Share Market

What the averages don't tell you about investing in retail

Scott Phillips You might have heard the Australian economy is enjoying an unprecedented run of economic good fortune.

Growth stock investors jumpy as profit season under way

Aconex CEO Leigh Jasper.  Aconex shares lost 45 per cent of their value in a single day last week.

Marcus Padley How to tell if a stock is going to disappoint.

Motley Fool: How to invest in a Trumpian world

Scott Phillips The rules have changed … or have they?


Gold continues to shine for tipsters on back of Trump concerns

John Collett The top three places remain unchanged at the end of week two of the four-week Shares Race, as the themes of the first week continued into the second.

Market volatility not as scary as it seems

Volatility on share markets can be a reminder to make sure you are in the right super fund investment option.

Clancy Yeates With returns from super getting bumpier, it's important for members to make sure they are in the right investment option.


Shares Race returns with tipsters backing gold miners in front

Mining services companies are doing well, along with gold miners.

John Collett Tipsters with portfolios loaded up with gold miners and mining services companies have done best in the first week of the four-week Shares Race.

Trump, Brexit and super changes in the mix for 2017

Australian shares may not reproduce the bumper returns of 2016 this year.

John Collett What a year 2016 was. Britons voted to leave the European Union, Donald Trump won the US presidential election – and financial markets reacted well to these events.

BetaShares launches 'true to label' ethical ETF

BetaShares launches deep-green exchange traded fund

John Collett Specialist exchange traded fund (ETF) provider, BetaShares, has launched an ETF that gives investors access to a portfolio of the world's leading sustainable and ethical companies in one investment.

What's your big investment idea for 2017?

Marcus Padley As they say in the stockmarket, if you have one good idea a year, it's a good year.

Motley Fool: Investors should focus on the forest, not the trees

Pic: Rob Banks Tossing a 20 cent coin

Scott Phillips Overcome this investment mistake to improve your returns.

Six ways to become a better investor through entertainment

John Oliver on Last Week Tonight.

Chris Brycki The summer holidays are the best time to make good on all the New Year's resolutions you've ever made to get "better at" money and investing.

Motley Fool: The lucky country for investors


Scott Phillips Why 2017, like every other year, is shaping up to be a good one.

Five biggest mistakes people make saving for retirement

Gary Stone Saving for retirement is a multi-decade investing venture, even for those approaching retirement.

HotCopper is too hot

The HotCopper site is a sharemarket forum perhaps better known for spruiking and rampant speculation, rather than detailed research and considered views.

Alex Hughes There is as much hot air in HotCopper's share price as there is in its forums.

Rich is a state of mind, not a bank balance

Marcus Padley Look no further than the hordes of rich but miserable celebrities and Lotto winners.

Motley Fool: 2016 was a year of surprises

Investors turned on former market darlings such as Bellamy's Organic.

Scott Phillips Things that are always clear in hindsight are never clear at the time. But 2016 has really outdone itself.

The hidden danger of investing in aged care

Aged care is destined to have increasing demand, but there may be oversupply.

Graham Witcomb Favourable demand forecasts aren't enough to make money in aged care. Focus on supply.

The investment lies we tell ourselves

Scott Phillips The hardest part of investing is not the balance sheet analysis or ratio calculations. It's the way we use that information.

The outlook for the Australian economy and investors in 2017

The Australian economy will face global challenges, especially if the US changes trade policies.

Daryl Dixon Despite historic low interest rates, super funds and investors generally have fared well in 2016.


Shares Race: Galaxy Resources up 46pc, while Cre8tek nearly doubles

A Panasonic lithium-ion flexible battery that's just 0.55 millimetres thick.

Galaxy Resources, a mining company focused on lithium, has emerged as one of the strongest performers in the final Shares Race for 2016.