There's comfort in numbers

Melissa Browne Getting to grips with what we owe and earn can take much of the stress out of our lives.

What's the go with debt managers?

Your Questions dinkus

George Cochrane 'Debt solutions' all sound too good to be true. Are there other cheaper, safer options?


Big squeeze on as pension hurdles get higher and higher

Under review: Welfare spending is in the sights of the Coalition, and that means changes to the age pension.

Max Newnham Anyone who currently received, or is hoping to receive, some form of benefit from Centrelink could rightfully feel under attack right now.


Fraudsters target seniors with a variety of scams

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David Wilson How to detect and counter the sophisticated scams that can rob you of your savings.


Grab what you can from the government

Mark Bouris dinkus.

Mark Bouris Most of the plans being made for this financial year are about boosting income and reducing costs.


Calculate the costs when it's time to go into care

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Barbara Drury Thinking about aged care? Selling the family home to pay for a bond may not be the only solution.

Premium plans

Insuring your earning capacity

Mark Bouris dinkus.

Mark Bouris There are many ways to build wealth, but what about protecting it?


The economics of commuting versus city living

Productive time: Tony Simpson has been catching a train to central Sydney for five years.

Sylvia Pennington With city house prices soaring many of us are looking further afield. But is the price too high?

My place

Elisabeth Neales In 1964, my husband and I made a momentous decision; we spent our entire savings of £2500 on a half-completed, unlined fibro shack on three blocks of land in what was then a remote area near the...


Women who leave with nothing

Moving out and up: It is difficult escaping abuse and it carries financial implications.

Sylvia Pennington Getting away from abusive situations is hard, getting back on your feet financially can be harder still.


Why you need to make a will

No rush: Hadley Allchurch, right, says making a will for wife Sarah and daughter Hayley would make him feel very old.

Kate Jones It’s the morbid conversation no one wants to have, the plan no one wants to make.


Five questions to ask a financial planner

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Mark Bouris People know they should see a financial adviser but often don’t know where to start.


Financial bullying can hurt couples

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Claudia Buck There are bullies on the playground, in the classroom and at the office. Or perhaps right beside you at home.


A bit of resolve can turn wishful thinking into savings success

Christine Long Feeling the need for a double shot of determination to make your New Year's resolutions stick? You're not the only one.


Can you ever make cash off a hot tin roof?

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Adam Courtenay Success with solar energy isn't as simple - or as lucrative - as it once was.


Single parents face tax slug of 80%

working single mother

Gareth Hutchens Single parents will soon have a huge disincentive to earn more than $48,000 a year.


A grand $3 million financial plan

A grand financial plan.

George Cochrane The family home can be sold within two years of death without any capital gains tax.


Prepare to retire debt-free

Retire debt-free.

George Cochrane I'm making a steady income with plenty in my super; What is the best strategy to retire?


Save for a bigger deposit before entering the property market

Noel Whittaker I'm 28 with no debt, $40,000 in super and $20,000 in savings. Should I keep saving for a house deposit?


Approaching 50? Don't panic, get planning


David Potts Been living it up rather than saving for old age? At 50, it’s high time to get serious about your retirement money.