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Money reader takes lead on clean energy and livestock feed picks

John Collett Money reader John Wyatt has opened a decent lead in week one of the new four-week Shares Race, helped by his clean energy picks – Carnegie and Infigen.


Why Woolies and Coles should fear Costco, not Amazon

Scott Phillips The big box retailer has big ambitions… and runs on the board.

Top Australian share funds named

There are some fund managers with a track record of outperforming the market.

John Collett It was not all that long ago that some fund managers had star status with investors.

Who's to blame when bad investments hit the wall?

Michael Pascoe Everyone has the right to be stupid and blow their savings – and then to complain bitterly about it afterwards.

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How I cheated myself out of $17m on the sharemarket

For all the talk of averages and long-term returns, most investors and traders would love to find that life-changing stock that's like winning the lottery.

Marcus Padley The best money-making opportunities require you to sit back and do absolutely nothing.


Money reader leads in year-long Shares Race

Bega is diversifying beyond cheese, buying Vegemite from Kraft.

John Collett Nine weeks into the year-long Shares Race and Money reader Rod Leonarder has a clear lead thanks to strong returns from his picks - private health insurer NIB Holdings, NAB and jobs website Seek.

Why more women should invest in the sharemarket

Scott Phillips Women, it's time for an investing revolution. Ignore those who say it's not for you.


Shares race: Chartist's satellite communications pick goes gangbusters

John Collett Richard Pritchard has stormed ahead in week one of the new four-week Shares Race.

Results season: small investors left behind as mining stocks boom

Small fry: the big stocks favoured by mums and dads have not done so well.

John Collett Many small investors have been hurt because they don't hold the resources companies.

Ethical investment up-ended by Hunter Hall turmoil

Ziggy and Leeanna Spencer were not interested in an ethical-lite option, they wanted the real deal.

John Collett Investors with more than $1 billion between them with deep-green investment manager Hunter Hall, must be wondering what to do after the shock resignation of founder Peter Hall.

Motley Fool: The joy of being average … and the times you should ignore it

Scott Phillips The average has a lot to offer – and to teach us – especially if we're investors.

Tipsters struggle early into the one-year Shares Race

John Collett Welcome to the year-long Shares Race, where 12 tipsters have selected 10 stocks each and their progress will be updated each month.

Most investors are too focused on tax rather than fundamentals

Noel Whittaker.

Noel Whittaker There is anecdotal evidence that regulatory measures and budget proposals are having an effect on the housing market, which is a sad reflection on the mentality of the average property investor.

The only way to read a stock price chart

Graham Witcomb, Intelligent Investor Scores of investors analyse charts, hoping to find a pattern telling them when to buy or sell a stock.

Should pension fund investors take profits now?

Daryl Dixon Is this as good as it gets for investors?

Don't bet the house on solving the affordability crisis

Mark Bouris We're seeing a lot of calls for solutions to the housing affordability crisis. But are the solutions as useful as they claim?

Professional investors come up trumps in Shares Race finale

John Collett The pros finish first and second in the final week of Shares Race.

The Motley Fool: the ASX rout was the fall we had to have

Scott Phillips The largest fall of 2017 isn't a surprise – or necessarily even a harbinger.

Why our assumptions, and current share prices, might be wrong

Before the Brexit vote, investors assumed Britain would not vote to leave the EU.

Marcus Padley Assumptions are the root of all major losses. What assumptions are we making today?

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Why housing for the military is a solid investment

Naval officer Scott Palmer and his wife Monica invested in a DHA property after first living in one. Anyone can invest in a DHA home, not just defence personnel.

Ben Hurley If you are worried about nasty surprises, it's worth considering an investment property from Defence Housing Australia.