Share Market


Tackle suffering up front when setting goals

Melissa Browne Are we destined not to change or can we salvage our goals made for 2016? The short answer is yes and no.


Will 2016 get better for investors?

The markets are forecasting gloom.

Scott Phillips Investing in shares can be volatile and sometimes depressing, and the first few weeks of 2016 are proof.

Small investors in ETFs are chasing past returns

Chasing past performance doesn't stack up as an investment strategy.

John Collett Small investor activity in exchange traded funds (ETFs) indicates they are committing one of investing's cardinal sins.


Why investment in 2016 will be all about picking winners

Marcus Padley After the worst start to the sharemarket year in living memory the obvious subject is whether we are about to see some sort of calamitous collapse in world markets.


Top 10 money mistakes of the middle-aged

In your 40s and 50s you are more likely to have extra mouths to feed.

Graham Witcomb You're at the height of your career and you probably have a couple of extra mouths to feed. Here are the 10 biggest money mistakes to avoid in your 40s and 50s.

Why Dick Smith shareholders lost and private equity won

John Vaz The demise of Dick Smith is a stark reminder of the risks of investing in companies listed by private equity firms without doing careful research.


The truth behind courses on how to be a trader

Marcus Padley Everyone wants to make money in the stock market, so you might be interested in the cynical replies of a group of stockbrokers when one of us asked, "What's the best way to lose $10,000 in the stock...

Kickstart 2016 with a financial health check

The new year is a good time to review your money goals.

Kate Jones The new year is an opportunity to reset your money management and build prosperity - like electrician Paul Buhagiar who paid down $26,000 of his home loan last year.


Motley Fool: fearless investing predictions for 2016

Scott Phillips How to prepare for the new year when it comes to your investments.

Five simple trades to get you started with share investment

Betting on teenagers' smartphone use is a good investment strategy.

Scott Phillips If you haven't yet taken the plunge in share investment, maybe 2016 will be the year you start (or restart) your investing journey.


Four ways to invest your money

Aurora Spa founder Lyndall Mitchell doesn't want the stress of a high-risk investment strategy.

Sally Patten Having the right mix of investments will help you to achieve your financial goals.


How to make money from having an opinion and not following the crowd

Come up with investment ideas for 2016 while lying by the pool.

Marcus Padley The neighbours turned on their Christmas lights last weekend, where did the year go?


Tip of the Week: How to create wealth outside your job

Michael Hutton Your level of income is important in generating wealth but equally, if not more, important is what you do with your income to create wealth. 


Atlassian's $5b IPO among the biggest US tech floats in 2015

Atlassian co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes (left) and Scott Farquhar posing for a BRW cover in 2012.

Scott Phillips Scott Phillips from The Motley Fool runs the rule over the massive float of Australian tech company Atlassian on NASDAQ and whether it's a good investment now.


Giving back: how to make charity a regular part of life

The Red Shield Appeal is a major fundraising drive for the Salvation Army.

Larissa Ham For many people giving is part of Christmas, but the world's problems don't disappear when the tinsel is store away. How can you do your bit year-round without breaking the bank?


How Nufarm is getting more out of the land

El Nino could affect the returns from agricultural stocks.

Greg Smith Fat Prophets: With the world's land in fixed supply, and agricultural yields in focus, Nufarm's value proposition is high.


Fintech's advantages: financial technology revolution is a boon for investors

On-Market Bookbuild chief executive officer Ben Bucknell and managing director Tim Eisenhauer at the ASX.

David Potts All we seem to hear about fintech outfits is how they're nibbling away at the banks, but it's what they're doing for investors that I like.


Seven steps to better investment decision making

John Addis We think of ourselves as rational and level-headed but our decisions tend to be emotional and instinctive.


Motley Fool's investment advice: What went wrong at Woolworths

Woolworths shareholders have plenty to complain about.

Scott Phillips How Woolworths went from flying high to struggling for air.


Shares Race: Santa rally postponed as rate double whammy looms

Santa has not brought his good cheer to the sharemarket yet.

David Potts Santa has been delayed, so this year's Christmas seasonal sharemarket rally must wait another week.