brings a new ball game for retirees

Brokers on the floor of the UBS trading room in Sydney.

Craig Racine The seven-year rule used to be a persuasive sales pitch for financial planners. Now it is gone.

What if you assume wrong?

To assume makes an ass of you and me.

Lewis J. Walker We invest our money and make a lot of other life choices based on assumptions. But how do we know they are right?


Sustained jobs growth a good sign for investors

The Chinese stockmarket is permanently volatile.

David Potts The sharemarket was in a state well before Greece and China upset the apple cart, even though the economy is growing enough to lift profits.


Being contrary can make your garden grow

Following the crowd has its risks.

Scott Phillips Being selectively independent and taking a different view when it's prudent to do so is a great strategy to make money.


Pick a tracker that doesn't lose the scent

One of the first myths of index investing is that an index fund allows you to

Richard Livingston ETFs (and other index funds) are low-cost, but they're not zero-cost, and fund returns will always lag the market.


All fired up for live steam sale

OS 5-inch guage live steam Stephenson's Rocket with matching trailer.

James Cockington An upcoming auction of some top end model trains has boys of all ages all steamed up.


Savers say deposit accounts are best option

Perceived as super-safe: bank deposits topped a recent survey on wise investing.

Clancy Yeates Interest rates on bank deposits are miserable, but apparently the humble savings account is as popular as ever.


Onthehouse holds on to its potential but needs a white knight

Onthehouse needs a white knight to come to its rescue.

Richard Hemming Shares in website owner and real estate services group Onthehouse have more than quadrupled since listing in August last year.


Turns out greed not that good after all

Marcus Padley

Marcus Padley Stockbrokers' child or small European nation - the culture of easy credit has got us all into a world of trouble.


Breaking the mould

Ken Neale sits on a Vacario chair. He sells them for between $1500 and $1600.

Stephen Crafti Designer plastic furniture is getting harder to find - and prices are rising.


A war chest for when the price is right

David Potts

David Potts Warren Buffett has invested in insurer IAG and likes our banks, too. Should you follow his lead?


Law firm set to strike it rich

Rosemary Laing, Grounded (Red Piazza). Yours for between $8000 and $12,000.

James Cockington Minter Ellison's new, open-plan office has left it with no place for its art collection. It's hoping to make as much as $500,000 from selling it off.


How to kick the lights out in the new financial year

Marcus Padley

Marcus Padley How does last year's performance colour your investment choices for the next 12 months?


Shares: What are you really buying?

Scott Phillips Don't let the so-called ''experts'' tell you it's too hard.


Even fake Kangaroos come at a premium

This strip of three pale blue/green one-shilling stamps, with JBC monogram attached, is one of only two known to have survived.

James Cockington Kangaroo and Map stamps are so popular among collectors that counterfeits have attained a certain cachet.


Can I still bank on my bank shares?


Scott Phillips As they say, the trend is your friend … until it comes to an end.


Time for a mature debate on house prices

Both the Reserve Bank and Treasury believe we are at risk from a housing bubble.

Gareth Hutchens Prime Minister Tony Abbott last week missed a genuine chance to talk maturely about a serious topic.


Rookies beware: top four sharemarket mistakes

Just because I can cut wood and hammer nails doesn't mean I should build a house.

Marcus Padley Having a smartphone doesn't make you an expert in the sharemarket. Here's four mistakes any rookie can make.


Why women make the best investors

Stock market day trader Mandi Rafsendjani.

David Potts The proof is in - women who trade or invest in the sharemarket do it better than men.