Is private school worth it? Paying for kids' education

John Collett Cathy Filardo knows the value of a good education; she is, after all, a teacher.


'All parents owe their children is love and a good education'

George Cochrane Financial expert George Cochrane answers readers' questions.

How to pay for a tertiary education

A university education can be expensive, but you can plan for it.

Olivia Maragna Finishing a degree can cost tens of thousands of dollars and leave you with a student loan that you'll spend a lifetime repaying

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How to save for your kids' education

Marcelle Gomez and her husband Christian are saving so they have options when 15-month-old Cruz hits high school.

John Collett Education costs are rising faster than inflation, so if you want choices about schools for your children, you need to plan ahead.


How to pay for your kids' education

The cost of a child's education includes music and sporting activities, not just school fees.

Mark Bouris Between private or public school fees and extras such as sport, music and camps, the cost of your children's education can be significant.


An early start will help you plan for kids' education

Alex Berlee Where should parents begin if they want to make sure they can cover the cost of educating their children?


Education funds ease schooling headache

Educating  children can be a costly affair for parents.

John Collett Putting your child through school is an expensive business. Starting saving now is one option.


Getting a super education for SMSF trustees

SMSF and help.

Alexandra Cain From July 1 SMSF trustees who break super laws will face mandatory education. So exactly what do you need to know to run a super fund?

Education fund put to the test

Sophie Robertson

By John Collett One couple's attempt to ensure they had the cash for their children's schooling went awry.

Planning travel money and insurance early pays off

John Collett Travel money and travel insurance should be organised well in advance of the upcoming holiday season, experts warn.

The three things low-income earners can do to get ahead

Raj Patel was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy when he saw a financial counsellor.

Christine Long Raj never thought he'd need a financial counsellor. Then he nearly lost it all through a run of bad luck.

A financial agreement can help couples protect their assets if their relationship ends

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 28: Simon Lyster, Galileo Lima 10yrs, Shahrazad Lima 13yrs and Jeanne-Vida Douglas with cat Ivy on September 28, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Kirk Gilmour/Fairfax Media)

John Collett Maintaining separate finances does not protect your assets if your relationship breaks up, but a properly drawn-up binding financial agreement does.

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What you can do if you're facing compulsory acquisition

Howard and Gillian Tuxworth, with their children Harry and Molly, at the Collingwood home the Victorian government acquired for the East West Link road tunnel. The family has now relocated.

Christine Long Advice for people who lose their homes at the hands of their own government.

The 10 biggest money mistakes

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon If you're smart, over your lifetime a deliberate trickle of "me" money will become a big personal pool of cash – which you can then happily splash.

How happy couples deal with money

Kate and Chris Stead with their children (L to R) Patrick, Jasmine, Charlie. The couple rarely bicker over money.

John Collett Chris and Kate Stead have their finances pretty well worked out with minimal disagreements over money.


Rate your wealth: are you as financially stable as you think?

Michael Hutton Many Australians are not as wealthy as they think they are.

Financial literacy proposal to help propel young Australians to a bright future

Mark Bouris Becoming financially savvy is more important than ever in today's complex world if you want to get ahead.

Growing tribe of digital nomads works from anywhere

Amanda Cordner, 30, started her boutique marketing agency in order to be location independent.

Christine Long Amanda Cordner runs her boutique marketing agency from wherever she happens to be – currently Cairns.

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The role of luck in success and investing


Caitlin Fitzsimmons Luck is a much underrated force in life and finances.

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What we learn about money from our parents, whether they teach it or not

Father and daughter, Bella and Jim Buda. Jim helped Bella with finance for her Market Lane Cafe in Manly.

John Collett Jim Buda thinks he was a bit "delinquent" in teaching his children about money, but now he's gone into business with his daughter Bella.