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Money reader leads in year-long Shares Race

John Collett Nine weeks into the year-long Shares Race and Money reader Rod Leonarder has a clear lead thanks to strong returns from his picks - private health insurer NIB Holdings, NAB and jobs website Seek.

Does employee ownership make companies more successful?


Caitlin Fitzsimmons Does it make sense to invest in companies with a high level of employee ownership?

Rich is a state of mind, not a bank balance

Marcus Padley Look no further than the hordes of rich but miserable celebrities and Lotto winners.

Motley Fool: 2016 was a year of surprises

Investors turned on former market darlings such as Bellamy's Organic.

Scott Phillips Things that are always clear in hindsight are never clear at the time. But 2016 has really outdone itself.

The hidden danger of investing in aged care

Aged care is destined to have increasing demand, but there may be oversupply.

Graham Witcomb Favourable demand forecasts aren't enough to make money in aged care. Focus on supply.

The investment lies we tell ourselves

Scott Phillips The hardest part of investing is not the balance sheet analysis or ratio calculations. It's the way we use that information.

Motley Fool: Australia's most respected companies

Scott Phillips The US list of most respected companies is out. Who would make the cut here?

The only way to read a stock price chart

Graham Witcomb, Intelligent Investor Scores of investors analyse charts, hoping to find a pattern telling them when to buy or sell a stock.

Should pension fund investors take profits now?

Daryl Dixon Is this as good as it gets for investors?

Don't bet the house on solving the affordability crisis

Mark Bouris We're seeing a lot of calls for solutions to the housing affordability crisis. But are the solutions as useful as they claim?

Professional investors come up trumps in Shares Race finale

John Collett The pros finish first and second in the final week of Shares Race.

The Motley Fool: the ASX rout was the fall we had to have

Scott Phillips The largest fall of 2017 isn't a surprise – or necessarily even a harbinger.

Why our assumptions, and current share prices, might be wrong

Before the Brexit vote, investors assumed Britain would not vote to leave the EU.

Marcus Padley Assumptions are the root of all major losses. What assumptions are we making today?

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Why housing for the military is a solid investment

Naval officer Scott Palmer and his wife Monica invested in a DHA property after first living in one. Anyone can invest in a DHA home, not just defence personnel.

Ben Hurley If you are worried about nasty surprises, it's worth considering an investment property from Defence Housing Australia.

Medical cannabis stocks are all the rage, but it's a bubble

Smoking is still bad for you, but taking cannabis in oil form can have medicinal value.

Scott Phillips The ASX has gone to pot. Medical cannabis is the only game in town and it's going to end badly.

How to spot a property spruiker

Noel Whittaker.

Noel Whittaker When any asset class is booming, the predators arrive.


Tipster rides high on cannabis-stock pick

John Collett Kalkine's Hina Chowdhary has shot to the lead in week two of the four-week shares race with her original $10,000 investment in medicinal cannabis stock, AusCann, now worth $21,719.

Memo to investors in 2017: hedge your equities, and sell your bonds

President-elect Donald Trump's 100-day plan has injected confidence into the sharemarkets.

Jon Horton "Investors are visionaries in some respects – they look beyond the present."

How to claw back the age pension

It's not too late for many retirees to get back some of the age pension.

John Collett Changes to the age pension assets test that took effect from January 1 have seen about 200,000 better-off retirees receiving smaller pension payments.


Three investment lessons from Warren Buffett

Scott Phillips He's worth almost $100 billion - it pays to listen.