Plenty to see in doctors' golden horde

Lot 534: Norman Lindsay - The Introduction. The Cammack Collection.

James Cockington At 99, Dr Bill Cammack has decided to sell the hundreds of artworks he and his wife collected over more than 60 years.

Seeing value in art glass

Stephen Crafti Unlike fine crystal brought out for special occasions, art glass is made by hand and displayed like fine art.


Digging for bargains in the rubble

Nathan Bell Four filters to help you spot mining services stocks with potential.


Bank dividends are too good to be true

David Potts dinkus.

David Potts Chasing bank dividends has been a strategy that has paid in spades.


Discounts can cost you in the end

Mortgage discounts can cost you in the end.

Mark Bouris When it comes to finance, divide your attention between what you can and can't control.


Mixing it up key to success

Penny Pryor dinkus.

Penny Pryor Spread the risks, and always understand what you are investing in.


Litigation funder steps up growth

Greg Smith We regard commercial litigation funder Bentham IMF as an interesting opportunity.


The head now rules the art

When it comes to investing through self-managed super, the head now rules the art.

Quirky Investments There's been a noticeable decline in people using self-managed super to splurge on art works and antiques.


Self-managed funds no walk in wonderland

John Addis Advisory websites sell self-managed super funds as tax benefit nirvana, offering the chance to ''boost your returns''.


The investing seminar stitch-up

There's one sure-fire way to get poor financial advice.

Richard Livingston Forget the banks: there's one sure-fire way to get poor financial advice.


The ABC of investing

The ABCs of investing.

You didn't need the budget to tell you that you are on your own, although a reminder every now and then never goes astray.

Full-service brokers: we're worth every cent

Marcus Padley Try getting your personal financial issues sorted by a 20-year-old at a call centre - then you'll see why you're paying $19.95 a trade.


From feather duster back to rooster as market slips back

The competition starts afresh with participants racing to see who can makes the best virtual pile of cash.

David Potts From feather duster last time, yours truly is rooster in the first week of our new four-week shares race.


Big lives in small spaces

High demand for accommodation is fuelling the trend in Sydney and Melbourne.

Stephen Crafti Rising property prices are leaving many people opting for apartments - some barely bigger than hotel rooms.

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Bank valuations defy China risks

Nathan Bell Bank investors facing a stark reality: either Chinese banks are a bargain or Australian bank shareholders need to prepare for tougher times.


Seven wonders of the investing world

Big oil: Shale oil is transforming the US economy.

Where will money be made in the longer term? David Potts tells all.


Rising rates threaten negative gearing party

The number of debt-laden landlords is growing.

Clancy Yeates As the typical house price rises, so does the number of debt-laden landlords.


Share sizzle going to a simmer

Share sizzle going to a simmer.

John Collett Investor returns have been spectacular for the past two years. But fund managers say the new financial year won't burn so brightly.


Why you need us looking after your trades

Marcus Padley Brokers don't come free, but think about the wealth of information and expertise you get in return.


Rental income a taxing issue

Illustration: Michael Mucci.

Noel Whittaker We own a townhouse, which is rented at $450 a week. We're off to Europe for 12 months - what are our tax obligations?