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After the army; career and finances challenges in civilian life

Christine Long Like many young people leaving the armed services, Jordan Ivone found the transition to normal life emotionally and financially difficult.

What Blade Runner 2049 teaches about price and value

Catherine Robson Sometimes spending more money doesn't give you better value - and that's true for movie budgets, investment funds and health insurance.

Buying a cheap TV online can be a false economy

Caitlin Fitzsimmons dinkus

Caitlin Fitzsimmons Most of us love a bargain, but sometimes it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I was reminded of that recently with an incident on eBay.

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Insurance helps you sidestep this holiday home pitfall

Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

Noel Whittaker A shattered shower screen in a holiday rental nearly left Noel Whittaker in the lurch.

The alternative to private health insurance proposed by dentists

Dental disease is not really insurable because of the high incidence.

Georgina Dent Private health insurers were entitled to lift their premiums by an average of 3.95 per cent from April 1 - the smallest annual increase in 17 years.

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April Fool warning: online scammers can steal your financial security

ACCC deputy chairwoman Delia Rickard says scammers often repeat language.

Nina Hendy Losing $260,000 to Nigerian scammers left Jan Marshall living a retirement she had never planned for.

Life insurance flaws laid bare

John Collett More protections for consumers are on the way following the recommendations of a parliamentary committee into life insurance.

Default life insurance comes at a cost

Life insurance isn't a one-size-fits-all.

Caitlin Fitzsimmons Don't rush to cancel your life insurance, but do take the time to consider what you really need.

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Use fintech apps to grow your wealth

A plethora of apps can help with money management.

Catherine Robson Fintech apps can help you manage your money - but make sure you're investing in diversity, not algorithms that entrench inequality.

We're living for longer and it's burning a hole in our retirement savings

Annika Bradley One in 10 women will live past 100 years and need to find an extra $39,000 a year to live on. How do you manage the financial risk of living a long life?

Product flogging still a problem in financial advice

Poor financial advice can mean less income in retirement.

John Collett Financial planners employed by or aligned with big four banks and AMP flog their superannuation funds and other financial products to punters.

Payment rings will take us from the public transport network to the beach

You can use payment rings such as the

Caitlin Fitzsimmons Bankwest has launched the first payment ring in Australia, as more wearable technology is enabled for contactless payments.

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Don't get caught short on rental bonds

John Collett One in three renters are losing bond money at the end of a tenancy.

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5 ways to boost your finances when you go back to work

Olivia Maragna The work year has only just begun and already the holidays are just a distant memory. Can you still recall those financial goals you set yourself?

Why 'cross-selling' is on the nose in financial services

Banks have toned down the incentive for tellers to pursue sales targets.

Clancy Yeates Banks are hinting they will stop trying to flog us as many financial products as possible. That is good for customers and shareholders alike.

An unplanned career break is costly - without income protection insurance

Leola Rose was fortunate that she had employee protection insurance so she could still afford to pay the mortgage after a serious health setback.

Georgina Dent Two out of three of working Australians have taken at least one career break at some stage in their working lives, with an average of 3.5 career breaks overall.

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How to beat the health insurance hikes

Peter and Danielle Forster will soon go down to one income when their third child is born.

John Collett With private health premiums rising by almost 4 per cent, on average, from April 1, about double the rise in wages and inflation, more people are looking at how they can beat the hikes.

Protect your children against the things you can't control

Protecting your children also means considering insurance and wills.

Catherine Robson Insurance and estate planning can reduce the impact on your children if things go wrong.

Partner do the ‘money stuff’? Add your name to everything now to avoid trauma later

A scene from The Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix: the administration after bereavement can be as trivial as switching names on the Netflix account.

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon Provided you trust your partner, add your name to every bill and bank account you can, and put it on at least some assets.

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Setting up superannuation for children

It's possible to set up superannuation accounts for children who aren't working but it may be a case of misplaced priorities.

George Cochrane Personal finance expert George Cochrane answers your questions.