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Seven investment ideas for high returns in a low-growth world

John Collett Seven investment ideas that will lift you out of the low-growth world.

Don't let impatience steal your investment returns

Scott Phillips Evolution teaches us that action beats inaction – and it's usually true, but not when it comes to investment.

Market expectations are a short-term drag for companies

The new CEO of Woolworths, Brad Banducci, on the day the company announced its 2015-2016 results.

Scott Phillips Results matter less - in the short term - than you might think.


Shares Race Week 2: The cream rises to the top

Vanessa Desloires Company profit season has delivered some spectacular hits and misses, with the gap between first and last place blowing out.

Three ways to make your tax refund last longer

Melissa Browne The average tax return is just more than $3000 but it's often frittered away.

Healthcare stocks deliver mixed results this reporting season

Dr Colin Goldschmidt, the chief executive of Sonic Healthcare, which bumped its top line by 20 per cent and its bottom line profit by a healthy 30 per cent for the year.

Scott Phillips We're all getting older, we all get sick, and the continuous improvements in technology mean medicos are finding more – and more expensive – ways to patch us up and keep us going.

How to navigate reporting season as an investor

Investors should ignore reporting season hype.

Patrick Garrett As earnings season takes over the business pages, here's a few pointers for investors to consider.

Investing in your own name can be more tax-effective than super

The main point of superannuation as an investment vehicle is it's tax effective.

Noel Whittaker The pending changes to superannuation could force people to think outside the box and end up much better off by doing so.

A guide to selling or keeping your shares if the company is being taken over

Scott Phillips If there's a takeover bid for a company you are invested in, you don't need to sell your shares straight away.


Shares Race Week One: Profit results heat up competition

Vanessa Desloires The busiest week yet of company profit season gave some Shares Racers a leading edge.


The Domino's effect: why stockbrokers give bad advice about taking profits

Domino's Pizza has long had a high PE ratio, not because it's overpriced but because it's a quality growth stock.

Marcus Padley A high price-to-earnings ratio doesn't mean a stock is overpriced, it means the market thinks the earnings estimates are wrong.

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Shares Race Week 4: Luck, be a dartboard

Vanessa Desloires If there were ever a reason to believe in luck, take the dartboard's performance this shares race.

Motley Fool: Time to sell your bank shares

Scott Phillips Investors should take more than just a passing interest in our banks this reporting season.

Telstra marches on: growth is slow, but it keeps on winning

Telstra CEO Andy Penn at the announcement of the full-year financial results on August 11.

Scott Phillips Telstra released its full-year financial results on the same day as rival Optus and the numbers were starkly different.

Dear CEOs, this reporting season, please give it to us straight

Investors should look beyond the spin during reporting season.

Scott Phillips Spinning the company results may result in a short-term gain for investors, but substance is what matters in the longer term.

Is the pain finally over for Woolworths investors?

Woolworths chief executive Brad Banducci pledged to overhaul the struggling Australian supermarket chain with asset write-offs, job cuts and store closures.

Scott Phillips The value of Woolworths shares jumped 8 per cent in one day, but is it just a false dawn?

Ethical investing: is it just a fallacy?

Scott Phillips Be careful how you invest if you're trying to do good…

Share trading: a delicate science or just pot luck?

Vanessa Desloires Small mining stocks have built on their gains this week.

In bad times, gold is still a bad investment

Graham Witcomb Gold has little investment merit compared with shares, and isn't even a very good hedge against crises.

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How to trade the results season

Marcus Padley For equity investors, the results season is like a battlefield during an artillery barrage. This is your survival guide.