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British boy makes $1500 from Melbourne toy sensation

A British schoolboy is more than $1500 better off after selling a Melbourne-produced pocket money toy on eBay.

In the past 18 months, Trash Packs, or "Trashies" - rubbery, thumb-sized, garbage-themed toys - have gone from an East Bentleigh factory to worldwide domination.

According to the BBC, 10-year-old Lewis Eeles, from Alconbury in Cambridgeshire found a "Grimy Gold" character among 24 Trashies that he'd bought for £15 ($A22). The toy came with a certificate confirming it was one of only 250 in the world.

"I looked on the list and this one was a limited edition. It was very exciting," Lewis told the BBC.


"One of my friends sold a limited edition Trashie for £180 and my dad said it might be a good idea to sell it," he said.

After 10 days for frantic bidding on the online auction site, the toy was bought by an Australian for £1296.

The Sun newspaper said this was the most money ever offered for a Trash Pack toy, beating the previous record of £660 for a Slimy Tomato figurine.

Moose Enterprises has sold more than 100 million Trashies worldwide.

Explaining the appeal of the Trash Packs to Fairfax last year, Moose's co-chief executive, Paul Solomon said: "It's about a gang who live in the garbage and it's about all things gross. [It's] been one of the most successful products we've ever launched. Kids love gross, filthy things."

When asked what he would do with his windfall, Lewis told the BBC: "I'm not sure what I'll spend it on, but I might go and watch some WWE wrestling with my younger brother Max, which I've wanted to see for ages."