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Thousands of Aussies caught in tougher rules to transfer British pensions

Laura McGeoch Aussie travellers who work and amass retirement savings in Britain could now be waiting for decades to transfer this money into an Australian superannuation account.

Why consensus tells you little about a company

Marcus Padley To make money out of shares you have to work out what's going to happen that is unexpected.

Why some kids get more than their siblings from their parents

Some children are given more money than others.

Rebecca Valenzuela Parental perception of their children's success – or income status – plays a critical role.

What to do if targeted for a tax audit

More taxpayers are receiving 'please explain' letters from the Tax Office

John Collett The Tax Office's new data matching technology is catching out more taxpayers than ever.

Cost of having no will far higher than the fees to get it right

Noel Whittaker Nearly 50 per cent of people die without a will, and most of the remainder seem content to use a "do it yourself" job from the local stationery shop.

The ultimate status symbol? Why wealthy families are opting for more kids

Saman Shad and her husband really wanted a third child, but it was about emotion not status.

Saman Shad A couple with two kids seems to be the clichéd family make-up and for many also the ideal. But what if you throw another child into the mix – by choice?

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Housing affordability: growing divide between haves and have-nots

Barbara Drury Like many of her generation, Margaret Wyatt, 80, worries about the cost of housing for her grandchildren.

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Why your 50s are a critical decade for fitness and finances

Catherine Robson Fred Liberatore believes that living a healthy lifestyle is better than any pill for not only living longer, but also living happier.

How artificial intelligence is changing personal finance

Machine learning and natural language processing are types of artificial intelligence.

Rose Powell There seems to be an app for everything these days, except for one that can make you a millionaire. Yet.

Meet the woman delivering remote work to rural Australia

Ange MacAlpine, 29, works remotely in the finance sector from a property in The Marra in outback NSW.

Georgina Dent While the cost of living outside a capital city is cheaper, without an income it is a moot point.

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The financial Plan B for Australians who won't buy a home

Buying a home is not the only way to achieve financial security. Illustration: John Shakespeare

Paul Benson If you can't afford to buy a home, it doesn't mean you're financially doomed.

Financial stress is big cause of break-ups. How to money-proof your relationship

Financial stress is a leading cause of relationship breakdowns.

Caitlin Fitzsimmons The traditional wedding vows include a promise to be together "for richer, for poorer", but many couples find "for poorer" just too bloody hard.

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Starting a business? The cloud-based software that will help you succeed

New software means you can run much of your business from your phone.

Melissa Browne Australians appear to be in a love affair with the idea of business ownership.

Suffering mortgage stress? Tighten your belt now to avoid further pain

Reports of mortgage stress are already emerging, despite interest rates at record lows. Illustration: John Shakespeare

Noel Whittaker If you're struggling with mortgage payments, it's time to take action.

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How people with mental illness can weather-proof finances for bumpy spending patterns

Akemi, a Melbourne street artist who lives with bipolar disorder, tends to spend excessively and run up debt during his manic episodes.

Christine Long Melbourne street artist Akemi, who has bipolar disorder, once maxed out a credit card in a single day buying $3500 of homewares online.

Equal Pay Day: the pay gap causes gender inequality in retirement too

Unequal pay leads to unequal retirement.

Sally Loane The fastest growing group of homeless Australians are women over 55.

Financial stress is widespread for Australians and it's taking its toll

Marian Russell with her two children, Allegra, 2, and Bodie, 1, at Warriewood beach.

Caitlin Fitzsimmons Nearly one in three Australians is feeling financially stressed, with damaging effects on mental and physical health and social relationships.

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How to use super contributions to reduce capital gains tax

Superannuation contributions can be used to reduce your capital gains tax liability.

Noel Whittaker Making tax-deductible superannuation contributions to reduce capital gains tax is now a strategy available to more people.

It's about time, not money: the real reason retirees keep their big homes

Big homes with pretty gardens are a great base for retirees to entertain friends and family.

Rebecca Valenzuela Despite efforts to encourage retirees to downsize, they overwhelmingly prefer to continue living in their big houses.

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The two things most parents get wrong about childcare costs

Childcare starts to look less expensive when you consider all the financial factors.

Melissa Browne Does it really make more financial sense for one partner to stay home?