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A bad month for hybrid investors

Investors flee to safe havens (Thumbnail)

Richard Livingston Unless the hybrid boom continues, it's quite possible hybrid investors will end up holding a note for decades, with little prospect of early repayment.

In lieu of redeeming features

Stuart Grimshaw.

Nathan Bell Unfavourable reviews on preference share offers like ANZ CPS3 and Suncorp CPS2, or subordinated notes such as Colonial Group's, always get the phones running hot.

Time to go for growth

Barbara Drury Behavioural finance teaches us that people tend to prefer a small, certain reward today over a larger, uncertain one in the future. That pretty much sums up current sharemarket behaviour.

Hot Stock: Magellan Financial


Greg Smith What's new? Fund manager Magellan Financial has left peers in its dust this year, with many hoping just to see the treads of their limited-edition sneakers as they streak ahead.

In the lap of luxury goods

Philip Wen.

Philip Wen For the past two decades, it hasn't taken much effort for most Australian share portfolios to benefit, at least in part, from the breakneck economic growth in China.

Hot stock: M2 Telecommunications


Greg Smith The ever-changing nature of the telecommunications landscape in Australia means no participant can afford to sit still.

Insight: household savings

Clancy Yeates

Clancy Yeates Putting your savings into the sharemarket is so last decade - at least, that's what the figures suggest.

Trust still missing from mortgages

Interest has waned ... illiquidity is a problem for mortgage trusts.

John Kavanagh A former must-have investment for seekers of increased yield has become a pariah since the global financial crisis.

MYOB Sub Notes: Explosive for returns and capital


Richard Livingston ‘Debt’s back baby. People are buying this crap’. That’s a quote, attributed to a banker, your author recently heard.

Stock-ing fillers for mum


Nathan Bell Tricky things, Christmas presents, especially for your mum. How many facials and cookbooks does she need? And why punish her for your lack of creativity?

Expect the unexpected to keep 2013 a lucky one


Marcus Padley At the end of any investment period, you can produce a list of the 10 best-performing stocks and the 10 worst-performing stocks and, despite all the highbrow debate, opinions and blah-blah-blah,...

Listen up: it's all gold

Barbara Drury The summer holidays are a time to kick back and relax, but they are also a perfect opportunity to ponder the future and make some New Year's resolutions.

Proceed with caution

Investors are having one of their best years since the global financial crisis started.

Insight: holiday homes

Clancy Yeates About this time of year, many people are tempted by the lure of a holiday home.

Abandoning the banks for shares and property

Peter Martin and Gareth Hutchens Australians are ditching banks and ploughing their savings into real estate and shares.

Matthew Kidman

Falling rates may drive rush to shares

Christmas Bonus - interest rates slashed (Thumbnail)

Matthew Kidman There is a robust case to argue we could be heading towards cash rates of just 2 per cent.

The worry with high frequency trading

Opinion is divided over whether high-frequency trading is a good or a bad thing for the sharemarket.

Richard Livingston Following intense media coverage, last month the Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation, Bill Shorten, announced new "market integrity rules" to apply to high frequency trading (HFT).

Analysts sniff out the mother of all sharemarket tips


Madeleine Heffernan Phil Burgess, the outspoken former public policy chief at Telstra, famously said he wouldn't recommend Telstra shares to his mother.

Matthew Kidman

All Ords at 17,000? Just rally round this forecast

Matthew Kidman

Matthew Kidman Try to find someone who believes the benchmark All Ordinaries Index will be sitting at 17,000 by 2030? Most people would consider it more likely Australia could top the gold medal tally at the 2014...

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Hot tip: Beware the tipsters

A woman carries a pair of boxes as she leaves the Enron headquarters in downtown Houston, Wednesday, Nov.  28, 2001.  Enron Corp.

Susan Sntilla I have the ultimate hot tip if you are obsessing over what to do with your portfolio in 2013: ignore all the ''how to invest in 2013'' nonsense that you see in magazines, blogs and on business...