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When Santa turns bad: the most likely items to be stolen from your home

Siobhan Ryan High-tech items – likely to be popular Christmas gifts – are among the top 10 items likely to be reported stolen, according to insurers.

How to boost your income to cover the cost of Christmas

Sydneysider Evis Alasevicius completing a delivery job through Airtasker.

Georgina Dent Is there a more difficult month to stretch your income than December?

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Families worst hit by Christmas travel insurance mark-ups

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon Where not to buy Christmas travel insurance… unless you want to pay triple.

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Estate planning for hobbyists and collectors

Norm Mitchell, 90, founded a model trains group in the Coffs Harbour area and the members have a pact to help sell each other's collections after death.

Barbara Drury Hobbyists and collectors often have well-founded fears their 'treasure' could end up in landfill or sent to Vinnies when they die.

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Postcard from LA: How personal finance is changing in the United States

The portions are bigger in the US.

Noel Whittaker I've just seen Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy, which explains Napoleon Hill's success principles.

10 ways to live it up in your 20s and still get ahead with money


Caitlin Fitzsimmons Questions 25-year-olds are generally a variation on the "champagne lifestyle" conundrum.

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Discounted airfares can still be found this holiday season if you know where to look

Susan and Clayton Doueihi and their children are off to Hawaii after Susan secured bargain prices for flights and accommodation.

John Collett Susie Doueihi has saved thousands of dollars on her family's holiday to Hawaii. By booking flights and accommodation early and travelling outside of peak periods it's costing $1300 per person by...

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Thousands of Aussies caught in tougher rules to transfer British pensions

Laura McGeoch Aussie travellers who work and amass retirement savings in Britain could now be waiting for decades to transfer this money into an Australian superannuation account.

Your 10-week plan to prepare for Christmas

Mark Bouris The first mentions of Christmas are creeping into retail marketing, and for many Australians that signals unbridled spending and a January spent worrying how to pay-off the credit cards.

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How to decide which assets to sell when your income falls short

Given that interest rates are seen to be heading up in coming months and years, and the property market is arguably cooling down in Sydney and Melbourne, this could be a good time to sell.

George Cochrane Financial expert George Cochrane answers your questions.

What to do if targeted for a tax audit

More taxpayers are receiving 'please explain' letters from the Tax Office

John Collett The Tax Office's new data matching technology is catching out more taxpayers than ever.

Why your 50s are a critical decade for fitness and finances

Catherine Robson Fred Liberatore believes that living a healthy lifestyle is better than any pill for not only living longer, but also living happier.

How artificial intelligence is changing personal finance

Machine learning and natural language processing are types of artificial intelligence.

Rose Powell There seems to be an app for everything these days, except for one that can make you a millionaire. Yet.

Financial stress is big cause of break-ups. How to money-proof your relationship

Financial stress is a leading cause of relationship breakdowns.

Caitlin Fitzsimmons The traditional wedding vows include a promise to be together "for richer, for poorer", but many couples find "for poorer" just too bloody hard.

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Eight of 10 Australians don't get financial advice. Is technology the answer?

Will robo-advisers be able to provide quality advice that is cheaper than human advisers?

John Collett Despite surveys showing how stressed many of us are about money, about eight in 10 adult Australians are not receiving financial advice.

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How people with mental illness can weather-proof finances for bumpy spending patterns

Akemi, a Melbourne street artist who lives with bipolar disorder, tends to spend excessively and run up debt during his manic episodes.

Christine Long Melbourne street artist Akemi, who has bipolar disorder, once maxed out a credit card in a single day buying $3500 of homewares online.

Financial stress is widespread for Australians and it's taking its toll

Marian Russell with her two children, Allegra, 2, and Bodie, 1, at Warriewood beach.

Caitlin Fitzsimmons Nearly one in three Australians is feeling financially stressed, with damaging effects on mental and physical health and social relationships.

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Is private health insurance worth it?

Insurers make a lot of profit from things like dental where only a small amount of the cost is actually covered, Ian McAuley says.

Georgina Dent Given premiums having risen steadily, it's unsurprising that many consumers are lowering their coverage or opting out altogether.

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How to use super contributions to reduce capital gains tax

Superannuation contributions can be used to reduce your capital gains tax liability.

Noel Whittaker Making tax-deductible superannuation contributions to reduce capital gains tax is now a strategy available to more people.

Prepare for the risk of losing the breadwinner

If the main breadwinner dies or is no longer able to work, how would the family survive?

Mark Bouris If you follow the news about North Korea you might think we're living under imminent threat of catastrophe, but many Australians have a potential disaster in store closer to home.