Share Market

Frankingly my dear, I can't credit it

David Potts The drums are beating louder against one of the best tax breaks ever invented.


Time to get stuck in to bonds

Mark Bouris Fixed interest funds – which mostly invest in government and corporate bonds – can be a conservative way to pursue above-cash returns with a modest increase in risk.


Dollar and market locked together

The fortunes of the dollar and that of the  sharemarket are locked together.

David Potts Whether it's the chicken or the egg coming first, the fact is the dollar and the sharemarket are moving in lockstep.


Australian Bauxite gets lift from lease for Tasmanian mine

Bauxite is a key ingredient in the manufacture of aluminium.

David Lennox Production moves closer and, after a tough few years, the miner seems set for better times.


Is this the future face of financial advice?

SPECIAL 7375 robots, bondi, 010426, pic by jennifer soo, smh, sat metropolitan, story by antonia williams
 collectible tin robot toys from comic bug in bondi for  where to buy .

David Wilson A windup? No. According to Oxford University research, many financial advisers are likely to be replaced with robots.


Three racers' share selections make money in a falling market

David Potts Three tipsters made money despite the market falling in the first week of the new round of our shares race.


Carbine Tungsten gets ammunition from Japanese loan

Tungsten filaments are widely used in light bulbs.

David Lennox Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi has approved a A$17 million loan to develop the first stage of Australian miner's Mount Carbine project.


Ride out the volatility with Kerry Stokes

Market leader: Follow Kerry Stokes's lead and ride out the volatility.

Richard Hemming Those looking to profit from this bout of volatility might think about riding the coat tails of one of Australia's richest men, Kerry Matthew Stokes.


Patchy outlook for investors

Building wealth.

John Collett Record-low interest rates have been driving property prices higher. But borrowing won’t always be cheap and, if you’re thinking of buying to let, you will need to tread carefully.

Perpetual listed investment company float opens soon

Training session: Maxi-yacht Perpetual Loyal.

John Collett & David Potts Perpetual is seeking at least $150 million to float an investment company. John Collett & David Potts report


Secrets of the millionaire next door

Door knocker

Scott Phillips Look past the European cars to those who are really rich.


Note the errors, omissions and cash in

Where's Banjo? This $10 note sold for $1200.

James Cockington No Banjo, no brumbies, but this $10 is worth $1220. Welcome to the world of collectable error banknotes.


Don't blame the bogeymen for high property prices

Apartments in Melbourne's Docklands could be pulling down the median growth rate.

David Potts It's usually investors and foreigners taking turns as the housing bogyman but lately they've teamed up.

Investing lesson from 'The Block'

Contestants weren't happy with the auction results.

Richard Livingston It's not that the contestants should have made more on the sale of their apartments but that they needed to pay the production company less.


Medibank Private value to be determined on Monday


David Potts You can stop asking me "should I go in the Medibank Private float?" because you'll know on Monday when we're told the price.

Share collapse or just a correction? Jury is still out

It looks as if markets could be building a floor, though the volatility is expected to continue

John Collett Global economic fears and the Ebola scare have and sent Australia's shares tumbling. But some experts can see an upside.


Bentham IMF Wivenhoe Dam case set to open litigation floodgates

Wivenhoe Dam, Brisbane, litigation case is being funded by Bentham IMF.

Greg Smith Bentham IMF are on the rise, with Wivenhoe Dam expected to be its biggest funded case to date. But are they worth investing in?


Oil price fall spells bowser bargains

Refinement: More efficient fuel use and fracking means the US is no longer the world's biggest importer of crude.

David Potts Supply outstripping demand – who would have guessed we would have too much oil?


Is our borrowing to invest plan a wise one?


Noel Whittaker Should a couple put money into managed funds and use the income to pay down their mortgage?


Run with the herd - and get trampled

Ditch the herd mentality: Right now the herd is frightfully skittish and there's no clearer example than the share market.

Scott Phillips Evolution taught us to follow the herd. But the herd is often wrong.