Share Market

Perpetual listed investment company float opens soon

Training session: Maxi-yacht Perpetual Loyal.

John Collett & David Potts Perpetual is seeking at least $150 million to float an investment company. John Collett & David Potts report


Secrets of the millionaire next door

Door knocker

Scott Phillips Look past the European cars to those who are really rich.


Note the errors, omissions and cash in

Where's Banjo? This $10 note sold for $1200.

James Cockington No Banjo, no brumbies, but this $10 is worth $1220. Welcome to the world of collectable error banknotes.


Don't blame the bogeymen for high property prices

Apartments in Melbourne's Docklands could be pulling down the median growth rate.

David Potts It's usually investors and foreigners taking turns as the housing bogyman but lately they've teamed up.

Investing lesson from 'The Block'

Contestants weren't happy with the auction results.

Richard Livingston It's not that the contestants should have made more on the sale of their apartments but that they needed to pay the production company less.


Medibank Private value to be determined on Monday


David Potts You can stop asking me "should I go in the Medibank Private float?" because you'll know on Monday when we're told the price.

Share collapse or just a correction? Jury is still out

It looks as if markets could be building a floor, though the volatility is expected to continue

John Collett Global economic fears and the Ebola scare have and sent Australia's shares tumbling. But some experts can see an upside.


Charting Servcorp's impressive turnaround

Confidence: Marcus Moufarrige and Alf Moufarrige of Servcorp at the office in Sydney.

Richard Hemming Can this family-run company keep going and make the transition from small-cap to mid-cap to big-cap?


BHP is priced for growth

Juggernaut: The mining company is driving costs down.

David Lennox Miner's proposed demerger may become a key plank in driving better returns from the company’s assets.


Tidy profit for DIY funds with Telstra shares

Pink Telstra logo

John Collett The Telsta buy-back could be very rewarding for some shareholders.


Toro, Poseidon Nickel prove stellar in share race

Up and over: Good decision making  and a steely resolve are part of the share tipping race.

David Potts Modesty aside, our writer records his stellar success in the first week of the share tipping race.


Hot hands and arrogance could cost you dear

Nobody like a smartass. Pride comes before a fall - which helps explain a lot about stock price movements.

Chris Brycki We tend to act irrationally when investing, something you should bear in mind if you want to avoid being burnt.


What's the best way to take advantage of Telstra buyback?

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George Cochrane Should I participate in the share buyback scheme being offered by Telstra?


The seven deadly money sins

Bad habits: It only takes a bit of self-discipline to regain control of your financial affairs.

Scott Phillips Doing the right thing is only half the battle, you need to avoid doing the wrong things, too.


Community backlash could scupper Tassal's expansion

Salmon - tasty and healthy but not necessarily a good investment.

Richard Hemming Salmon harvester Tassal has seen it's stock fall about 12 per cent in the past month.


Invest time wisely to help your children reap the rewards

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Marcus Padley It's a subtle art talking to kids, whether about finance or life in general; it's not about telling them what to do, it's about telling them stories.


After Telstra, the gloss could be rubbing off big share buybacks

Buyback: Telestra results disappointing.

Daryl Dixon The Telstra buyback disappointed many, and serves as a timely warning for investors of the potential risks as well as the benefits of accepting seemingly attractive offers.


Unsettling time for investors

Volatility is likely to be much higher in international sharemarkets.

Daryl Dixon The good times for superannuation fund and other share investors may have come to an end.


How can I get my home dream to fly?

Dreams of a home

Noel Whittaker I'm 23 and want to own my own home. What's my best long-term strategy?


Investing outlook not necessarily brighter

Outlook: Change not  necessarily for the better.

Daryl Dixon The recent sharp rebound in world share markets does not automatically mean that better times lie ahead