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Dollar's strength shows all that glitters isn't gold

David Potts Everything is conspiring against gold but all things considered the goldminers are doing all right. Must be a tough lot.


Iron ore drops Fortescue price and Andrew Forrest's fortune

Rod Myer Andrew Forrest's Fortescue Metals Group is a hostage to the iron ore price.


Mt Carlton main driver as Evolution Mining digs deep

Greg Smith Price and exploration potential make this gold miner attractive.


Share sizzle going to a simmer

Share sizzle going to a simmer.

John Collett Investor returns have been spectacular for the past two years. But fund managers say the new financial year won't burn so brightly.


Airlines, steelmakers show woes of diversification

Be careful: Buying shares in a company just to gain exposure to a certain sector, such as mining services, doesn't make sense.

Nathan Bell Is buying a stock to improve your portfolio diversification a sensible idea?


Why you need us looking after your trades

Marcus Padley Brokers don't come free, but think about the wealth of information and expertise you get in return.


Rental income a taxing issue

Illustration: Michael Mucci.

Noel Whittaker We own a townhouse, which is rented at $450 a week. We're off to Europe for 12 months - what are our tax obligations?

Africa's 'most exciting' new iron ore project (it's not Simandou)

Tawana Resources.

Richard Hemming A new development south of Rio Tinto is close to infrastructure

Bond basics: safer yields outside the sharemarket

Mark Bouris dinkus.

Mark Bouris When interest rates are as low as they are right now, two things happen.


Good returns: Telecom New Zealand


Greg Smith It's hard to fault the company's strategy of investment in 4G and the growth opportunities available in data, digital, cloud-based and mobile operations.

Small companies are doing it tougher

Rod Myer Underlying movements in sharemarket indices can tell an interesting story about the state of the economy.


The enigma of Westfield ownership

David Potts Next time you pop into a Westfield, think who owns it. The Lowys? That’s what I would have said, too.


iSentia's share price is a fragile flower

Nathan Bell Above the float price, there's already a good argument to take profits and get out.


Could you manage it all by yourself?

Alex Haddad

Sylvia Pennington Buying an investment property isn't the end of the story. You need to manage it and that can, sometimes, be very tricky.

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Smart money pulls bullion out of the soup

David Potts dinkus.

David Potts The more dollar bills the US prints the higher almost everything but gold goes.


I've quit my job, now how do I invest?

Noel Whittaker I want to sell some shares. Should I buy more, or pay off the mortgage?


Good times may slow for banking

Rod Myer With dividend yields falling, investors are starting to wonder how long the banks' onward march can last.

The 'Honest' Broker

Hybrids, banks and fun investing can work wonders

Marcus Padley The new breed of hybrids are walking off the shelf with their fully franked yields because they have cleverly targeted the safe income SMSF appetite rather than the bond market intelligentsia.


Where to now for GrainCorp investors?

Receiving grain at GrainCorp's Hamilton depot.

Greg Smith Despite the blocking of takeover plans, shares in the agribusiness are still worth holding on to.


Looking at new year directions

Richard Hemming What are the big themes that are likely to affect little companies next year?