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Shares Race Week 1: A rally for everyone

Vanessa Desloires A big rally sees our racers set for some action-packed weeks.

Cloud-computing floats chase growth, but there's still money in audio cassettes

Cassette Store Day, started by Jen Long of UK indie label Kissability in 2013, goes global on October 17 with partners in the US, Germany, NZ and Australia.

Alex Hughes US-based National Audio Company proves having a monopoly in a declining industry can be more lucrative than competing in a crowded field in the next growth industry.

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Beware Yanks selling Airbnb shares in the latest scam

In days gone by, scammers would sell the Brooklyn Bridge. Now they have other tricks.

Marcus Padley If someone calls trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge, you'd run a mile. It's no different if they're offering Airbnb shares instead.

What the Pokemon Go craze tells us about investment

Scott Phillips Nintendo shares soared 70 per cent after the surprise hit of Pokemon Go. What are the lessons for investors on corporate turnarounds?

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Shares Race week 4: digging out a win

Vanessa Desloires It was a great month for share racers, as long as you held mining stocks.


What to do when your share portfolio becomes overweight in one stock

Scott Phillips Owning too much of one share has negative side effects for your financial health, just like being physically overweight does for your health.

Time to look at other property options rather than residential

John Collett With price growth for the housing and apartment market expected to slow and possible price falls in some cities, some investors are opting for non-residential property.


You've saved your money, now what? Understanding 'asset allocation'

Kate Donnelly could be doing more to grow her savings.

John Collett Kate Donnelly has tens of thousands of dollars saved. The problem is the money is held in an online saver and a bank account earning next to nothing.


Motley Fool: Resources are on the rise, is it time to invest?

Scott Phillips There are signs the mining bust is over. Is it time to jump aboard?


Who's the real Woolworths villain?

James Greenhalgh Do you feel sorry for Woolworths' former chief executive Grant O'Brien? You probably don't.


Motley Fool: The next step to a diversified portfolio

Illustration: Simon Letch

Scott Phillips For better or worse, the job of the investment adviser is to help his or her clients get the best outcomes, not to give the most rational advice.


Shares Race Week 3: Stock picking gold

Vanessa Desloires Gold shines again, but its the tiny miners that have stood out this week.


Selling stocks is not 'panic': Brexit could be a tipping point for market fears

Looking at investment fundamentals to determine how to react to Brexit ignores the fact that markets are largely about sentiment.

Marcus Padley The market falls on the back of the Brexit vote have triggered an avalanche of somewhat predictable motherhood statements about why you shouldn't sell your investments.


How the investment industry turns a small fee into a large one

Mitchell Sneddon In finance, the 'F' word is 'fees' if you're a client and 'fun' if you happen to be on the other side of the fence.


Motley Fool: there is always something to fear - but don't

If you had perfect foresight, you'd be able to pick the next Lotto numbers.

Scott Phillips Pessimism sounds smart but track record trumps all, writes Scott Phillips.


A disappointing end to the financial year

Daryl Dixon What a difference just a week has made to the 2015-16 financial year superannuation fund returns.

Brexit gifts share bargains to local investors

Volatility on the Australian sharemarket is creating some bargains.

John Collett Volatility on sharemarkets always turns up good buying opportunities and the aftermath of Britain's vote to leave the European Union is no different.


Motley Fool: How to choose a managed fund

Scott Phillips The problem with managed funds is that many deliver an investment performance that beats the market - but not after fees.

Make money with the sharing economy beyond Uber and Airbnb

Joy Baines, of Annandale in inner-city Sydney, listed her Toyota Yaris on car-sharing platform Car Next Door for $6 an hour or $30 a day and it's in constant demand.

Barbara Drury The sharing economy is more than just Uber and Airbnb, there are dozens of local start-ups letting individuals sell access to their unused assets, time and skills.

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Three types of managed fund to avoid

Graham Witcomb There are many honest, hardworking and smart fund managers, but the industry also has its fair share of sharks.