Share Market


Good investment practice means tuning out the noise and looking to the long term

Listening to, reading and watching reactionary research, commentary and media on a 24-hour basis makes you dumber not smarter.


Why your investment portfolio may be more risky than you think

If you have a LeBron James on your team, make the most of it.

Graham Witcomb Good diversification is about reducing risks, not merely adding more stocks.

Four rules for investing in uncertain times

John Manuel Owing BHP and Rio Tinto isn't diversification, nor is owning a rental property down the road from your own home.


Motley Fool: compile a watchlist of companies you like and wait for opportunity

Scott Phillips If you understand a company's strategy, management and opportunity, you'll be ready to pounce when the market next throws the baby out with the bathwater.

Investing: While the 'smart money' dithered after Brexit, the market jumped

The calmness of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (left) and new British Prime Minister Theresa May steadied the market after Brexit.

Scott Phillips If you're on the sidelines, waiting for certainty, you have to be both right – and lucky. Just ask those investors who missed the 10 per cent gain in the last month.


The beauty of dividends for investors

Noel Whittaker Don't forget that it is the after-tax return of investments that counts and that is where franked dividends come into their own.


Motley Fool: It's not just about what a company does, but what it has

Scott Phillips In recent weeks, we've been looking at some of the attributes of a great company, on the premise that the better the business, the greater our chance of investment success.


Neck and neck in first week of a new Shares Race

Tim Handley, CEO of Latam Autos. Illustration: David Rowe

John Collett It's the first week of a new Shares Race and past achievements count for nothing.


Motley Fool: never buy from private equity

Myer's share price has never reached the IPO height.

Scott Phillips Any time you read "accepted wisdom", you should ask yourself whether that's simply code for "I just use the same tired cliches as everyone else".


Motley Fool: how to judge a company by its chiefs

Scott Phillips The best chief executives understand their business intimately… and love it.

Market's small fry do better than blue chips

John Collett

John Collett Despite the Australian sharemarket being dragged down by the banks and miners the market's newbie listings are flying high.

Investment 101

Motley Fool: Modern day moats

Look out for companies that surround themselves with

Scott Phillips The best companies in Australia are surrounded by moats – although not the ones you are thinking of.


Is the China milk boom over?

White gold: Chinese demand for milk products such as powdered milk for babies is set to grow.

Scott Phillips The new gold rush is for 'white gold' - in the form of milk powder.


There is more than tax to consider when negatively gearing a property

Negative gearing is where a loan is used to buy an asset, such as a property, and there is a loss between the income generated and the interest and expenses.

Melissa Browne Negative gearing - what is it and how can you make it work for you?


Reserve Bank and election guarantee an unsettling time for investors

The Reserve Bank has warned of an oversupply of apartments.

Daryl Dixon By highlighting the increased risk for both investors and the banking system of an oversupply of apartments and commercial real estate, the Reserve Bank has added to the normal uncertainty facing...


The difference between investing and being invested

Marcus Padley The danger of passive investing under the mantle of a long-term focus is highlighted by the fact that most of the 10 biggest stocks in Australia have a share price lower than one, five or 10 years...


Finance: Own airline shares? Sell them, tips Motley Fool investment advisor

Scott Phillips Qantas has done well for investors. Perhaps for not much longer.


Big bank 'dividend trade' far from over, analysts say

Most investors and super fund members own shares in the Big 4 banks.

John Collett Increasing bad debt provisions, dividends under threat and falling share prices are giving long-term big-bank shareholders pause to think.


When 'defensive' assets turn dangerous

Infrastructure stocks such as Sydney Airport have bubbly valuations as investors look for safe havens.

Marcus Padley At some price every stock becomes dangerous, even so-called defensive assets such as Transurban and Sydney Airport.


Tipsters defy market with strong gains

John Collett: some star performers in week one of the new share race.

John Collett Shares Race kicks off for 2016 with a five-week game.