Wall St shares' record run gives racers a big push

David Potts A record run on Wall Street pushed our tipsters into the black for the first time with one week left of this round.


Low interest rates likely to keep high-yielding shares in favour

Clancy Yeates Low interest rates have put a rocket under share prices this financial year. The search for yield is likely to continue in 2014-15.


Dividends put shares in a class of their own

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Clancy Yeates If you're comparing different asset classes, shares have one significant advantage at the moment: the dividends.


Get parents' help to buy shares

Noel Whittaker I'm in Year 12 and have saved 75 per cent of my earnings for the past three years. Should I buy shares?


No rewards for plunging into risky shares

David Potts Research finds there's no compensation for risk in equity markets.


Typo slices 99% off Israeli company shares

Richard Evans Investors in an Israeli company had an unpleasant shock when their shares lost 99 per cent of their value because of a trader's typing error.

Abandoning the banks for shares and property

Peter Martin and Gareth Hutchens Australians are ditching banks and ploughing their savings into real estate and shares.

Matthew Kidman

Falling rates may drive rush to shares

Christmas Bonus - interest rates slashed (Thumbnail)

Matthew Kidman There is a robust case to argue we could be heading towards cash rates of just 2 per cent.

Man Utd shares dive - is it a chance to score?

Specialists and traders from Getco Securities prepare for the start of trading of Manchester United Ltd following it's initial public offering on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, August 10, 2012. Shares in Manchester United priced below expectations and were essentially flat in early trading on Friday, a disappointing stock market debut for the world's most famous soccer club and most valuable sporting team. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS SPORT SOCCER)

The question for small investors is whether there is a chance to grab a piece of "the world's greatest soccer team".

Intelligent Investor

When it comes to shares, don't be a sheep

Lambs in Michael Blake's flock are no longer mulesed, due to a breeding program begun in 1996.

Richard Livingston 2013 has been a great year for share investors, particularly those loaded up on high-yield shares.


Shares crack whip in funds

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John Collett Market recoveries have made for a very good year for share-based managed funds and their investors.

Puzzle of the cheap shares

Looking for stocks

David Potts Amazingly, punters can buy stock in many listed investment companies for less than its worth. David Potts does some snooping to reveal why.

Investors have issues with hybrid shares


Eric Johnston Investors appear to be starting to tire from the recent rush of hybrid shares issues.

The aim is bonds, not shares

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Barbara Drury A great surge of money has flowed into global bond markets since the global financial crisis, but Australians have missed the boat.

Hang on to blue-chip shares

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A sound long-term approach is to manage a portfolio with your children in mind, writes George Cochrane.


Six good things that happen to great businesses

Going up: The six issues here are pointers to a company that will thrive in the good times and the not so good times.

Nathan Bell When it comes to investing in the sharemarket, solidly dependable companies are an important cornerstone of that strategy.


Fifth wave might see gold hit some higher heights

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Rod Myer There is talk among the enthusiasts about a significant change in the yellow metal’s fortunes.


Property player hopes to exploit agent anger

Competition: The online market for 'eyeballs' in real estate is heating up.

Richard Hemming Online competitor Onthehouse is attracting 'eyeballs', because it offers data on properties which aren't listed.


Silver Chef expects net profits for 2014

Cooking with gas: Silver Chef's profit after tax could be at the upper end of the guidance range.

Greg Smith It's worth having a look at this small business equipment financier.


Want big returns? Go global

photo illustration by Jamie Smetkowski.  Money cover 23 July 2014. money cover. The world is your oyster.  Photo illustration by Jamie Smetkowski.

David Potts With a fall in the dollar expected, the US and Europe are the places to invest.