Share Market

What to do in a falling share market

Marcus Padley Amuse yourself somewhere warm while you watch and wait for things to get better.


Share market biased against small investors

A pat on the back for CBA.

Daryl Dixon Allowing short selling when companies are raising capital or markets are under pressure from external shocks increases the already significant risks for smaller share investors.


How to best invest your parents' savings: share market or balanced funds?

Investments need to be made with an eye to the future.

George Cochane Should my mum put half her savings into the share market?


Market moves reset leaders in share market contest

David Potts Hypothetical $100,000 investments turn good profit for four competitors.


Four-week share market battle won by dartboard

Roar of the crowd: Our contestants fought to the finish, as you do in all good competitions.

David Potts Scramble for second spot, with car industry software supplier the deciding factor.

Buying property with your super fund has drawbacks

Daryl Dixon Whether or not the government removes the ability of self-managed super funds to borrow to purchase property or other investments, the implications for investors are relatively minor.

The best-performing asset class of the past five years

A-REITs have done very well, including ALE Property Group, which owns pubs.

John Collett The best-performing asset class of the past five years are the listed trusts that own commercial property.

Tipsters lose ground as share prices fall across the board

John Collett It's been a tough week for our tipsters, with all of them slipping in week three of the four-week Shares Race.

Motley Fool: What China collapse?

A few months ago the smartest people in finance were waxing lyrical on whether the Chinese landing would be

Scott Phillips What's the greatest threat to the world economy and our economic prosperity?

The lower the yield, the higher the cost of fees

Michael Pascoe.

Michael Pascoe Several factors mean we shouldn't be so easily fooled about fees now – well, that's the theory.

Margin loans are bad for your financial health

Leverage magnifies both losses and gains.

Scott Phillips Borrowing to invest. The idea is almost as old as investing itself.

Keep the shorting 'hyenas' in your peripheral vision

Hyenas rarely do the initial damage but once they swoop in, they can quickly become the problem.

Marcus Padley All investors and traders should keep shorting activity in their peripheral vision because it highlights stocks that have an issue.


Money reader takes lead on clean energy and livestock feed picks

Money reader John Wyatt is backing renewable energy companies.

John Collett Money reader John Wyatt has opened a decent lead in week one of the new four-week Shares Race, helped by his clean energy picks – Carnegie and Infigen.


Why Woolies and Coles should fear Costco, not Amazon

Scott Phillips The big box retailer has big ambitions… and runs on the board.

Top Australian share funds named

There are some fund managers with a track record of outperforming the market.

John Collett It was not all that long ago that some fund managers had star status with investors.

Who's to blame when bad investments hit the wall?

Michael Pascoe Everyone has the right to be stupid and blow their savings – and then to complain bitterly about it afterwards.

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Reshuffle of the Shares Race rankings in volatile market

The Shares Race is still anyone's game.

How I cheated myself out of $17m on the sharemarket

For all the talk of averages and long-term returns, most investors and traders would love to find that life-changing stock that's like winning the lottery.

Marcus Padley The best money-making opportunities require you to sit back and do absolutely nothing.

Professional investors come up trumps in Shares Race finale

John Collett The pros finish first and second in the final week of Shares Race.

The Motley Fool: the ASX rout was the fall we had to have

Scott Phillips The largest fall of 2017 isn't a surprise – or necessarily even a harbinger.