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How to cure yourself of acting like Carrie from Sex in the City

Melissa Browne Hands up who wanted to be Carrie from Sex and the City when they grew up?

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'My NAB Traveller Card let me down in LA'

Elana Benjamin went on the holiday in the USA and her NAB Traveller card didn't work.

Elana Benjamin Difficulties with a travel debit card don't make for a happy customer.

Why can't switching banks be like changing mobile providers?

The Greens are pushing for full bank account portability, saying it will boost competition.

Clancy Yeates You could be forgiven for getting a sense of deja vu when watching the stoush between the government and the banks.

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What minimalism can do for your mind and money

Georgina Dent dinkus

Georgina Dent I am a hypocrite. It's become obvious in recent weeks as I consider two competing – and conflicting – sources of inspiration I seek out through social media.

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Budget 2017: Bank levy means home owners should shop around

If the bank levy drives up mortgage costs, home owners should consider refinancing.

Mark Bouris The budget came and went – so what was in it for you?

Budget 2017: where first home buyers stand now – all the help and hits

First home buyers should benefit from some of the changes.

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon The government has made some concerted moves on tackling housing affordability.

Tracking spending helps you save money by highlighting cost of little things

Getting on track with spending is the first step to a better financial future,

John Collett Little things such as one or two takeaway coffees a day can add up surprisingly quickly.

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My direct debit nightmare: I spent three years paying someone else's tolls

After getting a refund, Conal Hanna is no longer grieving for his actual cash, just his pride in his budgetary acumen.

Conal Hanna In our increasingly cashless society, it pays to keep an eye on what's being deducted from our accounts.

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Meet the couple who bought their house with cash and other fanatical savers

Monique Kinerson with her partner and child, outside the house they bought with cash.

Nina Hendy These Australians paid for their house in cash and have two years of wages in the bank.

How offline viewing for Netflix and Stan can save you hundreds

Drew Barrymore, left, and Liv Hewson at the premiere of Santa Clarita Diet, a Netflix original.

Alex Kidman Watching just a handful of video streaming episodes on-the-go can quickly become expensive for your mobile bill.


15 things to do by 30 to create a better life after 60

Young adults can do things now that will improve their financial future

John Collett Your 20s are the time to set in place some basics that will help set you up for a brighter financial future.

How to save on Easter spending

To save money, Simone Plaza and her family are having a camping holiday this Easter.

John Collett Don't let the Easter bunny eat all your savings.

Life's simple pleasures will make you rich

Camping can be a great way to relax – and a cheap holiday.

Caitlin Fitzsimmons How to escape FOMO, YOLO spending and envy.

Resale value to crash for Apple's unloved iPhone SE

Alex Kidman Even the value of the iPhone SE won't hold as long as other Apple phones.

Forget the gift registry, nearly one in two couples ask for cash at wedding. I did

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon.

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon Is it bad etiquette or just common sense?

Comparing comparison sites – they don't

Shopping around for the best insurance is not easy.

Michael Pascoe You're using a comparison site to shop around? D'oh – odds are you've just been taken for a ride.

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Work with your financial weaknesses, don't fight them

Melissa Browne My name is Melissa Browne and I am a chocolate addict.

Sarah Silverman's take on fart jokes applies to money

Comedian Sarah Silverman understands that scarcity sells.

Catherine Robson The comedian can teach us something in terms of restraint.

Warning signs you're in financial strife

Denise Cullen If the festive season has left you feeling financially worse for wear, you're not alone.

The eight rules to lose weight and make money

Lifestyle changes need to be permanent for long-term success.

Noel Whittaker Most New Year's resolutions involve losing weight and gaining wealth, and you are probably battling both as the weight stays on and the credit card bills start arriving.