Self Managed Super Fund


Should I start a self-managed super fund?

Richard Livingston Should I start a self-managed super fund? If you're asking that question of your own volition, the answer is probably YES

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SMSFs not all they’re cracked up to be

Warning: SMSFs may suit some people, but you should consider the downsides before you jump in.

Alexandra Cain The trend towards winding down self-managed super funds shows no sign of abating.


The super work test's not working

Discriminatory system: Many people can satisfy the work test without actually doing any work.

Max Newnham In order to make the current superannuation system fairer, the current work test must be overhauled.


Have I retired if I'm still in training?

Noel Whittaker I'm planning on taking a training course two months before becoming eligible to access my super. Would that be seen as not having actually retired?


What Murray means for you and your wealth

Visionary reforms: David Murray, whose inquiry into the financial system leaves many questions unanswered.

David Potts For all the financial system report's visionary reforms, it's hard to nail down exactly what they are.


How will the new Commonwealth Health Card rules affect me?


Noel Whittaker I'm 65 next year - will grandfathering work for me?


How can we reposition our fund to our advantage?

Changing platforms: Would it be advantageous for us to purchase an additional pension by moving some or most of the cash into the SMSF after satisfying the 40 hours in 30 days work rule and restarting the two pensions as one before the end of December?

George Cochrane I'm moving my SMSF online to cut out fees. While we're at it, are there smart ways to make the most of what we have?


We're good, but we'll never match the Danes in the superannuation fee stakes

Great Danes: The Danish pension system is considered the best in the world.

John Collett Our superannuation fees are still too high by international standards.


Hard times loom for too many boomers

Retire in peace: for many baby boomers retirement may not be as comfortable as they would like.

John Collett They’ve passed 50 and are staring at retirement, many with too little set aside to make their post-work dreams come true.

Help! The deeming rules have me foxed


Noel Whittaker The rules are changing next year. How will they affect me if I try to withdraw cash from my super fund?


Beware the retirement risk zone

Nerida Cole Understanding where investment risks are heightened is vital to protecting your superannuation.


Easy steps to getting the most out of super

Check mate: If you don't check your payslip against the figures from your fund, you could be losing thousands.

Olivia Maragna Set and forget won't work when it comes to your super nest egg.


Have we enough to retire on yet?

Retirement: How much is enough?

George Cochrane Will $1.3 million in our super fund be enough to see us through?


Should I move my money into super?


Noel Whittaker I've $125,000 in the bank. Should I shift it to super or am I getting on the train too late?


Rise in pension age will catch younger boomers

John Collett Many people fear they will have to work for as long as possible because they haven't saved enough for retirement.


Can I funnel US profits into my super?

George Cochrane My US investment has ballooned. Can I transfer the takings into my SMSF?


Longer lives, but how can we afford them?

Mark Bouris Finding ways to fund 20 years of post-work living is going to stretch many of us.

Don't create a renovation disaster for your SMSF

Check first: Renovations using SMSF funds must comply with the law.

Monica Rule The law is quite strict on what you can and cannot do with properties involving SMSF funds

Super still on track despite market wobbles

In for the long haul: Over 30 years, one percentage point less of returns can cut the eventual retirement nest egg by 20 per cent.

John Collett Although sharemarkets and super funds are volatile, fund members should keep shorter-term fluctuations in perspective and look to the ultimate long term investment – saving for retirement.


Super fees blow hole in retirement savings

John Collett Super fund members are paying hundreds of millions of dollars more in fees each year than they should.